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    Yeah, they kinda look like that. I uninstalled Minechem and that seems to have done the trick for me - at least for now. After 3-4 hours of play mobs and so on still look okay. Do you have Minechem installed?

    @OP how much copper/tin ingots are we supposed to get from one copper/tin dust? After going through an automated chain using Buildcraft from purifier to crusher to enricher to adv. smelting I get 2 per dust. Using the previous version 5.2.3b2 since I can't live with the block duplication. Is that supposed to be like that or has that been fixed in 5.3?

    Been considering playing with this mod but after installing UE Basic Components and Mekanism (without tools) I get broken entity textures (or something like that). After a while Endermen look like floating black microblocks with occasional purple particles. Had the same problem when I had Metallurgy installed (deleted that long ago). Also the biogenerator (and presumably other blocks too) texture looks broken too. Not at my main computer right now, if I can't make myself understandable I can post pictures tomorrow or so. I don't use HD patcher or whatever it's called and problem occurs with or without Optifine. No item/block id conflicts that I can find. Any ideas?

    Concerning the mod specifically:

    1. Second the sound config option. It can be quite maddening :)
    2. Platinum issue can be addressed by replacing the platinum ingots in the lower tier recipes with "platinum alloys" or something similar. Just make a "cheap" recipe like 4 Redstone+4Gold+Platinum = 8 Platinum Alloy

    MWO ^^ They're the only Beta (i know off) containing a "You may not name you are in this beta"-NDA.

    Wait a second.. there's a new X-Com game coming up? WANT LINK NOW!

    Remember: Always ask for the Firaxis version, not the 2k Marin one.

    Edit: The 90's feel, the hint that the silence would be lifted next month (release) and the system requirements led me to believe that it was X-COM. Oh, and the whole pre-ordering thing, now that they're offering Civ V with it.

    Take your time on it. I am in a beta which I cannot name and it is quite addictive. Takes me back to the 90's and well can't say much more until NDA is lifted hopefully next month. I was invited to the PlanetSide2 beta, but SOE made it impossible for the HD 38xx series from playing PS2 and I refuse to spend $200 (that I don't have) on a new video card. This other beta which cannot be named works with the HD38xx series without any problems. I might sign up for their pre-order package :)

    Sounds like X-COM. Looking forward to that.

    When the Adventure update is completely finished it should be enough challenge for the suit - whether it will is another question.
    But if the devs have the time to temper with dungeon generation or such they should use it on existing code or other suggestions since adventuring isn't part of IC².
    I could see an addon for IC² though that makes Industrial Ruins like abandoned laboratories with random machines and generators. As an addon made by someone else though, not by the IC² team.

    Is there a special way to get more EU with a stack of sticky pistons? It's not imbalanced as far as I can see (please correct me if I'm wrong) it's more of a plausible and convenient way to get stickies. Maybe 8 raisins around a piston or 1 rubber + raisin + piston.

    Could you add clay to the list of "ores" that the miner diggs up? It would be useful in situations where you're beachside, in a desert (where clay is supposed to spawn) or when you are mining from a platform on the sea where you can't see the ocean floor. Since clay can be rarer than diamonds it would be very useful for those who like brick houses :). I suppose the OD/OV scanner would have to be modified too.

    Actually, it seems like solars is the ONLY thing they are good for. They tolerate EU up to 3 EU/s, and have a resistance of 0.001 EU/block, which makes it possible to make them run for 1000 (!!) blocks before losing energy. That makes for some huge solar farms.

    Not exactly :), it means that every branch of ULC-Wire can only support 3 Solarpanels; you'd still need normal cable to lead it into the batbox/MFE.