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    Ok not sure what the final number is but I have gotten 210 of the Beers. Not sure how many rums there are as I've only gotten two so far but I have discovered as much as I can as fast as I can lol.

    That is false you can breed at any maturity its just easier when they're older. I've had a new plant pop up while in the middle of me changing out two seeds the moment I planted one and went to the other.

    This is pretty nice :D I have already expanded and fixed a few errors.

    (Edit) Soooo I just checked on my ale to see if I had DragonBlood had a timer set to 8 hrs... I got Soupy Ale. Will try to post a screenshot later.

    Sorry was using my new comp when I posted that and didn't realize I wasn't signed in XD. But yea :D now you can update the weeds XD. And as for you Alblaka I salute you x3. :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond:

    -stumbles in nimbling a cookie- o.o... ummmm -nibbles cookie- I like Technic cause it simplifies the downloading of mods if I didn't have it I would've crashed my computer like last time. -nibbles cookie- But then I go directly to the mod authors and donate that way. -quickly runs out before anything is thrown at me for blasphemy-

    I made a little shack and lit it up with redstone torches and got my first redstone plant which I bred for three more. Even got my first Redstone off one with stats of Gr:7 Ga:4 Re:4!

    One question does it need something special like Ferru and Aurelia or what because I have a wheat looking plant in my Ferru that refuses to grow.

    Alright lol. I've been doing that myself but the stats never seem to get better even after adding fert and hydr to it.

    Alright I think I'm doing something wrong but I can not for the life of me get good stats. I'm getting all kinds of plants easily but stats are low so it's like not having plants lol. Can you give me a tip or two to just get up to 10,10,10 instead of 0-4, 0, 2-5 lol. Recently got on a new server so my old plants are on another server ><.

    Iclicked between 12-16 times on Ferru and it does seem to increase growth a lot. Some of the plants were getting back to bloom stage in an hour and were only growth 1-3. For most plants thats really slow but right now because I ran out of bone meal the Ferru is taking hours.

    Just noticed that it takes 14 bonemeal on plants in IC2 just thought I'd share. Also this seems to have sped up Ferru growth and weed growth. Not sure if this is the bonemeal or just the regular growth but it seems faster.