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    "The Sidedness of IC2C is different, try inserting an Automation Upgrade using the Tool that looks a bit like :EC Meter:but with a wrench below it."

    a regular generator doesn't have anywhere to add an automation why I don't think you understand my issue.

    the vanilla hopper connection is probably the root of the change, I understand why it changed now. But it should be possible to make any side in or out.

    Complex arrays of machines are more flexible when they can be arranged according to the desired function and not cobbled with a bunch of extra piping to satisfy an inflexible design.

    You misunderstand my post. I am not trying to just "make it work from any side". I want it to load from the bottom, like it used to...or find out why it doesn't load from the bottom.

    In tekkit lite I could load fuel from the bottom into a generator and the fuel went into the lower slot.

    I expected the same functionality in tekkit legends, the IC wiki even says the generator should load from the bottom.

    In industrialcraft-2-2.2.828-experimental the generator loads from the bottom also. But they removed solar arrays. So not using that one.

    But in IC2.Classic.Version. used in tekkit legends, the generators will accept fuel from the bottom and then place the fuel in the top slot where it can't be used. Which is rather bug like behavior regardless of which side does what.

    All I wanted was updated computer craft to begin with. That is the only reason I went from tekkit lite to tekkit legends. I forgot about the never ending conflicts and changes that occur in the circular path of upgrade hell.

    I guess I missed the big nerf to solar.

    Started playing tekkit lite and just moved to tekkit legends

    bout to go back to tekkit lite due to some issues with the generators not working right.

    I had a group of 30 HV solar arrays running UU matter and suppied a HUGE factory and never ran out of power even at night.

    Thats it.

    Have a generator, piping charcol to the bottom side like I did many times in tekkit lite. Now using tekkit legends. IC2.Classic.Version.

    The fuel all goes in the upper slot in the generator which doesn't work.

    Posted a more detailed version but it got deleted....not sure where to post anything here.

    This is not Nuclear or agriculture , maybe it qualifies as electric.

    Block Usage

    Generator ig

    To use, place one of the compatible fuels in the lower slot. The generator will output power at a rate of 10 EU/t. It will supply power when connected to machines via cables, or if a machine is adjacent to it. It is commonly used to power basic 32 EU/t machines such as the Batbox or the Electric Furnace. You can also charge RE Batteries by placing them in the top slot. For BuildCraft/RedPower piping purposes, the bottom slot's input is the bottom side, and any other side will go in the top.

    "For BuildCraft/RedPower piping purposes, the bottom slot's input is the bottom side, and any other side will go in the top."


    I always start off with a generator and charcoal and a bat box then connect machines to the BB.

    Then I start working of solar cells that I add to another face of the BB.

    Eventually, I upgrade the BB ad machines to MCU, MFCU, and HV solar arrays.

    In the desert there is no rain so building the main workshop at the edge of a desert is useful.

    I have also used geothermal but the lava runs out.

    I was just pumping the lava into tanks and then into the geothermal generators to get rid of the lava.

    Each side of my power storage device is feed from a different type of power, but all of this is just to level out power supply until the solar is online.

    Once I have solar online, I never run out of power and I never lose power.

    I built an automated line that builds HV solar arrays from UU matter and fed the whole thing with HV solar arrays. Eventually, I was building a HV solar array in minutes and built a suit of quatum armor in 5 minutes from UU matter.

    I don't see the attraction to nuclear. So complex and so volatile.

    Nothing beats solar.

    I am using a generator to power a bat box.

    Generator works and charges bat box when I place charcoal into the generators lower slot in the interface.

    In the IC wiki I read that the generator should take items into the bottom side and place those items in the lower slot. This is how the generator worked in Tekkit Lite.

    Currently, anything I pipe to the under side of the generator is placed in the upper slot of the generator. And the generator runs out of fuel and stops.

    Is there some detail I am missing here or is this the way it works now?

    Thought about upgrading to a newer version of IC, I have not checked to see if they have the same issue yet. It looks like IC v 2.2 is compatible with MC v 1.7.10.