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    The Potential of this mod/addon is incredible, The incremental upgrades and everything really helps boost it up overtime instead of obtaining god mode once you make the armor for the first time. Being able to tweak each upgrade individually could easily give some variances on servers with everyone running around in quantum. I love the idea of being able to turn the tool up to max for clearing area, then tone it down for doing some precision work on a structure.

    I would like to see the high powered modes have more of a cost, not just first time cost, but higher energy upkeep as well so it doesn't just become crank everything up to max all the time. The idea of Exponential Energy costs sounds fun to me.

    Also, would you ever consider a Mobile tinker bench? Not one to install upgrades anywhere, but one to adjust overclocking mid building without having to dash back to the stationary one. Just a convenience idea.

    Main thing I'd like to see is the dev's being more open on whats getting done. Sure, continue to devour those who ask for release dates (They are annoying), but why Give them a reason to ask in the first place? Things such as "Few of the dev's are busy and the release will be delayed about a week" or "Working on getting a hotfix out for some critical bugs, look for a new version in a few days." THis combined with "Beta" builds would hopefully keep some people happy. Just my opinion.

    I have no issues with links as LONG as there is a direct link download and the mod isnt split into many sections. has cost me a ton of money due to failure to screen their ads before putting them up. (Totaled a computer that even fully reinstalling everything failed to work). I still believe that modders should have some support for their work, I just hate when people demand it instead. I've met people who wanted to get modding JUST for so they can make money, they didn't even care about making mods themselves.

    A point would be to go far off for new territory to set up a new resource gathering base, I've gotten plenty of worlds that have are a resource oasis in the middle of a desert, It would be handy being able to go far out without needing to run all that distance first. Especially if its easy to code.

    I Personally have nothing against tekkit, but I feel Tekkit, it's a very specific mod pack that requires a specific client to really work with it so it needs to be in its own forums. I would like to see people quiet down when it comes to technic and tekkit mentioned though. Complaining about it and starting flame wars does not change the fact that it exists and it likely will not stop existing any time soon.

    This may be a stupid suggestion as i know nothing of the limitations of coding but.... couldn't we* just add in reinforced and possibly CF foam microblocks. I realize that people would need to download redpower, but most people have it anyways. It would be kind of like the silver dust but obviously more advanced in nature.

    *IC2 team

    Id say just make Stairs and slabs for both, but offer a Tiny Red power 2 addon for the microblocks so people are not dependent on RP2. Or maybe even have a peice of code check to see if Redpower 2 is even installed before it can run? If not, the addon will not run.

    I'm guessing you've never seen a badly moderated thread on the Minecraft Forums. They are filled with 3 pages of "UPDATE NOW PLZ!" every single minecraft update. Mix that with a full sized forums and you have a giant mess that would leave the developers pruning the forums more than they are updating the mod if that ban rule wasn't in effect. To me it's nice to come here and read good conversations without all that spam.
    Edit: Also as FenixR said, Their forums their rules.

    Cable loss, Some areas are 5 blocks or more so only 1 or 2 solar panels are acutally working. Copper cables lose 1 Eu/t every 5 blocks, solars only produce one, so only one solar is actually getting ANY energy to the bat box. Add another bat box right by the solar panels.

    Wasn't trying to Say UUM isnt useful, I Just meant Past a quantum suit, it really Lacks a unique usage. Iridium is one of the densest metals Around In real life, and is heat/Wear resistant. Unfortunately it lacks some uses besides quantum suits. And personally to me, I find no incentive to keep it going in production.

    True, Linking would be a good idea, unfortunately I think Linking to neighboring blocks for supermachines was Shot down. As for the "reactor" style, its not so much like a grid like a reactor, More like a Normal Machine GUI with a few extra slots for things

    Yeah Unfortunately. I Just kinda wish IC2 had that experimenting feel to it, Trying to figure out what works right, as well as Giving Rare resources LIke iridum plates a use. Right now All a mass fab is good for is Iridium if you don't need anything else it makes. There is no incentive to keep producing UUM other than getting annoying resources easier once you got a quantum suit.

    Yeah Pretty much. I wanted to make a Viable Alternative to Advanced machines, while still giving people a variety of machines to fit Most people's needs for automated systems/Workshop Usage. I also wanted to make sure there were noticeable downsides to using them to fill basic needs alone other than more Hoppers for ore processing, While still giving them their own unique system of upgrades through Specialty parts that wont work like any other machine.

