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    Sure thing, assuming comcast gets itself together by the time I get home from work today. Forgive a noob - what's the best way to get a savegame to you?

    Also, I'm running a few other mods alongside IC2: Buildcraft 2.11 + extra pipes, Mo'creatures, and Risugami's Recipebook. I intended to do a clean install of minecraft and mods to see if tha helped, but had no internet yesterday so hopefully I'll be able to test that tonight.

    I'm having cripplingly low FPS in a game which has been running fine, no problems. Today, I finished and set up a full 9x6 nuclear reactor, and then, some minutes later, the FPS fell to unplayable levels. From a mention in an earlier thread, I think the FPS drop may be at the same time as the transition from night to day. Checking earlier saves confirms it's not a problem with my installation, it's specific to this game state.

    Hey, I've read everything I can find and haven't come up with a clear answer: When a cable splits, either into a machine or into another cable, is the current (EU/t) split as well, like it was in IC1? For example, if I have a batbox transmitting 32 eu/t, and I split the wire coming out of the batbox into 2, are each of those wires carrying 16eu/t? If I take my 32 eu/t output wire and stick a machine next to it, does the wire now carry only 16eu/t? It's a small thing i suppose, but determines how many machines you can effectively wire in sequence before the last one won't operate for lack of current.