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    Slightly overpowered, seriously one bilion EU and 16 stacks of iron isn't a big deal and once you have this thing you don't need to build reactors to keep your power supply up, and that would make endgame completely dull and boring
    you call it a thing that would make endgame "more exiting" but that would make it even more boring.
    maybe creating it is a lot of effort but after that you have a overpowered thing run by some kind of ee2 magic

    A veeeery old Cf building of mine
    It housed my first reactor
    had fun building it cf is great!

    i haven't build much exept for light reactor casings with cf lately.
    Will encase my base in cf on my server when i have enough time and clay for it.

    Stop those Qsuit weakening suggestions! It is supposed to be overpowered and it's quite balanced considering the extremely high material cost.

    But the main point why i will never buy a mac is that their cost/performance ratio sucks, seriously, why should i waste money on a mac if i can get a much more powerfull, reliable, easier to maintain and to customize pc for the same price. i've got a pc for ~800 dollars that runs skyrim on smooth fps @medium graphics.
    The only products of apple i approve are ipods.

    Also why not just use EE. You don't have to use transmutation tablet and energy condensers, without them it really feels balanced. Even when making diamonds from wood (my setup -> forestry tree farm, 12 coke ovens, philosopher's stone, macerator, 2 compressors, flint from RC rock crusher, obsidian from RP pump in the Nether) making OP items is an achievement. Unfortunately in EE fun items (swiftwolf, mercurial eye, water/lava amulets, philosopher's stone) are together with game breaking ones (destruction catalysts, red katar, tablet, condenser, etc.).

    This is a ic2 suggestion, it's like you would say "why do we need a rechargeable mining drill if there is a mod that adds repairable pickaxes"


    I wouldn't even call it an idea, it's just a "I can haz steamgen?"

    I't doesen't meet any guidelines of ic2 suggesting: No description, No detailed explanation of working mechanics/ output/ input, No recipe = NO REAL IDEA / CONCEPT
    Alblaka had to close this thread long ago it's getting annoying to look at
    Seriously, just ignore that noob like you do with other noob sugestions. Nothing to discuss here. Stop wasting your time with this!

    I must disagree here, because electricity chooses the easiest way down, and that's trough the legs, not trough the air. electicity causes more damage going trough the whole body and then trough the legs. If you wear insulating gear the lightning woud just ignore you and not even strike at you.
    And about the iron armor. If you would wear full iron armor, the electricity woud rather go trough your armor than trough your body,causing minimal damage: faraday cage effect,just like i don't now said

    I'm pretty certain if you got struck by lightning while wearing rubber boots your reaction as you fall to the ground would be something like this "The boots! They do nothing!" I'm going to have to go with no here

    A lightning is one thing, A much weker tesla coil is another. (maybe mc lightning is weak but still, let's say the eu packets are bigger) Vanilla lightning should kill in one shot. (Still that's a vanilla,not mod matter)
    Remember this suggestion is based on tesla coils nto natural lightning.

    I just Major Tom'd my crew. Again.

    Anyone have any tips to flying to Mun? I think my rocket has enough power but I always miss.

    First try get into a straight, nice 100km kerbin orbit, then you raise your periapsis to the altitude of the moon (forgot how many kilometers it is) and keep orbiting around kerbin until the mun catches you and try to deorbit/land (keep and eye on you lander's velocity/fuel/engine capacity because thats where i failded a mun landing 5 times)