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    Well, I DID think this up while drunk, so it might be a little OP. I just thought that having Project Arcturus in IC2 would be awesome. And besides, 300 million isn't that unreasonable, as some awesome people pointed out. I have a (planned) nuclear reactor that could generate 23 trillion Eu/t. Also, thanks everyone for giving this so much attention. I didn't know he announced the SPACE thing until I clicked on this thread.

    one more @press X to @destroyUniverse suggestion.

    Project Arcturas wasn't abandonned, because it was Overpowered, it was because it destroys the whole Universe. Dumping exotic particles in another Universe to destroy that, is a good solution for that problem, IF that universe isn't defending against that (like happened in SGA).

    That's exactly what I meant with this. I'll edit the main post in a bit so that it makes more sense and is less OP.

    I came up with this crazy idea for IC2 if you want all sorts of stuff to be powered by overpowered generators that rape other universes for power. Here goes.

    Pretty much, you craft the Trans-Universal Energy Uplink like so:
    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:
    :Reactor: :MFS-Unit: :Reactor:
    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:

    Then you plonk it down somewhere in your crappy dirt house. But you're not done yet. You can't just make some overpowered generator liken that nd expect not to store energy, can you? So you make the Super MFSU, or SMFSU for short. Like this:
    :Advanced Machine: :MFS-Unit: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :Personal Safe: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Machine: (supposed to be a laportron crystal)

    Then you hook it up with a cable. Glass fibre if you want to live in a sh!t-filled crater, super cable if you like your crappy box.
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:
    :Matter: :Matter: :Matter:
    :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre:

    All right, you're all set. An explanation is in order.

    The TUEU is like a nuclear reactor, but better because it rapes things to get power. Other universes, that is. Once you right-click on it, it open up a GUI like a MFE. In the bottom part, you cram in as much matter as you can fit. (Don't ask why, I'm drunk right now.) In the top, you stick in a bunch of uranium. This will magically make power or something. Wait, no it won't. You need lotsa cooling to get this baby working. Submerge it in water and you'll be fine. Once that's done, the Eu's will roll right in. About 480 million/t, that is.

    Now. The other thing. For using as a sex toy pooting your energy. Once you have it full, sticm your quantum suit or whatever in there. It can store up to 100 million EU. If it's full, it gives ten seconds warning before it a splode. That's because all that energy isn't good for it and storing pure energy is horribly dangerous.

    The TUEU can also be attuned to different universes once one runs out. To do this, make a Universal Attuner.

    :Refined Iron: :Energy Crystal: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron:
    When you r-click a TUEU, it'll pop up with a GUI that has +1, +10, -1, and -10 buttons. You can choose which one you want to rape. However, some of them might invite... things into your world. Just don't use #7.

    So yeah, that's some of my idea. I'll elabprate more tomorrow when I'm not drunk and it's not 11:13 at night.
    ~Cheers, beer, and drunkenness,
    TheDarkStar :Nuke TNT: