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    Awesome! Could you give me the recipes for those real quick? I guess you guys have figured this out using NEI and checking out the recipes but I don't have that installed, sorry if I'm missing an obvious source of information.

    Yeah it'd been awhile since I booted up IC. I Checked out creative mode and saw a few of those new items-but on the wiki nothing has changed.

    So since the 3 copper recipe (the one I was using is gone) how do I go about using the new one? And is there any other little tidbits (as an older player) I should be watching out for?

    Oh-and maybe a new wiki or changelog sort of deal?

    Thanks for the reply guys!

    As the title, using one of the latest experimental versions I can't craft copper cable! I tried making insulated and uninsulated versions-but tono avail. I'm running archimedes airships, buildcraft, forestry, railcraft, applied energistics and better world generation 4.

    Any ideas?

    I have one thing I wanted to suggest.

    Railcraft adds the tunnel bore, which overlaps a lot with the laser miner.

    Buildcraft has the quarry, not overlap but same deal.

    would be really cool is a multi-block entity that you can sit in and
    aim. THAT would be amazing, and that would be the reason I download this
    :). Quite a few mods i've seen have multi block entities, and ICBM has target able railguns so I imagine it's possible.

    would jizz my pants if there was a 3x3 cool looking machine that I
    right click, hop into, and start aiming my mining laser, which then
    outputs the resources out of it's ass end into a pipe/chest. It would
    require power to fire, etc. Right now I do love the idea of the mod though, and I wish you the best of luck!

    Ignore the random copy/paste formatting crap

    Holy pardon me, didn't mean to rustle everyones jimmies here.

    I guess I missed out on something when I was following the blog-Can someone link/give me some info on what the Industrial Conflict update is going to be? Thanks! Again, sorry about the title. Also yes-the fusion reactors I didn't enjoy too much, but I did enjoy the rocketry very much.

    Hey everyone, I've been in love with Industrialcraft since I first picked it up and it hasn't left my minecraft experience since.

    One thing I was really looking forward too was Rocket Science by Kentington, but he was unable to finish it. He is however leaving it to anyone experienced who wants to pick it up.

    I think it would be another could resource sink that would add a lot of fun, especially in PvP. Bunker busters that travel through X amount of blocks before exploding, Iridium Plated bombs (not a lot of uses for Iridium right now), napalm bombs.. Not to mention guidance systems that would need to be filled with EU's for targeting, and upgradeable with overclocks for faster launching, a capacity upgrade to launch multiple rockets on a single charge, etc.etc.

    It's a board for suggestions, so I know it's not likely to happen... I just wanted to share something I thought would have been awesome to have in IC^2.

    Thanks for reading!

    Great! :thumbsup: Amazing! :thumbsup:
    Add them!

    You guys need to understand the amount of work that goes into a mod right? Porting the entire thing to SMP is enough in it's own right. Anything that dynamically changes blocks and the player will put a huge load on any kind of server. What if 3 players are firing 3 of these at once? Then the server has to do the chemical spread?

    Maybe creating one liquid "chemical" block that hurts players would be good enough, since falling liquid seems to become infinite anyway. Try to realize the amount of work in what you ask!

    I'm sure this is a noob question but I couldn't find it on the wiki.

    Designing my own little reactor, and when things react with other things, it doesn't work on the diagonal right? Like at most, a uranium cell could react with 4 other components (Whether other uranium cells or coolants), and similarly a heating plate can only interact with four things. (A cell/other heating plate-Cooling cells etc.)