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    Ok, all the rumors aside, I'm still alive and kickin! I won't quit anytime soon, but as mentioned various times before, my time is limited lately.

    I have a lot of new stuff ready, but still working on the new machine sides and stuff. Due to demand I will repack a working 128x version for 1.2 without all of the new sides.

    Oh and Cobster, the resin will be exactly what you suggested! :)

    Uploaded with

    Texturepack-related I have to say: excellent - are you planning to create more GUIs?
    IC²-related - does anybody have a bright idea how wiring works? The tutorial I read on the wiki didn't help me out in the least - it doesn't seem to be targeted to newbies.

    Check out Direwolfs tutorials, he is awesome at explaining stuff!!

    Neat. I'll have to take a look at it.

    I don't know if I would say redundant, but more like orthogonal. His mod has SMP and a block that generates oil. My blocks go both ways and my mod allows you to use industrial diamonds in BuildCraft recipes.

    Personally, I think an oil generating block defeats the purpose. Oil is supposed to be a non-renewable resource, which is why it outputs so much energy. With so many renewable ways to generate EUs in IC2, having a way to spontaneously create oil is a little unbalancing in my opinion. But hey, if that's something you are interested in, that's cool. And if people want to use his mod over mine it's no skin off my nose. This was just an exercise in learning how to program in java and try to do something someone else hadn't already done before.

    His mod goes both ways as well, he just uses a different block for it. The oil production is a very expensive procedure, a bucket of oil costs about 60k EU. Think matter gen.
    While I like the possibility of having IC diamonds in BC recipes, his SMP version sold it for me. :S

    Oh joy!

    I got the day off and will do some texturing :)

    And while I'm at it, I'll show you something really nice:

    Maybe you've heard about the IC/BC energy converters made by EnergyCrystal, well... I made them Sphax compatible already! :P
    And while I was at it, I made his NetherOres and some of the Minefactory blocks as well.

    Here's a little preview of what I've done so far:

    Don't worry, those were pretty easy and only took me an hour, the rest of my time is dedicated to IC² stuff now! :P

    I highly recommend checking out EnergyCrystal's mods ! Minefactory is a fav of mine, it works awesome with IC (rubber farm) and BC (milk in tanks? oh yes!)


    I just realized... some screenshots of these textures in action would be cool. Show off your creations, I'd really like to see what you guys are building! :)

    Just to give you a heads up:
    The way textures are pulled has changed for IC² 1.2, which is actually a good thing, because now I can make the machines look more diverse. The downside is... It's 3 times the work now.

    I didn't have as much time as I wanted today (blame the dame), but I took a stab at the new sides and I think I'll be done by next week.

    Ok, so I think I fixed most (if not all) white borders. If someone finds a out of place pixel, please tell me which items. My PC can't handle more than 64x so testing ingame is a pain in the ass for me. :D
    I forgot to mention that I still have some placeholders in it, since some of the items are more difficult to do and my time is extremely limited lately. But I'll keep at it!

    Like I said... I don't really have any time to work on the pack right now, but I'll try and fix stuff if something is out of place.

    Oh and if someone could give me some input on the Nano and Quantum armor, that would be awesome.

    The IWrenchableBlock error is caused by ModLoaderMP attempting to call my mod before IC2. There's a config file for ModLoader. Make sure IC2 is above my mod in the call order.

    my modloader config:

    BUT... this is after the jar install. Dunno if this changes depending on the way I install it, but I can't test it right now... too many ppl on our server to piss off :D
    Will test and report later

    I'm not one to stand by the concept of 'if its in another mod we won't do it', Buildcraft is so commonly paired with IC^2 that I can slide on those, but for other mods.. eh.

    A matter of taste I guess, I'd rather see new features implemented than something I already get from another mod. The most awesome thing is interacting mods... Something that complement another mod (like the cloning idea) would be cool.
    To me it seems like a waste of recourses to code something, that has already been done. :)

    I like the cloning idea, but it would rather fit in MineFactory Reloaded than IC.

    All of these (and a lot more) ideas are included in MineFactory Reloaded btw :)

    Oh and it's a Forge mod as well... runs perfectly fine on our IC²/BC server!