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    The challenge with these things is that standards have a way of proliferating, as more and more entities try and implement their standard. However, looking into Universal Electricity more carefully, it does seem remarkably sturdy. Unfortunately, mods like Redpower, IC2, and Buildcraft aren't likely to change their energy systems to suit, so balancing and converting is a HUGE challenge. Here's an XKCD that explains it better:

    So many pumps... There's one from each tech mod!!! Augh!

    Okay, well to be fair I haven't actually used Universal Electricity, so really I shouldn't judge. I'm just less than happy with the dozen or so mods that put in their own version of energy. I mean, blutricity, electricity, EU/T, MJ, and all these are just the HUGE ones. </gripe>


    On a related kind of note, I would very much like to apply for beta testing. I have some highschool programming training, and I have written some programs in C, and I am a very avid minecraft mod user (not a modder myself, but I have considered it). Should I send you a PM, or what?

    Will you ever update to MC1.4.6 or so? I love(d) this mod really and i miss it :(

    Hey, no worries: if a modder says they're doing something that is going to take a lot of time, that means when it does happen it will be EPIC! woo!
    (no pressure Kentington :whistling: )

    Anywho, if you want a fusion reactor you can actually get that from GregTech, albeit at a ridiculously high price for a preposterous EU gain. (What the possible point of 100,000 eu/t could be short of an industrial UUM farm is beyond me.) And nuclear missiles can come from the ICBM mod (regrettably, it works off of the hopeless Universal Electricity mod...). You can also use the Explosives+ mod, but... wow are they overpowered and underpriced. Still fun though ;)

    Addendum: OH! And I know you didn't, but make really, really sure you don't ask for any release dates or updates on progress. The IC2 Dev team is extremely butthurt about a lot of rude people hounding them in the past, and won't even blink before permabanning anyone for even tangentially asking for anything like that, even related to addons.

    I just built my first Fusion Reactor!! :thumbup:

    Unfortunately, it adamantly refuses to start! I have all 3 heating devices, a copper coil, lithium, deuterium fuel, a fully charged RE battery all in the same positions as the OP. I left-clicked it, but that just tells me that it has no heat, no fuel, no breeding, no storage. I applied redstone, but nothing happened. I even tried putting a partly-charged Lapotron crystal into the heating power slot, but that didn't change anything. It is currently attached to a MFE transmitter.

    What's wrong? The rest of the mod appears to work fine, I used a mobile auto miner to great effect earlier. Why won't my reactor start?!

    Edit: GAH. You have to put fuel in BOTH SLOTS, not just the one. Hope I helped someone.

    Ok, I've downloaded this mod, did some fun things, and now I want to test my knowledge about missile defense, to make sure I understand them (am still playing in SSP, but for when I'm playing SMP when this mod becomes SMP compatible). So, I placed some radars, and then I tried to build a coordinator block. Then minecraft crashed, without an error log. It just says "Saving chunks", then a black screen appears. Same happens when I try to open the world again, once the world is loaded it says saving chunks and jumps to a black screen. I'm using this mod and IC2, ofc, and computercraft and buildcraft. Anyone who knows how I can solve this problem?

    You don't need more than one radar, AFAIK. It could be trying to get data for several entities and it might not be able to do that.

    I have those mods and about a million more and minecraft is stable, so it is almost certainly not an incompatibility between mods.

    Hope this helps!

    I agree that filling that lighter in the Canning machine with some Biofuel/CoalFuel/Coal Dust would make more sense... But then again you only need to make a "Spark" to ignite nearby things, not mantain the fire like a Flamethrower...

    My point exactly! ^^

    And... Suggestion accepted! YEAAAAAAHHH :thumbup:

    Thanks, Alblaka, your commitment to listening to the fanbase is admirable :thumbup:

    electric lighter? maybe.. butn no. more logical would be bio fuel lighter :D how you would imagine electricity to creat fire without gas or fuel source like lighters do? :D thats what i think what it should be. Lighter with fuels :) enough of electricity. its chance for fuels to come up for a while :D Whose with me?

    Maybe a flamer kind of deal would use fuel, yeah, but flint/steel just makes a spark anyway! To make an electrical spark out of electricity is trivial, hehe. But crafting it with flint might not even be the best idea; since it uses a spark gap instead of friction, maybe something like this:

    :Cable: ... :Cable:
    :Refined Iron: :RE Battery: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    But then that is stupid expensive... oh well, this is INDUSTRIAL CRAFT, expensive stuff is what we do! 8) Maybe the part could be used in the construction of other stuff? Maybe a rifle, use the spark gap to ignite the powder... but no, that's going into weapons again :pinch:

    OK, sounds reasonable, but a machine instead of a circuit in the crafting? Since it's apparently a motor in the crafting of the generator and quantum leggings.

    But I have to ask... where is industrial conflict announced? I searched the forum and google, but can't find anywhere to to follow the development...

    These tools make a lot of sense to electrify, though the fishing rod is pushing it... But flint is an *entirely* nonrenewable resource as of version 1.81 without further mods.

    And, surely a "lossless" mode on the mining laser is a reasonable request? Combat with it makes quite a few holes atm, unless you use the one-block setting, but at that point it is just better to use a stone sword! :P

    I will NOT ask for a schedule, nor any hints regarding when, where, or how IC2 will be updated. All I want to know is, is the project abandoned because of people disrespectfully asking for schedules? I will happily be patient, but should I downgrade my minecraft version and grab the latest IC2 build?


    -Sir Scarfalot

    I want to add my thanks to this thread as well. Without the incredible awesomeness of Industrialcraft 1 and 2, minecraft is just... barren. Its just little more than dull digging with the occasional excitement of finding DIAMONDS!!! ...And then its just back to the digging again. Vanilla has taken steps to making it more interesting, but really, without the mods I would just be playing terraria.

    Naturally, Millénaire and Buildcraft and the countless other minor mods that I have installed have my thanks as well. Especially in that one can support its development with rather than open their own wallets! That's always a plus!

    In conclusion, great work Dev team! Good luck on the next update! :thumbup:

    Not asking for a when, but NO? No as in "NO, I won't give you that information since it doesn't exist, bug off!" or no as in "No, we are abandoning the entire project out of spite for your noobish idiocy, and have given up all hope of IC2 ever existing ever again!!! MinecraftCreeper "

    If you mean the latter.... ;(

    IC2 would just be so fun with the high vanilla height limit... I wanna space station... It can wait of course, but... ;(

    I'm just curious about the new update; do the transformer upgrades allow infinite power to go into machines, or do they cap at the high voltage packet size? I just don't want to have a big crater in my shiny new world from overpowering the macerator :) .