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    Oh it triggers if you link ANYTHING in your first few posts. But thigns get approved really fast, I wonder why this still got posted instead of landing in the approval section.

    Oh I see what you're saying. I didn't even know it would go to any queue, the error message makes it sound like I need to contact imer if it was an error having it spam filtered and the error would not let me finish submitting my post. That is why I had no idea it actually did in fact submit it, as I was still on the submit page.

    Blocks will turn invalid if the tile entity data fails to load for them, which isn't meant to happen. The pattern looks like certain chunks have failed to be sent, hence the cables for example break mid-run. There were network batching issues that could cause this in older IC2 versions, but typically that would only be a client side thing that would go away when reloaded. If you walk away far enough to unload everything and then walk back is it still the same areas that are invalid? If it is a Bukkit server there could be other things at play breaking it as well, I've not seen any reports of updating Forge alone causing that.

    Did you update IC2 the same time as you did Forge, or one after the other? And could we get a log file too, it might shed a little more light on what's happening?

    I am using the Sponge server for forge so that I can have both plugins and mods in the game. Maybe this is what caused the problem then. I have since manually just fixed the machines and they seem to be working. I had updated Forge and Sponge, and then updated ic2 after checking if stuff worked. I saw the purple blocks so I updated ic2 to see if that would fix the problem and saw no change. It's not a huge deal now, the logs don't seem to indicate anything, maybe they would have if I had the logs for when I actually initially updated it.

    Hopefully it's just a one-time fluke and when I upgrade in the future it doesn't happen again. Wouldn't want to have to rebuild my reactor when I get around to that ;)

    I upgrade my forge version from an older 2611 version to the current recommended build of 2705. Upon loading of the world I noticed many Industrial Craft blocks are purple and named as "Invalid" which is odd. So I also updated to the latest industrial craft build just in case I needed a newer version with this version of bukkit. Did not fix the problem however. I am using industrialcraft-2-2.8.83-ex112.

    The mod seems to be loaded, and in some cases there are still working blocks. Here are some screenshots showing better what I mean:


    In the image below I am trying to show that the geothermal generators I am on top of are there and not invalid, and you can see the copper cable from ic2 also there. Yet for some reason there are still invalid blocks seen in the pic, which oddly enough are also copper cables. I am a bit confused how some ic2 copper cables are present, yet some are invalid. Seems a bit odd to me. Not consistent. However the generators don't seem to be working anymore that are there. The batbox there does seem to function. New geothermal generators placed seem to work fine. Luckily I don't have a huge deal of ic2 stuff in the game so worst case I can rebuild it all in creative. Not ideal to do, and I'm worried it'll happen again in the future when I have more ic2 things in my world so I kinda want to figure out what happened here.

    And then this image below is just showing that the mods items and everything are being picked up as loaded fine: