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    Okay, well to be fair I haven't actually used Universal Electricity, so really I shouldn't judge. I'm just less than happy with the dozen or so mods that put in their own version of energy. I mean, blutricity, electricity, EU/T, MJ, and all these are just the HUGE ones. </gripe>


    On a related kind of note, I would very much like to apply for beta testing. I have some highschool programming training, and I have written some programs in C, and I am a very avid minecraft mod user (not a modder myself, but I have considered it). Should I send you a PM, or what?

    Thank you for not judging UE before using it, though I hope you give it a try since we got a bunch of cool stuff inside now. You can't really say we are "hopeless". On the contrary, I think we are pretty hopeful. We've got over 10 mods with compatibility with UE, and that includes some of people's favorite IC2 addons also (such as MFFS, Modular Powersuits). We've got content from the basics of green energy generation from Mekanism to high end particle physics from Atomic Science. The thing is, we have just been around for 6 months so not everything is as "perfect" as you imagine, but we're getting there. :)

    And as always, while you wait for Rocket Science to come out, maybe try out ICBM (

    -- Author of Universal Electricity

    I am here to do a request/suggestion that will most likely be rejected, so it is fine if it does get rejected.

    As you may or may not know, Universal Electricity has been growing more and more popular and used by more and more mods out there now. My goal for Universal Electricity is to create an API that anyone can use and will act as an open source API for energy. I am here to suggest that maybe some time in the future IC2 could implement the UE API to become natively compatible with it instead of just a converter. This should be possible code wise as the IC2 energy network works similar to Universal Electricity's framework.

    Note that doing this does not make IC2 dependent on anything. IC2 will still work at it is now but will just have the ability for Universal Electricity mods to power its machines and such.

    This suggestion is kind of far fetched and requires some work, but I hope the IC2 team would consider it as this compatibility will bring a lot of ease to Universal Electricity mods as having every single UE mod be compatible with IC2 is a lot more tedious than getting IC2 to be compatible with UE.

    Best Regards,

    Things in Universal Electricity has changed a bit, and I would like to ask for an extension for this permission.

    I would like to ask for permission for all Universal Electricity mods and all mods that will use the Universal Electricity API to be allowed to download and include the IC2 API that is publicly distributed on your wiki in their source code to maximize compatibility. Similar terms as I have stated above.

    • UE Modders can do whatever they want with the mod.
    • UE Modders can generate revenue off the mod.
    • UE Modders can post the mod where ever they want to and are not limited to this forum.
    • The UE Modder owns the mod they created and all rights are reserved to them.
    • UE Modders will be required to give you appriopriate credit to the IC2 team for their inclusion of the API.

    Note that not all UE mods will be using the IC2 API. I am asking for this permission so then not every single UE modder has to come and ask you permission to include IC2 in their source code. I have gotten a bunch of request from UE modders and that is why I am asking you for permission for all of them.


    I agree ICBM is currently too overpowered, but ICBM is responsible for only offense mainly. A mod that adds explosive resistance and protection all blocks will come soon. It will be separate mod of course.

    Hmm you do have a point. EMP would be overpowered. So here's my second and probably better idea. EMP will be able to destroy your force field blocks (no other explosives will be ale to). By destroying the force field blocks, it will consume a bunch of force power to rebuild it. So then it takes a couple of EMPs to deplete an electrical reserve. But if I do this, will you be able to make it so it takes some time to rebuild the field? One thing I think is overpowered in your mod is that it can instantly erect a force field anywhere, anytime. It should take time to create the force field. Then this plan will work very well.

    You should also have a admin only force field for protecting spawn point. That will please Kane_Hart. I tested out your forcefield bypasser/disrupter and I think there is a way you can make the player walk through the force field without teleporting them if he is holding the bypasses.

    About the manager class, you could have your force fields register themselves to the manager. So each force field capacitor in the world will be known. Then when I request the "isBlockInForcefield" it will calculate it then and here. After all, I am only calling that once per explosion so it shouldn't cause any lag at all. Take this from an explosives expert who has to deal with lag from nukes all the time. :P

    One more question. Is your mod independent of IC2 yet? It should since it can use BC and UE Power. If you need any help coding that or any of these things. I can sure help.