    Lately With the advanced machines split, most people have branched and taken sides due to how they feel the things should be balanced. People try to Suggest that Advanced machines are added in as well, and have been shot down. My Idea comes from The thought of overclockers and Why not take that a great deal further.

    And the thought of A modular IC2 machine was born. My idea is simple, have one block that depending on how you set it up, it performs different jobs at different speed. By using componants for the machines such as Motors, storage units, Grid LInkups, Operating devices, Storage bins, Input hoppers. By mix and matching different parts, you can get a machine to have many functions and set your workshop up on how YOU need it. I also propose that there be a power limit from the power units to Limit how many parts you can have, So there will be no issues of Stacking top tier parts in a machine.

    Regarding power units, Im suggesting have a "Max power unit" Higher Tier Grid link up will allow a machine to draw off Low medium or high voltage. Limit one per machine. Each Grid linkup will add in a number of "Power units" Each of the upgrades will have a number of Power units that they require. Should you exceed the maximum about of available power units, your fancy machine will be nothing more than a very very expensive door stop.

    Part cores:
    I also Suggest for making parts you need a "core" to work with, this core will be made from Different metals. Bronze will make low tier parts. This will give bronze a good use for making basic and cheap machines. Refined iron will be the base for the medium tier parts. With advanced alloy being the base for High tier parts.

    Yeah I hear you people screaming "But LASER! these machines will make all other machinery useless!" They would... IF they didn't cost a decent amount to get running. While the basic Modular machine Might be somewhat cheap with an advanced machine and a few circuits:
    :Coal Dust: :Electronic Circuit: :Coal Dust:

    :Electronic Circuit: :Advanced Machine: :Electronic Circuit:

    :Coal Dust: :Electronic Circuit: :Coal Dust:

    This machine alone is a huge waste. It won't draw power, It wont Run, It wont do anything other than stub your toe in a room when you forget to recharge your luminators for the 100th time. The individual parts will be fairly cheap with only 1-4 or so items to make a "Modular Core" These cores will be crafted in a batch of around 1-4 and will further need to be built up to become the part that you need. The parts themselves will Act like nuclear reactor parts and Thus be non stackable. As well, Some of the fast parts will Lack the ability to keep running for a Long time. Some parts might become hot and need a cool down, while others are fragile and will decay over time. On top of this, Custom built rigs will take a fair amount of power to keep running, Much more than a normal machine would ever think about taking. The amount is still up for debate.

    Core Parts:

    Hoppers & Storage units:
    Hopper (Tier 1)/Storage Box
    A basic input hopper, You can toss 1 Stack in like a normal machine/This basic storage box has 1 output slot

    Dual Bladed hopper (Tier 2)/Dual Storage bin
    Why it has blades, nobody will know, but It can easily take 2 stacks./ Holds 2 stacks

    Tri-Hopper / Try storage unit
    Like the name says, a hopper or storage unit that can hold 3 stacks

    Power units:
    Basic Grid Linkup
    A basic Grid Linkup, Accepts low tier and provides around 80 Power units.

    Multi Function Grid Link:
    A mid Tier Grid Link; Designed around allowing machines access to medium voltage as well as Giving parts 160 Units to draw off of.

    Omni Function Grid Link
    The granddaddy of all Grid links, It can easily take HV and Will give all parts a whopping 320 Units to use.


    General Usage motor:
    A standard IC2 basic machine motor Jury rigged to work in a Modular Machine unit. It will go at a basic Speed depending on the Device that your machine is using.

    Ramp up Motor unit:
    This motor requires the machine to spend time and energy to ramp up to get into full usage, Much like the Induction furnace. It also requires a constant Energy supply. On the up side, It will offer a Percentage based bonus to whatever Operation device you stick in.

    Operational Devices:

    By nature the Modular Machine unit will do nothing unless it has the parts required for it to acutally run. Alas, a furnace cannot run without a heating element. Nor can a macerator Grind anything up without any grinding Tools. Likewise all Operating devices have a Tier system to rank how each Part will perform
    Tier 1: Low ranking Parts Basic like the Tier 1 machines
    Tier 2: Mid level parts About half way between Induction furnace speeds and Tier 1 machines
    Tier 3: Around 80% of the induction speed machines unless you are using a Ramp up motor
    Tier S: Specialty Tier Items, Will usually out perform all other devices but Generally have some Steep downside to them. (Expensive, Can break, Can melt, Can Explode, Or all of the above)

    Maceration Section:

    Bronze Grinding Wheel: TIer 1
    Works around the same speed as a Normal macerator for a slightly elevated cost, but Using this combined with a Tier 2 hopper will allow you to grind up a whole stack easily.

