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    For example: "Electric Heat Generator" + "Compressor for Blast Furnace" + "Blast Furnace" if separate installation with rarely used. Need breaker for wire to switch OFF all not used blocks without destroy wire.

    Compressor not accept partially filled Cells with compressed air for refill to full.

    Partially filled Cell not extract compressed air with right-click.

    Maybe this spread to other fluid, I not test.


    Nightvision Goggles can receive enchantment, but make Nano Helmet with enchanted Goggles is finished without any enchant.

    Nano Helmet (also other "Nano") cannot be enchanted with anvil.

    In other series of mods: if armor piece have enchant, result of upgrade have same enchantments .


    Tools, also cannot be enchanted. "Soft touch" for Drills is very demanded.

    With Actually Addition, I can create Augment "rune" and insert into Drill. For speed, luck, soft touch, as example.

    May use this method - create a small parts, enchant it and insert into Armor and Tools ?

    You are both too bad at english to draw conclusions of anything.

    Now please try to convey your message very carefully so we all can understand it. Maybe use your own Language for that, I bet Google Translate does a better Job at Translating than you two.

    Sorry for my English, because I study German in school and college.

    [below in Russian]

    Не думаю, что Google будет нормально переводить с русского на английский. Уже много раз убеждался в ущербности его переводов, особенно по игровой тематитке.

    I not use any textures!


    Textures on screeshot is from mod, icon for tools also changed, and also worse that previous.

    Need "two beer or not two (maybe three) beer" for previous artist, for return normal texture. Three machin with same look is poor style.

    Maybe can ask other modders for help? I periodical play with mod-pack "Termal Foundation", where pipes exist and work. An some kinds of pipes work, with auto interconnection.

    Some questions to realization pipes I have to TeamCoFH, example two parallels pipes with different fluid. But in "Industrial Craft 2" cannot make two parallels cables in near cells ...

    Modern industry have a lot of pipes. A LOT!

    Examples:…tures/image_big_83391.jpg (gas condensing) (oil refinery) (atomic reactor)

    but with "Industrial Craft 2" need run (and fast run) with Fluid Cell to transfer any fluid between blocks.

    Many kinds of cables is very good idea. But where is pipes?

    In mod "Thermal Foundation" exist pipes for cold fluids (water, oil) and for hot fluids (lava). Maybe stole idea from "Thermal Foundation" (or write letter to author) and realize pipes in "Industrial Craft 2"? For cold fluid (water, sludge, essence, air, cold coolant), warm (canola oil, refined oil) and hot fluids (lava, po-ha-ha lava, steam, hot coolant).

    Make labyrinth from pipes and make all working is better that "run with buckets".

    For examples - Liquid Heat Exchanger produce "hot coolant" from "cold cooland" and Blast Furnance use "hot coolant" and exract "cold coolant". Both must have input and output holes for connect to pipes. To pipes can connect other producer of heat, or other user of heat. And one Liquid Head Exchanger can be used with many receivers. Or one Blast Furnance can receive heat from many Heat Exchanger, for increase speed of processing.