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    Ballsy move to speak of the unspeakable, Direwolf! :D
    God knows how hard it is not to ask the forbidden question, especially when my friends keep bugging me about upgrading our IC server multiple times EVERY DAY! I would enforce the "ask for release date = ban" rule on our forums as well, but one of them owes me money and another one has a really hot sister. :whistling:

    Anyway... a 1.9 release would be the most logic step I guess. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you guys to keep up with those updates.

    Take your time, we'll wait patiently (you know that's a lie, don't you?)!

    I have to test if my pc can handle IC² and fraps, but I'll gladly help you out. And what about other mods and textures? Almost everything I use IC² for has other mods involved and should I go back to default textures?

    Good to see you actually working on it!

    About those people asking for the permissions... How about making a spoiler section with a cut screenshot of your pm? It's what the guys from Convenient Inventory did and I kinda liked it.
    I also like the idea of donation buttons next to the mods in the list.

    Keep it up!

    What about the name? The Packed Mod Pack? You can do better than that! :P

    Best Lets Play EVA! :)

    My diamond factory looks almost the same, but I have my flint production worked in (redstone/iron pipe to make half of my incoming cobble to dirt for flint production, the other half gets converted to clay blocks and send to my recycler). I made a main sorting room and all my resources go from there to the different production stations.
    Oh and I have a secondary redstone ->coal table to prevent overflow of the redstone chest (3 rotary macs with 2 engines each can handle the incoming coal so far)

    I don't know if you already have a wood production running. Mine looks like this:

    EE lets you convert 1 sapling, 1 dirt and an Evertide into 2 wood and 1 wood into 1 sapling. That means you only need to add dirt to create wood in a self filling system. I have two chests next to each other, you drop 5 dirt into one and get 5 wood almost instantly. I havent tested if the EE/IC recipes include rubber wood/saplings, which would let you make rubber out of dirt 1:1. :)

    What I'm missing is the use of Red Power (such a great mod and you're wasting it's potential) Logic circuits are fun to build and you can do amazing stuff with it. The lights part is pretty sweet as well (my nuclear reactor has some nice red and green light indicators [use timers to make them blink!! :P ] wired into the water and door system).

    Because of you I am using Portal Gun now and I'm loving it! I also got hold of the teleport pipes and the induction furnace fix only because of you, thank you for that!! My pipe system was a mess before that! 8|

    Keep up the great work and try to get some sleep in between! You're working like a boss! :D

    I don't need a modpack, but I'm very fond of the idea (most of my friends dont even know what 7-Zip is). Since the Kakadude modpack emotions are running rather high and it would be a great move to bring out a legit modpack with all the permissions! But you better commit to it and keep it updated ;)

    All in all Kakadude had a pretty nice collection, mine would look kinda similar. These are the mods I'm using:

    IC² (doh!)
    BC (make sure you'll grab the teleportation pipes!!!)
    Red Power (Eloraam is a Minecraft Goddess!)
    Portal Gun (first I thought I wouldnt like it, but damn it's good)
    Wireless Redstone (couldn't play without it anymore)
    Equivalent Exchange (almost gamebreaking good)
    Recipe Book (I have it installed, but somehow don't use it at all)
    Rei's Minimap (how come Minecraft has no built in minimap)
    Somnia (I don't use it, but heared good things)
    Convenient Inventory (still buggy if you tab out, but it's needed for EE!)

    Mods I don't like or in my opinion don't really fit with IC²/BC:

    Better than wolves (good mod, but why would I even get into it when almost everything it offers comes with the other mods, only better)
    Mo' Creatures (I want to build stuff, if I wanted to hunt kittens I would play Hello Kitty Online)
    Millenaire (awesome mod if you run a RPG server, but I don't see the point of NPCs at all)
    SDK or any other weapon mod (EE has some weapons and I don't see the point in 1 hitting mobs)

    If there would be a SSP version of Runecraft I'd say that's a must, but there isn't :(
    I know this probably didn't help you at all, just wanted to give you some input (and get my post count up ofc!)

    We have a new forum for all the addons, please check there for any new versions of these addons.

    Install instructions:

    128x128 version
    Download and install Sphax PureBDCraft 128x
    Download 128x IC² Addon 0.6 and drop files in your Sphax Texturepack file

    Minefactory Sphax Addon 0.1
    128x version download

    Nether Ores Sphax Addon 0.1
    128x version download

    RedPower 2 COMPLETE!!
    128x version download, extract and copy the folder into your texturepack file.
    Version 1

    Buildcraft 2.2.5 with AdditionalPipes
    128x version 1.11 download
    by CadenDonuts
    AP by bechill

    128x version download
    by CadenDonuts

    Special thanks to:

    Sphax for his PureBDCraft Texturepack !
    Dannyboy for letting me use his cable textures. Check out his stuff at the Textures Community Project
    Kane Hart for his constant nagging and giving me advice! If you're looking for a fun and stable server with IC2/RP2, check out
    CadenDonuts for his Buildcraft and Equivalent Exchange pack! Please check out his Youtube channel and leave him a message! :)

    Any suggestions are more than welcome.
    Also I would like encourage you to post some screenshots of your creations! I don't actually play Minecraft anymore and would like to see those textures in action and put some screenshots in this post.

    Yes I did.

    Thank you, I was wondering what I did wrong and put everything on hold.

    It's gonna be 512-16 px and it looks funky, waiting for the next release and I'm good to go. :)

    Hey, I'm working on a texture pack for IC² and stumbled across something strange...

    1. ic2.BlockGenerator@6dccad1e: invalid meta 6 provided to getBlockTextureFromSideA
    2. ndMetadata


    1. ic2.BlockElectric@3eb34e1a: invalid meta 6 provided to getBlockTextureFromSideA
    2. ndMetadata

    The strange thing is... I didnt touch the generator block yet.
    Ingame everything looks normal. I'm a total noob when it comes to textures, any idea what I did wrong?



    I scaled this up and started working on a Sphax (cheap ass won't do it himself :D ) IC2 pack. I already finished ores, ingots, dusts, tools, weapons and amor. Working on crystals as I write. No idea what I will do with all the machines tho, maybe Sphax will help out a little.