    What? Why? :( That's the whole purpose of the merge is to provide those two functions. I need my EMP to be able to blast your force power to zero so your force field will break down (or get disabled for a while at least). Unless... you got a better solution? If you implement IDisableable from UE's source that will work too.

    As for the Manager, I've got a way to make it not laggy. Every time when a force field is created, it will add all the blocks into a List which the manager holds. Anyone calling that function will simply be accessing that list which wouldn't cause much lag. You can use a neat UE class called Vector3 for that. Basically, if Vector3 (the position of the block) is within the list, then return true. Would you want me to write you that code?

    I did a pull request to your repo adding some functions to the API that I need. Please accept it. I also need a class or a way to see if a block is within a force field's protection.

    Something like...

    in the api package

    And I can simply go

    if(ForceFieldManager.isBlockInForceField(x, y, z) == true){ DONT DESTROY BLOCK! }

    . You think you can do that?

    And also I cleaned up some of your code by removing unused imports. It should speed up your mod slightly by a millisecond per frame :) One thing I noticed about your code is that you use really bad variable names... No offence, I understand you are not an API expert so it's fine. I used to name my stuff badly too but once people started looking at it, I had to force myself to name it properly. justMakeSureYouNameYourVariableLikeThis andnotlikethis.

    Can be used for "patent trolling" =) Something like "I have a cubic block in the mod"

    The user is allowed to redistribute this mod partially, in totality, or included in a distribution. (c) MMPL
    So either your mod is not licensed under MMPL or redistribution is allowed by license

    Right, sorry I should have stated clearer. I mean that IC2 has no right to redistribute and host any UE mods derived from UE (that are not obliged to the UE license) such as ICBM, Steam Power, Green Energy, Atomic Science etc.

    One more question.

    When I am distributing my API, your IC2 API will be included within it also. I will be re-distributing your public API source code (which saves the trouble for them to download it themselves) as a raw, uncompiled code for modders to mod for Universal Electricity. However, the UE modders will NOT include your API in their distribution. They will simply be dependent on UE (just like how we are all dependent on Forge but don't include Forge in our code). Would that be permissible?

    Would be a dickmove not to grant you the permission ^^' though I still dislike the AdFly part.
    Feel free to proceed with using the IC² API. Be advised IC² is not open-source, please do not use any of IC²'s own API-implementations but write your own ones (in case you intended to do such a thing in first place).

    I will not be using the API for anything extremely complex. Most likely just machines that use your electricity in parallel with Universal Electricity so I don't see a need to use your closed source classes. I will be using the public IC2 API and also posting it onto Github as part of my source code.

    Also, I don't see why you dislike other people who use your free and open API to use Adfly. People like ThunderDark and the makers of those brilliant IC2 mods deserve some reward! But anyway, thanks for the permission.

    To IC2 Team,
    I would like to ask for explicit permission from the IC2 team for me to use the IC2 API for a mod that I own called Universal Electricity. The reason for this is because I want to maximize compatibility and I have already done so with Buildcraft. Universal Electricity is licensed under the Minecraft Mod Public License (same as Buildcraft) and it is open source. Just so you know, I read this thread before coming here: Important Notes regarding the publishment of IC² Add-Ons

    I am asking for the following explicit permission for including the public IC2 API source code within my mod:

    • I have the right to post my mod anywhere I want (as it is already posted in multiple places in the internet)
    • I have the right to use Adfly and to make revenue out of it
    • The IC2 team does not have any rights to implement any part of my mod, redistribute it or host it and such without my explicit permission.

    Of course, I will give the IC2 team proper credit in my mod's download section.

    Calclavia - Founder of Universal Electricity

    Yeah no problem. Mind if you go on the new UE forums and talk about this?

    A version of UE that you can bundle within your mod is coming soon. It's called UE Lite and it's basically almost the same as UE but without Basic Components inside. Are you thinking of making a version for each API or one mod that can use any of these energy sources?

    Also, UE uses the BC API... I am going to make the battery box in UE directly accept BC power soon, so you might not need to worry about fiddling around with BC.

    EDIT: Also, you might want to post information on your mod on the UE forums since it's going to be a UE mod :) We provide a website infrastructural with a wiki/editing system for you to display your recipes and content if you would like to use it here: