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    Meh, obviously it's not as simple as I said, nothing can combat laziness of not even wanting to have to download the mods yourself either, but maybe FTB will be enough, and it will just turn into another Tekkit, I honestly don't care either way. Also, I'm hopeful that RP2 will eventually come out just uncertain as to whether or not there will be a 1.3.2 release, which Tekkit (and even custom modded servers) kind of needed in order to stay alive these past months, and I'm hoping people felt left behind enough that they "half-forgot" about Tekkit at all, but that's expecting too much I'm sure.

    Isn't Tekkit being killed via other means, like the whole ForgeBukkit thing, no RedPower for 1.3 (yet, if ever) and the like. The only thing people need is a launcher which will install Forge for them and then no one will need Tekkit other than as a marketing term.

    Isn't Simcraft a paid mod? Surely you can't expect any mod to attempt compatibility with that specifically. The problem looks like it might be that you need to configure your Block IDs differently, the game is trying to render a block as an Advanced Machine, but it's not a valid Advanced Machine object. Try again with a fresh world possibly. But then again, this is a guess after briefly looking at the mod's source for the error presented here.

    This issue is plainly related to which API of IC is loaded last. If mods use the IC² API, they usually contain the API itself, causing them to override each other.
    If the last overriding API (last mod loaded with API included) isn't the most updated one, IC² causes a crash because of being forced to work on the outdated API.

    I think one could release a fix-mod, which is labelled mod_ZZZ* and solely consists of the Ic2 api and an empty mod-class file.

    While I'm not certain about this it seems the API loaded first is the one that overrides everything else, not last. Or should I say prefixing my IC2 file with [0] when everything else started at a minimum of [1] allowed it to work, and if I used [4] to put it at the "end" it had this error. All the same, something like that could be useful.

    ... sometimes better to go back to 1.1 :P

    Sometimes I'm tempted to go back to 1.7.3 just for the world generation, since 1.8 if feels a bit "homogenized" if that makes any sense. I suppose it's just how large and mostly unvaried certain biomes can be. Hopefully Mojang will actually get moving on the modding API, and include everything Forge/ModLoader modders need to implement their mods. Then modders should mostly only have to recompile their mod against the new API each time the game updates.

    Wait a minute... can't we just remove the NEI compatibility layer and get the recipes to work, just without the filter... (testing)

    Well I can't get it to work, but the IC2 1.81 jar works fine without the nei integration folder, but none of the recipes are picked up without it it seems. Maybe someone else could come up with a "hack job" solution. I can wait a few weeks but it would be nice to get my private server mod pack fully functional in the meantime.

    Yes I realize I *could* use NEI 1.1.3, but that didn't have a RedPower plugin, at least not one I could find by searching for the filename ( supported link)/Files/NEI/, 1.1.2 (for Minecraft 1.1) was there, and obviously 1.2.0 was there as well. Unfortunate overlap of incompatibility.

    ChickenBones gave me the source to his fixed IC2 submodule, will be in the 1.2.4 version

    Could you please link a patched class file for those of us who really don't want to have to wait for everything to update to 1.2.4 so we can have 6 more vanilla blocks and other minor tweaks? I for one would be grateful if it's not too much bother.

    ... i keep forgetting its not notch but jeb, though im sure notch still has a hand in it, lets face it if you created a game of this magnitude could you walk away from it? ...

    To be honest Notch seems like exactly the type of person that could easily walk away from something that is "good enough" and otherwise successful. With that said I think I'll leave this thread alone, I don't really belong here.

    Hoping its out in the next week, people on my server got to mad about staying on 1.1 and one guy couldn't downgrade to 1.1 so his anger was worse, they blew up everything then said they quit until I could get the mods on 1.2 :(

    That's when you just take the server down until they come to their senses or you can fulfill their demands, or start banning... I'd just tempban everyone that can't keep a cool head about it.

    Honestly I wish they would just collaborate, yet make the mod "massively" configurable. Defaulting to what the original "Advanced Machines" was, 1 EU/t for passive maintenance of speed/pressure (10000 RPM/100000 PSI or Gibbl, whatever it was, max), 16 EU/t to operate with two output slot macerator, three output slot extractor. I'm not sure how they would have to deal with GUI differences allowing for changing numbers of output slots or having optional upgrade slots, but options are nice. Maybe the default doesn't even have to be what the original was so much since it's been so long that most people have probably just adopted whatever new differences there are.

