Electric Boat not working? Or is there a trick?

  • Can anyone fill me in on the electric boat? I've tried with the tier 1 and 2 batpacks, worn, fully charged, to no avail, tried the IC2 buttons, to no avail, seems the boat just jumps forward a tiny bit then just stops, it's worse than the original MC boat, except I can't destroy it, and when I jump out of it with shift it suddenly flies forwards a bit. I can never get back into it after jumping out, so it's pretty bad.

  • Working fine by me, it's quite quick, you can hit the shore hard and it's not destroyed. I can pick it back up by left clicking with a pickaxe.

    Latest build for 1.7.10
    What version are you using?
    I was having ths same problems with build for Minecraft 1.6.x