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    it works fine i am using over 110mods including lastest IC2_E, if you get crash put log somewhere and i'll try fix it,
    i updated it for me and some of my friends becouse of constant crash on our LAN world, and i decided to share it with IC community, only change i made is an api update which was a reason of crash

    hmm looks like some problem there while running

    Waiting its the best way to make ic2 work with 1.2.5, if you can't wait and you must absolutely need to make a useless thread instead of checking the subforums or using the search function first to see where you can possibly find for that "Hack" (Hack not precisely in the informatics kind of term), then do so, after all creating a totally usually thread its always the best way to go... (Oh wait)

    Ohhh wait wait wait, what is that? near the Support subsection, what is that? on the first page, i don't even have to enter the subforum, but there, it says what?, a way to make ic2 work with 1.2.5? Bullshit! We all know ic2 doesn't work with 1.2.5!

    it works :)

    I don't trust anything when people with 1-2 posts are the only ones getting it to work. On top of that the OP has refused to disclose how he is getting around the MLMP removal with this patch. I will wait for the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the IC2 update.

    just decompile and see what changes I explained everything what i modified, if u dont want to use thats ur choice:), i am not babysitter to help every one to run it, it requires a bit skill to make it working, so if never tried to make ur own stuff than wait for official update, got other outdated mods and addons updated but not publishing them

    delete all old mod configs (may corrupt exisitng worlds) and there shouldnt be any comp issues, i am running BC 3.1.5, IC2 v1.90, AdvancedMachines_3.9, SeedManager_v1.2.1, -additionalbuildcraftobjects, LogisticsPipes, additionalpipes, IC2Thermometer_v1.1.12_Client, and it works fine all together, only what does mod need to be based on lastest forge for MC 1.2.4 and to be updated to MC 1.2.4 than almost all mods should work on MC 1.2.5 without bigger changes

    Dont annoy devs and ppl on forum use search/read forum and there are some usefull information like [url=] [/url ]