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    1. Item fluid_cell_uu = IC2Items.getItem("fluid_cell","uu_matter").getItem();
    2. CrucibleRecipe crystalUU = new CrucibleRecipe("EMT.ALT_USE_UU",new ItemStack(EMTItems.materials_uumatterdrop),new ItemStack(fluid_cell_uu),new AspectList().add(Aspect.CRYSTAL,8).add(Aspect.MAGIC,8).add(Aspect.ORDER,8));
    3. ThaumcraftApi.addCrucibleRecipe(new ResourceLocation("EMT.crystalUU"),crystalUU );

    And crush report

    I`m try extrends TileEntitySolarGenerator, but don`t work

    If i extends TileEntityBaseGenerator, then needen implements something method, but it`s absctract class. WHAAAAT?


    Reoganize code and try fix, but not working D:

    I don`t know and i wait help :3