    Before anyone flames this post or either mod author of any version of this mod please realize that people have different ideas of what is balanced, reasonable and/or fun, which is why I'm a big fan of options with defaults that give you an idea of how the author intended to balance things.

    if you feel guilty - then do some math and make extra cables and throw them in the damn lava - done.

    While I don't particularly want to perpetuate these lines of "arguments", if one can call them that, I don't see how anything I said could have been construed as me feeling "guilty" about anything. Maybe you mean if *anyone*, not just me, somehow feels guilty about "having it too easy" I suppose could understand that. I'm simply stating that people have their individual reasons for and against using or doing any number of things. Be thankful for options and good defaults (official IC2 solar panels are a nice baseline I'd say). Maybe people that think it is overpowered for whatever reasons shouldn't say anything at all since they obviously have the option to not use it, but if they at least express why they aren't planning to use it themselves I don't see the harm. Whether they feel that much power generation should take up considerable space or risk (reactors), or maybe they just feel they'd be missing out on something they consider aesthetically pleasing.

    How ever you or anyone else intends to interpret this or otherwise lead this line of consideration I'm more interested and excited to see what cpw or anyone else does to implement the rest of the advanced machines mod.

    (Sorry for the awkward use of language, I don't communicate with people often enough to know how to express myself better.)

    ... If someone think that HV arrays are overpowered, so what about 1800EU/t Mark I nuclear reactor? ...

    It's just opinion some people feel the space an otherwise legitimate solar panel array would take up means more than even the cabling. I'm indifferent to either personally (except for the SMP benefit), but I do think large solar panel arrays can look kind of nice. Also about nuclear reactors they still take up a significant amount of space by comparison with the HV solar panels, you could fit 5 in just the space required for a maxed out reactor, not to mention all of the extra equipment/shielding needed. In the end I'm just happy people have options as to how to want to play.


    Not a bug, functioning as intended. Both Timers and Sequencers are tied to world time.

    While it might not be a bug, it's still important to note that sleeping will finish any timer. Even using counters with timers can be potentially dangerous if you can sleep multiple times during a "closely timed" cooldown period.

    Oh and nice breeder design ccrraazzyyman. I have yet to try breeders, good to have a solid design to work from.

    I don't know if it's a bug with RedPower or one of my other mods causing the problem, but RedPower Timers and Sequencers both "finish" when you wake up from sleeping or change the time through any other means (with NEI's time setting buttons). This makes working with finicky reactor setups rather dangerous, and I was thinking it was *my* fault my 2040 EU/t reactor (only while running for the 4.9 seconds it could "safely" run) blew up when it was perfectly stable for several hours going to 0 heat after every generation cycle.


    I don't think you noticed a bug. I think you noticed a feature. (No really I mean that.) Let me explain, each advanced solar panel can store 16000 EU. So if you place it and then go off and wire everything it will store power. Once you attach a MFSU to it everything stored in all of your solar panels will then be transferred at a rate of 512 EU/t per panel. I think this explains what you noticed.

    Yeah... I realized that after some more playing around. Nice work on the mod by the way, it feel balanced enough to me, but I guess we'll have to see what Alblaka thinks about it for future inclusion. The only thing I think that might be more balanced is to make it 8 EU/t during the day and 2 EU/t during the night, since night "feels" about four times as dark, along with keeping powers of two output in each interval, averaging 5 EU/t, still 10 times more efficient.

    Do you Absoulutely need java 7 to run it?

    I just tried it and it does not appear to require it. However, I noticed a bug when I made a tight cluster of four 13-panel solar flowers with it where it was generating a lot more power than it should have, but after letting it turn to night and sleeping it seemed to sort itself out.

    Edit: the higher than expected power output was my fault, wasn't thinking about the energy storage units buffering while I was building the flowers. So not a bug.

    Yeah, I had a suspicion that wires contained extra data now, and that it wouldn't be easily possible (without additional mods). Only other suggestion is splitting your power before the mass fabricator and leaving it at the end of a chain, then again with the new power distribution system that might not be feasible either? I sure am living up to my name right now. Either way sorry my suggestion didn't help, but I'm sure this issue will be considered. However, I do believe the mass fabricator is intended to be a major drain on your power, to the extent of possibly warranting its own power system, at least then you know it will only work for as long as your non-renewable sources last, if that's what you choose to use.

    I haven't installed IC2 just yet, so I'm not sure it will work, however, in IC you could just hook a sticky piston to a cable to make a shut-off switch (I did this because I wanted to control when a capacitor was charging or emitting directly and was not sure of another way to do it).