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    Can anyone fill me in on the electric boat? I've tried with the tier 1 and 2 batpacks, worn, fully charged, to no avail, tried the IC2 buttons, to no avail, seems the boat just jumps forward a tiny bit then just stops, it's worse than the original MC boat, except I can't destroy it, and when I jump out of it with shift it suddenly flies forwards a bit. I can never get back into it after jumping out, so it's pretty bad.

    Minecraft is all about changing the world around you, being able to change the biome fits with that, even if not everyone would use it, I know a lot of people would. Hoping this gets put in at some point very soon!

    I've got a miner running and it appears to have stopped extracting materials. It's not a liquid problem as I have a pump beside it (which shows a full water gauge but hasn't filled any of the cells in its inventory or the chest beside its inventory). The miner has worked great for awhile, the mineral yield has dropped from 85 to 6, but now that it's not doing anything I'd expect it to retract and give me back my mining pipes like the wiki says it will, but it hasn't. How can I get it to shut down and give me back my pipes???

    I actually run two servers, one tekkit which is experimental, seeing if it is worthwhile, seeming to be problem filled so far, and the other a vanilla bukkit. similar stuff on both, but even with mostly everything disabled I can't seem to get it to work properly :( on either one, it's almost like I'm missing something simple...

    No matter who places a personal safe on my server anyone can access it, whether they're an op or not, whether it was placed by an op or not...kind of inconvenient...can anyone help me figure out why?? Thanks...

    Definitely wasn't thinking of railcraft though that is a cool idea, and the rocket science one is the one that launches rockets if I'm not mistaken, that wasn't it either; I'm not 100% sure I had found it on the forums here, but I could've sworn I had, but upon googling it I can't find anything (can't recall the name), but it definitely wasn't one of my own ideas.

    I'm fairly certain I once saw a mod for a laser power grid for IC2, but I can't find it anymore, anyone know of it? It still exist? It was basically a power transmission system to replace wires, that had toggleable heights..

    Make it so you can paint CF blocks with wires in them instead of them being a ridiculously ugly block, what good is covering up an unsightly wire if get an unsightly non paintable block instead??

    Also make it so when you stick a luminator on it, it works like a luminator on any other block and turns into the nice little strip.