    Iron Grinding wheel: Tier 2
    This Iron grinding wheel can easily tolerate Higher speeds and will grind ore 50% faster, It also will drain a huge amount of power units, So I hope your machine is outfitted with a Tier 2 Grid linkup.

    Advanced Alloy Grinder Tier 3
    A high Speed basic Grinding unit, Designed for Double normal macerator speeds. Unfortunately the alloy is to soft on its own and needs diamonds to properly grind ore, otherwise you have your machine spitting rocks, And having a rock shot at you at high speed is not much fun, The creepers outside will get a good laugh though.

    Obsidian Grinder (Tier S)
    Obsidian by nature is a Glass, Glass is very sharp but also very fragile. Even using Advanced alloy to reinforce the obsidian, the drillhead will break after a around a half a stack of ore, but it will also Proccess these at a vastly improved speed. The Obsidian grinder is thus Expensive but fast.

    Iridium Grinder (Tier S)
    The Grand grinder itself. The Iridium Grinder can easily Reach speeds Far past the alloy grinder, but not quite reach the Obsidian one. Unfortunately Iridium is extremly durable but heavy duty applications will put to much heat on it, overheating your machines, thus the Iridium grinder needs to cool down or it will melt, And watching Iridum melt away into nothing is not what most people want to see.

    Furnace section (Item only)

    Melting Pot: (TIer S)
    Pretty much to allow furnaces to run with 3 slots only. The Melting pot will Overheat if you run it to long.


    Stone Crusher: Tier 1

    Iron Crusher: Tier 2

    Alloy Crusher: Tier 3

    "Thwomp" Crusher: Tier S
    Seems your teleporter link was slightly off, so after you returned from the mushroom kingdom you brought home a Friend. Thwomps Cant take a beating doing manual labor like this and will break over time. Fortunately They work just as good at crushing things as they do crushing Plumbers. (High Speed boost)

    Singularity: Tier S
    Who wouldn't want a black hole for all their Compressing needs? Unfortunately the finely tuned device required to keep your "Good Idea" In check Cant keep the job up for long or you will have your black hole destabilize in your house, leaving a nice hole.


    Basic Squeezers going from Tier 1-3

    "The Juicer" Tier S
    Feared by many, "The Juicer" will work at high efficiency, Unfortunately Throwing to many things in there can cause it to break quite easily. After all, It seems the more an item can do the more fragile it gets.

    Iridium Centrifuge: Tier S
    This thing will require you to just toss in Rubber saplings and Bone meal just to keep up with its high speeds, unfortunately Iridium Can get hot working this hard. (High speed boost, With overheat)

    Wrapping up:

    I tried to Keep values and recipes out of this, as it is up to the Mod makers to decide what is balanced, or if Im just Insane for suggesting this. The Idea would need to be refined to really get a workable Idea, But it would be nice to see a machine that fits your automated factories needs. Do you need some Horrible crushing thing that even the nether wouldnt let in, Or a Macerator that can Process 5 quarries worth of ore in a few minutes instead of a few Real days, Or do you just want an extractor that can deal with a full stack of Resin without needing a pipe system to extract from your extractor.

    Having foam cover cables was a wonderful addition. But it would be nice for a few tweaks to make a creeper proof life a little less of a headache to achieve.
    So I suggest 2 things

    Have CF cables have an alt texture. Just like a bar running down, or a symbol to signify it as carrying power.

    Have Cables be treated somewhat like scaffolding. When building a wind tower, I used foam over a wire and had to make a mold to keep the foam contained. I was wondering if it would be possible for foam to register and fill only cables instead of a giant puffball killing anyone in the vicinity when used in tight spots. Or throwing me violently off my scaffolding tower used to make the mold and crashing into the ground in a shower of tools and wires. Merging it with scaffolding would work too, but unfortunately would make it harder to use.

    So a personal safe useable by all, but linked to the player so everyone who opens it sees only their own inventory, with many access points? I could see many many uses for that on SMP and SSP. Especially when it comes to trading. If you have everyone who can have an inventory they can all access from 1 block it makes it easy to trade without the need to worry about carrying a mountain of rare materials half way across the world.

    Im Intrested in a whitelisting if thats alright.
    IGN: Lasergut
    Age: 20
    Previous bans: None
    I run a Bukkit server normally But I love playing around with Industrial craft in my Spare time. Course most people on my server don't seem interested in it. I wanted to beable to try out IC2 SMP and see how much of an Improvement it was over IC1.
    Dunno what Else I should add in for an application.