Planning out a base

  • How do you guys normally plan out a base?
    I'm not talking about a general 'house', I'm talking about a fully automatic underground evil-base type thing.

  • Planning? A Base? Yes i plan a bit. First off i mark an exact chunk (16x16 aligned to the chunkgrid) to be my Tower.

    Then, after i improvised a workshop there, i will build a RP- or BC-Factory in the first Basementlayer to produce "stuff" automatically so i will not have to Macerate or Smelt it manually.

    Maybe i'm pumping Lava for Energy, depending on IC²-Addons, which are affecting Energyproduction (like advanced Solarpanels), in the second Basementlayer (under the Factory). Did i said that my base is ever build upon a Lavalake?

    The layer 0 (above the Factory) is for my Workshop, where i'm putting stuff into the Factory and receive the finished Products to Craft anything i need. also theres the Only Surfaceentrance to my Tower (if there is one).

    After i build my Tower a bit higher with many empty rooms for the Enchantmentable, the Bed and other stuff, i will add the Roof where my Crops are Planted in direct Sunlight, and add a few Advanced Solars on top of the roof if they are installed.

    moment i have to place my netbook in another Lecture-room... Edit: that Room had bad WIFI, so i had to wait until i'm home now.

    The Advanced-Solarpanels-Mod (there are more than one) i'm using is not the "put 8 Panels around a Transformer"-Mod it's THIS more expensive Mod where the Superpanels are costing Iridiumplates and UUM made by SeNtiMeL.

  • Plan??? i don't.
    My base is based on what i find. If i find a nice-looking cave i go in there, wall it up and put a door in front of it. Torch it up and VOILA! a cave.
    If i find redpower rubber trees (playing on self-made pack that is near technic-pack) then i go hollow out the middle block, go up, and after a certain height i clear out a area in the tree. Put a door and again you have a base.
    In very rare occasions (plains with a few trees) i will make dirt hut for survival (you know them MinecraftCreeper MinecraftSkeleton MinecraftSpider MinecraftZombie ), then expand it later on for these :Induction Furnace: :Extractor: .
    I consider huts to be best given that you have plenty of space to expand it because you can easily put tonnes of :Solar Panel: for power. Tree houses are still good as :Solar Panel: is one of my main source of power. Caves are like the really worst option becase you will not have :Solar Panel: . I have, therfore, used the Rocket Science Sub-mod of IC2 which adds a generator that needs less maintaence than :Geothermal Generator: :Generator: and that i consider :Wind Mill: to be useless. Well, the cost of the fusion reactor(the rocket-science generator) is that it costs a FRIKING lot of resources. I have to work for several real-life days, even using EE2, just for that (given that it uses 8 reactor chambers and a advanced machine block.