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    Looking forward to the RailCraft textures myself. Also, the RocketScience addon for IC2 would look pretty sweet in this style too, when you run out of the other things to texture. :D

    Railcraft is the next project for me, maybe Amon will have a swing at RocketScience (he's WAY better then me, so I leave the hard stuff to him!), but no promises before I get confirmation from him.

    The next two mods to be added will be Nether Better and Tale of Kingdoms both done by PantherX.
    And before I start on another pack, I need to set up the forum. I'm having a little trouble with our server atm and carneval started today on top of that. So I won't get anything done today and will have a major hangover tomorrow. ;)

    I'll get my afro now and start drinking (again).


    Can you also keep your version numbers on the IC2 stuff. It seems you changed the thread name (which removed it) and didn't add it under your IC2 section. I would hate to miss an update as your work is great.

    Don't worry, there's soon gonna be a dedicated forum for Sphax addons with the goal of making it easier for you guys to keep up with updates and such. But I'll add the version number for you again, sorry I took it out... There were so many numbers, I thought it might be confusing. :)

    Sweet baby Batman, that's awesome!
    I did the world stuff for RP2 myself, so feel free to send me a pm (if you want to talk, just send me your skype or something).
    Sphax seems to have other things on his mind and doesn't care about the IC/BC/RP stuff at all it seems.

    Also I like my derpy looking brick furnace a lot! :D

    64x textures?
    I cant use 128x texture packs or ill only have about 7-15FPS

    I would use these textures cuz the originals just look so bad :P

    Since I don't need to continue the RP2 stuff, I have some spare time to repack everything for 64x. I'll get on it tonight I think.

    Let's say I have a MFE connected to a LV transformer. I already have one one-dotted side of the LVT connected to my machines. If I connect another one-dotted side to a friend's batbox downstairs, will my power be affected, or will we both get 32 EU/t and I can keep adding more outputs until the sum reaches 128?

    If I remember correctly the maximum output of a non-redstoned LV transformer is 32 EU. This means the sum of all outputs will never be more than 32 EU.
    In your case you'll have 16 EU on both lines (if both lines are maxed out!)

    Ok, so I got my first donation yesterday and was REALLY suprised and happy about it! That gave me the drive to ignore my real life for a couple of hours (a lot actually) and worked on the RP2 stuff. I've started the machines (not much to show yet, doesn'tlook too good yet) and finished the world textures. So You'll have all the ores/gems/tree/marble etc plus the items lke the tools in Sphax goodness!

    Thank you guys for encouraging me,I hope you'll like what I come up with!

    Gonna take a break now, need to eat, sleep, shower and all that! :)

    Forgot to mention, I also added the alloy furnace! :)

    I got it to work. thanks guys.

    If you fix an error, please post how you fixed it, so other people don't have to ask again.

    can u giver me the link for the page that has the add on for 1.23 IC2 that would be awsome

    This is by far the most insulting post I've read in a long time! I wouldn't give you that link if my life would depend on it!

    It crashes on my install due to two blocks having the same ID.
    I can't change the other one, since I'm a litlle into my game, and changing it, would crash my save.
    is there a way to change the Block IDs?
    There is a IC2Adfmachine.cfg in the config folder, but it's empty.
    If it is possible to define the block ID in that config file, please let me know, what I have to insert into it.

    Copy the following in your config:

    Thank you Kane!
    You forgot the Solar candy panel tho :D

    Here we go:

    - Uranium Block has a Nuke Tile on the top FIXED
    - Teleporter has the old textures back for some reason Gonna look into this
    - Personal Chest has old texture back for some reason FIXED
    - Tin wire looks very very bad (inventory icon) Maybe make iron cable tad thicker looking then do a slightly thinner tin and lighter. Will look into this, should be a very easy fix!
    - Sticky Resin looks like a gem or something hehe. Does sort match the tree but hmm not sure about it as much.
    For now I will stick to this, I like the look, maybe I'll add some stickiness to it tho.
    - Uranium Ore looks like again some kind gem as much the slime ball look was like a slime ball looked much better. Not sure if there is another idea you could do. Will leave this for now, till I come up with a better idea.
    - The current wires if you resize down from 128 to 64 look crazy strange for the fibreglass cables hehe. Should be fixed when I upload the 64x version
    - Trade-O-Mat needs a texture still. FIXED

    I just came back from work and will upload a fixed 128x version later tonight.