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    High-tech materials like [Advanced Alloy] (IC2 wiki link) open big possibilties in making durable weapons and armor. Sad fact that IC2 itself don't add any composite armor except [Composite Armor West] (Chestplate). This addon was created to fix this annoying issue and add at least full set of this armor.

    NOTE: This is IC2 Experimental addon! Currently I did nothing for compatability with IC2 Classic.

    NOTE: Since 1.12.2 this mod is also TechReborn addon. IC2 or TR aren't strictly required. Feel free to choice between these great mods or you can use it with both at the same time. :D

    (ingame screenshot, yes armor is colorable)

    Items & Recipes:

    [Composite Armor]


    All parameters taken from IC2 composite armor. It makes this armor even better than diamond. It is something between diamond and nano armor. Maybe even better than nano. And it is not a fail that Chestplate was readded in addon. I specially created my own item that can be colored.


    • Head: +3 protection
    • Body: +9 protection
    • Legs: +6 protection
    • Feet: +3 protection
    • Enchantability: 12

    [Composite Sword]


    It is very durable sword. Even more durable than [Diamond Sword]. But deals damage like iron sword because not sharp enough.


    • Durability: 1800
    • Damage: +6
    • Enchantability: 13

    [Composite Bow]


    Almost unbreakable bow. It has 2K points of durability while vanilla wooden bow have just 384. Damage same to vanilla [Bow].

    Just try to break it!


    • Durability: 2000
    • Enchantability: 15

    [Composite Dagger]


    Small and very cheap composite knife. Have damage like vanilla [Wooden Sword] but 10 times more durable.


    • Durability: 600
    • Damage: +4
    • Enchantability: 13
    • [1.12.2+] Attack Speed: 3.2



    Respirators provide same functionality as IC2 [Scuba Helmet], so they can refil your oxygen level with [Compressed Air Cell].

    But they are more efficient. It means you need less cells.

    Player can have 300 oxygen points (one bubble - 30 points). IC2 scuba wastes capsule when oxygen level is <= 100.

    Even low-tier respirator consumes cells more efficient.

    [Respirator Half-Mask]

    [Respirator Mask]

    [Composite Respirator Mask]


    1. You are not allowed republish the mod on any other sites without providing link to Curse project page or my IC2 forum thread.

    2. You can include this mod into any modpack. Don't ask me.

    But if you publish your modpack somewhere it could be cool if you include link to project page just to let people come here to read some information about this addon.


    Project Page: CurseForge (obviously here you can download the modification)

    Source Code: GitHub

    NOTE: On GitHub in releases section you can find mod versions for downloading if Curse won't work for some reason. :D

    Also there you can find the full CHANGELOG. I don't post changelog here because it is a l-o-o-o-t of text

    It is typical situation when some author of some addon or mod canceling development of his project.

    Sooooo... Is it legal to decompile and rewrite any abandoned addon to make it compatible with newer versions of game and IC2?
    I can ask permission (or even source code) from author in case if I have contact with author?

    But what should I do if author for example not joinining forum for a years and abandoned any modding for some reason? Can I create port in that case?