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    I think it's because one is the off state and the other one is for the on state... But I don't know... xD Also, I think there's something weird with the sounds, I mean, I know after the 1.3.2 the machines didn't make any sound, witch, to be honest, I didn't like that, but now I can't hear explosions, for example... Am I correct?

    I have not tested explosions yet, i was just about to.
    I was starting at the graphics and working my way tords, redstone, then power, then machine operations and connections, then explosions and technical.

    here is my iorn fence pic problem in the inventory

    And here is the ( GLass Fiber Graphics Glitch )

    not liking the JUMBO

    Luminator is popping up twice in the NEI.
    both showing 2 separate block IDs. - 219 and 226

    Also Iron Fence on Block 232 is showing up as a white block and not as a fence.

    As well as a glitch in graphics on the ( Glass Fiber Cable )

    Ill post more when I find more problems.

    PS> Really not liking the huge cables. :(
    I really hope there will be a version for people who like the smaller cables with the nice black satin fished look it had.
    but, ya not a fan of these huge cables.

    This was pretty cool to watch.
    many times mods are closed, in the back room until its finished.
    but involving people to help snatch out bugs and watching how the mod evolves into a final release is awesome.
    really fun to watch

    PS> this also helps deter away the morons that constantly asks every five minutes when the mod is going to be released.
    all they have to do is watch the board as its being developed and evolved into a final public released mod.


    I did an extensive beta test.....

    I have an issue. Seems that your mod, when it gets filled up completely, then you log out or wait 3 minutes after the complete fill of the unit.
    Tends to throw a Saving Chunks error.
    for some odd reason, it does now throw out the error log so I can see why.
    I also tested it with minecraft terror test bat file.

    Also after every relogin, the unit completely disappears from where it was placed.

    So what I did was made a new test site twice with 2 completely different seeds. and it did the same thing.

    I then instead made a 2 completely different normal worlds with completely different seed numbers as well as a 3rd one with the automatic seed generator.
    and sadly it did the same thing. - After placing the unit on the ground and attach it to Fibre cabels that is hooked up to 20 HV solar units.
    when i relog in the world, the wireless Unit completely disappears from the world, no where to be found.

    it sometimes, takes a few fibre cables along with 3 to 4 solar units with it.

    I redid this so many times, and the results are the same, with many different configurations.

    By the way, I am using
    Forge #64
    Optifine B Multicore

    just thought you should know.


    Me and my friend did a stream of the problem located here.

    It was tested in #57, #60 and Forge #.64,
    along with these following mods,
    Rei minimap, NEI, IC2 1.81,
    modloader MP 1.2.3V3
    audio mod and modloader
    oh and invtweak xD

    We filled the Wireless MFE several times at different forge installs to test.

    video came out a little laggy because we where on Skype and streaming at the same time and running irc.
    sorry, but at least youll see the point being made. :)


    On SMP, my advanced machines don't appear to be doing anything. They won't charge up their internal storage or process items. The GUI opens properly though.

    Seems to be wokring fine on SSP.. No punt
    but seriously its working here.

    I switched to this mod, since the other one seems to be giving me problems. :P

    Is it possible that you can have the machine to have an internal button switch,
    to keep the machines on, instead of using a lever.

    Maybe have us use Convalescence Dust from EE mod and place it inside the machine
    and over time it uses it to keep the machine on.

    This way wont have to use these ugly lever switches on the actual machines.
    Just an idea.


    Please use because,
    I cant seem to download your mod for (b) or the new (c) version for the hoster youre using now.
    keep getting this message:

    Invalid or Deleted File.

    The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually
    caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs
    when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.

    If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact support.
    Click here to view our help resources

    I get a few things that is weird. But I don't get any error logs or messages pertaining any problems I am having.
    I installed this mod, and went to test it in a nearby area making sure things work.

    And for some reason, power is being applied to machines without being hooked up to any power.
    And then when I do apply it to power, machines act like they are being used such as being macerated or cook without
    any items in the machines for them to start any jobs.

    then when I wrench them out to pick them off the floor,
    they leave an invisible block in the world preventing me from walking in that direction.
    and the LV transformer then wont let me change the direction or let me wrench it off the floor.
    and its just sitting there as a static block.

    I tried looking for any error logs after I got only 1 Saving Chunks toss from Minecraft,
    but none was available.
    I checked Block IDs, and made sure nothing was being conflicting, even though I could log into mc and the world just fine.
    But I checked just in case.

    I had no choice but to uninstall the mod and .cfg file until this gets fixed some how.
    By the way, I started from scratch twice. I still get the same thing.

    I was using AdvancedMachines 3.8

    You links in the first post are both broken
    maybe you should try rapidshare

    By the way something very odd and interesting just happened.
    When I deleted the mod, the stuff that was invisible, reappeared again when I took out the mod and .cfg file.
    just so you know.

    I am heading to Forge as they just came out with another update, and try this one more time. with v1.4.0.56
    I am upgrading from v1.4.0.55, hope it fixes it.

    thanks for reading