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    I dug into a mountain to set up my base, so I figured that it would be best if I dug a staircase to the top so I could use wind generators as well as solar panels.

    Trouble is, the top of the mountain is about 125, and the base of it is 80. So I'm going to get some pretty significant energy loss if I use copper wiring. Tin cable won't work either, because it only supports the 7 EU/t or whatever it is.

    So, even though the loss is the same no matter what, would sending the energy with HV/EV result in lower losses than sending it with MV/LV?

    (Sorry is this is stupid question, the energy system is a bit confusing :\)

    To prevent sound spamming when you're sleeping, Sonmia sets the sound effect volume level to 0% while you're sleeping. This stops the IC2 sounds as well. When I wake up, the sounds work fine, but the IC2 sounds aren't playing. When IC2 tries to update it's sounds and play them again, the entire sound system crashes.

    This is fixed by disabling the IC2 sounds, but it's kinda disappointing that I have to do that because the sounds are so cool :\

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be more energy efficient to transmit the EV current directly and convert to HV/MV/LV closer to the compressors?

    Also, how does the snow farm work?

    So, I know the basics of the agriculture system, but I have a few questions:

    -Do you just have to wait around for mutations to get the different plants (red wheat, ferru, etc)? Is there nothing you can do to influence it at all?
    -What's the whole seed drop system about? Most of the time, when I right-click a plant, I don't get any seed drops. How do you maximize your seed drops?

    Since Minecraft is using incremental obfuscation now (this means that any new classes/methods/fields will NOT change the old ones, and will just add on to it, making it MUCH, MUCH, *MUCH* easier for the MCP team), any 1.2.4 mod should work with 1.2.5.

    The only thing that is causing IC2 not to work in 1.2.5 is the removal of ModLoaderMP from Forge 3.x. This person probably just removed the import in the mod_ file.

    I was talking in #risucraft and they said that the framework had be lain but the actual code wasn't there. I still get an out-of-bounds exception when I try to assign a blockID higher than 255.

    EDIT: ^ I like your recipe, with the addition of the OV scanner.

    It just seems rather obvious, that's why I'm so worried about it being suggested before.

    I just deleted Buildcraft because honestly I think the Redpower tubes transport items better and more efficiently (read: doesn't require diamonds to sort items, extracting items out of a container doesn't require an intrusive meter-wide power source), and I don't really see the point of installing it and taking up so many blockIDs (yes I know there's packages, but there's multiple items in one package) and only using the pumps.

    This has probably been suggested a lot of times, even though it's not in the ideas list, but what's the possibility of making a sort of 'advanced' pump that acts similar to Buildcraft's pump? As in, it doesn't just pump the block under it, rather it pipes the entire body of water/lava.

    Right now, pumps seem kinda useless when they aren't paired with a miner. So, when you would craft an advanced pump, you would trade the ability to connect with miners for more liquid pumping.
    It should be crafting like this:

    Re-Battery Miner Re-Battery
    Mining Pipe Pump Mining Pipe
    Mining Pipe BatBox Mining Pipe

    Or something like that. I'm not really sure how to make things balanced, in terms of energy and the like.

    Again, sorry if this has been suggested before, but it wasn't in the 'ideas' list and I'm not about to search through 10 pages of topics.