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    Auto Replacement in World is something what would lag a bit too much, and also could cause Errors, especially those of the "Chunk Reset" kind. You must Wrench the Machines, and then craft them into the GT variant shapelessly, like SpwnX said.

    So there is no way to prevent people who already have mass fabricators from continuing to use them thus allowing them to create cheap UU matter compared to everyone else who joined server after gregtech and can no longer craft them.

    If I have ic2 already on my server then I add gregtech is there a config option to autoreplace all the ic2 machines with the gregtech machines? Mass Fabricator to be exact seeing how from what Ive read matter fabricator takes way more resources to create matter compared to the mass fabricator which is already in the world and owned by multiple players along with all the other default IC2 machines.

    I have this issue aswell but for me ICBM caused it, the second I installed it ever time an ICBM item is visible in the NEI with others it glitches out random other items though I don't care enough to persue a fix as I have bigger issues to fix first.

    Just a stab of a guess without seeing the actual crash or error, but try adding -XX:MaxPermSize=128M to your Java parameters.

    Following up on the error log this is all I get and the rest seems to be caused after the crash itself:

    2013-08-04 13:22:40 [INFO] [Minecraft-Client] Stopping!
    2013-08-04 13:22:41 [INFO] [STDERR] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

    Stuff After that:

    After installing Gregtech NEI causes minecraft to run out of memory even when given up to 12gb of ram. Once NEI is removed the issue is resolved but no one can play gregtech without NEI there are way to many recipes so I would like to know if anyone has a solution to my issue or what is causing it.

    Gregtech: 1.5.2
    NEI: 1.5.2

    G1R WarcraftG1R Warcraft

    Short Summary:
    G1R WarCraft is a PVP Post Apocalyptic server with features to make survival extremely difficult. The year is set in 2213 after the world has been ravaged by disasters for 150+ years. The server map is 10000 blocks in diameter which is plenty of space for all your resource gathering needs. The terrain of the map is full of large destroyed cities surrounded by forests and large mountains. There are plenty of mine shafts throughout the map to make mining easier. On the server mobs drops custom loot which you would normally earn by mining because you cannot break stone by conventional ways (which is explained in the server lore).

    Server Trailer:

    Server Info:

    Monsters: Yes
    PVP: Yes

    Quests: Yes
    Dungeons: Yes
    White-list: Nope
    Server Site:
    (Config files & Auto Installer found on website under mods page)
    Server Ip: G1RWarCraft.PlayAt.CH



    I get this error on start up:

    In the last version of IC2 for 1.2.4 crops didn't get trampled when I walked on them and now with 1.2.5 they die if I walk on them. Was this an error with 1.2.4 or an error with 1.2.5?

    EDIT: Crops are dying when im crouched or even just standing near them.

    For me this was the most revolutionary thing that helped me with my plant breeding. I got a bit of a late start and had the benefit of a lot of forum posts, but one thing that hadn't really been mentioned: Use the weed killer on your cross-breeding crops! I cannot begin to tell you how infuriating it was to raise healthy green weeds every time I tried to do anything. Even if you don't use it on your planted crops, weed-kill that cross-breeder. Fertilization and hydration are a major help, but one friggin weed can wreck it all.

    Its great to use to weed-killer but the weed has its own custom sprite that doesn't look like any other plant.

    Going to start recording my breeding here:
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 1-------------------------------------------------------
    ------------------------------------------------Reed 2 >><< Melon 1 >><< Wheat 2 >><< Wheat 1 >><< Reed 1------------------------
    -------------------------------------------------------Melon 2--------Wheat 4------Wheat 3----------Reed 2 >><< Wheat 1-------------
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wheat 5-----------------------

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 2----------------------------------------------------------------
    ---------------------------------------------------Reed 2 >><< Wheat 2>><<Melon 1 >><< Wheat 3 >><< Reed 2-------------------
    ------------------------------------------------------------Rose 1--------Melon 3------Wheat 6-------Wheat 7------------------------------

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 3---------------------------------------------------------------
    -------------------------------------------------------------Melon 3 >><< Wheat 2 >><< Reed 2 >><< Wheat 3 >><< Melon 3------------
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Melon 4--------Reed 3--------Reed 4----------Melon 5-------------------

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 4-------------------------------------------------------------------
    --------------------------------------------Rose 1 >><<Reed 3 >><< Melon 4 >><< Wheat 2 >><< Rose 1----------------------------------
    -----------------------------------------------------Reed 5------Reed 6-------Cocoa 1-----------Wheat 8-------------------------------------

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 5---------------------------------------------------------------
    -----------------------------------------------------Wheat 4 >><< Reed 6 >><< Wheat 6-------Reed 7 >><< Wheat 4---------------------
    ---------------------------------------------------------------Reed 9-------Reed 10-----------------------Reed 8 >><< Wheat 6-------------
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wheat 9---------------------

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 6-----------------------------------------------------------------
    ----------------------------------------------Wheat 9 >><< Reed 10 >><< Wheat 6 >><< Reed 9 >><< Wheat 9--------------------------
    ------------------------------------------------------Wheat 10------Wheat 11------Wheat 12------Melon 6--------------------------------

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 7-----------------------------------------------------------------
    ----------------------------------------------Wheat9 >><< Reed 10 >><< Wheat 6 >><< Reed 9 >><< Wheat 9--------------------------
    -------------------------------------------------------Reed 11-------Wheat 13------Wheat 14------Reed 12---------------------------------

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------Stage 8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    -------------------------------------------Terra Wart 1 >><< Nether Wart 1 >><< Cocoa ---------------------------------------------------
    ----------------------------------------------------Blackthorn 1
    Wheat 1 [6,8,3]
    Wheat 2 [9,6,4]
    Wheat 3 [7,9,1]
    Wheat 4 [8,8,1]

    Wheat 5 [3,4,3]
    Wheat 6 [8,9,0]
    Wheat 7 [5,7,0]
    Wheat 8 [9,5,3]
    Wheat 9 [9,8,1]
    Wheat 10 [8,7,2]

    Wheat 11 [9,6,0]
    Wheat 12 [7,8,0]
    Wheat 13 [7,8,1]
    Wheat 14 [5,11,2]
    Reed 1 [1,3,0]
    Reed 2 [5,5,0]
    Reed 3 [8,5,3]
    Reed 4 [7,6,1]
    Reed 5 [4,5,0]
    Reed 6 [7,6,3]
    Reed 7 [6,2,0]
    Reed 8 [7,5,2]
    Reed 9 [7,9,1]
    Reed 10 [9,8,2]

    Reed 11 [10,10,2]
    Reed 12 [7,7,3]
    Melon 1 [6,6,1]
    Melon 2 [7,7,0]
    Melon 3 [7,8,0]
    Melon 4 [7,10,2]

    Melon 5 [6,6,0]
    Melon 6 [8,6,1]
    Rose 1 [5,4,2]
    Cocoa 1 [10,9,2]
    Terra Wart 1 [5,3,0]
    Nether Wart 1 [9,2,0]
    Blackthorn 1 [9,2,0]