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    I myself Find the new Textures to be kick ass Calclavia. Your a awesome developer who's always dedicated and working at your mods everyday.(fav is Atomic Science) Big thing you do is listen to your community. I like where MFFS is headed.

    From Kimmel on irc o/ =)

    Great to know. I was afraid that people might not like the fact that I have taken over MFFS. There will be bunch of changes, but I think the changes will make the mod a lot more flexible and have a professional quality to it.

    I love MFFS as it is. It is good that it is being passed over so it still will be developed, but I am a bit (okay, a lot) concerned about it now also being heavily influenced by Universal Electricity. While it is good to have heavier support for UE, this worry is mostly for technical reason, as all UE-based mods seem to perform very badly on my machine (I dunnae, memory leaks? I'm having frequent Out of Memory issues with any UE mod installed, even if there are only UE mods and no others), to such extent that I had to get rid of them all. No idea why it happens, though.

    A lot of people don't like changes, but mostly because something they got used to changes. People don't like adapting to new things, but we always do. Change is good as long as it goes in the right direction. Else we'd be stuck. I myself am looking forward to those changes. Some fresher ideas, perhaps.

    Personally I prefer UE power over IC2, as it is... I don't want to sound dull or anything, but it feels more sophisticated to me. Though that does not mean I will stop using IC2. I am owner of a server, and most of my folks are more accustomed to IC2. Having cross-integration of the two systems helps a lot. Besides, if people don't want second energy system... what's the problem? They don't have to use it. After all, it is a feature. Ye don't have to use all the features of every single mod. Ye can stick to the ol' good Energy Units.

    I did do some re-work on the GUI and fixed tons of bugs/inefficient code he had with packets. It's less likely to lag servers now.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (millions of sad faces) mffs is one of the best mods ever, and your going to make it crap if you get rid of ic2 compatiblity, as it was originaly ic2 ONLY, so most of the code probably IS ic2 stuffs, AND the default texture on the defence station is the IC2 mining laser or for short the :Mining Laser: XD

    Technically, the code is not very IC2. Also, there will always be IC2 compatibility for MFFS, however it might not be as good as the UE compatibility since I know my own API and system better than a foreign one.

    When do you plan on having full ic2 compatibility? (No UE batteries, wiring or blocks. Simply ic2 wires/materials for recipes and EU for power. No offense, but i'd rather not have two systems that do the same thing, and I'd prefer ic2 as i'm more familiar with it.)

    When I sort out a system in which I can easily deal with IC2 compatibility. IC2 compatibility however will always be secondary to UE due to the fact that UE is my system, my baby. :P

    Because MFFS is no longer a mod that is DEPENDENT on IC2 and works with UE/BUildcrft power, it is no longer consider as an IC2 addon. Don't worry! There will still be IC2 power support, this has nothing to do with that. Alkabala has removed them from this forum since they are no longer addons dependent of IndustrialCraft. Further discussions for MFFS can be done on my forum:

    This also applies to two of my other mods that were in this forum.

    Hi Thunderdark! I'll be more than happy to help you maintain MFFS and expand the mod. I'd say I've a pretty good Java and modding knowledge. Having made ICBM, I would really be able to push more compatibility between the two mods. :) If you want me to continue the project, give me a PM on the Minecraft Forum of hit me with an email ( I've got enough OCD to clean up all that code and get all the spelling correctly hehe...


    Ahem, my Centrifuge could do that too. This would just be a more complex Way of doing that.

    Since this got added to the Server I play on, today (yes, that was Monday in my Timezone! XD), and as I also plan to use ICBM, I can test this Mod even in SMP. If I find something wrong, then I will send either a PM or add a Post to this Thread. :)

    Have fun bombing!

    Great! Just a little bug I guess.. I couldn't get any ic2 mod added block (tried gravitation suite's quantum generator, and advanced solar panels of various sizes, and Gregtech's interdimensional energy storage unit) to connect to/produce power for UE nor could I get power directly (into UE wire) from an ic2 transformer into a battery box (UE) or tier 3 missile console (others not tested) or wire.

    Thanks for your hard work on these mods so far.

    Yeh there are some bugs with this module, we're working on a solution...

    Here's a question: how coordinated is development in the UE mod-set? IC2 has (reasonable) consistency primarily because it was all designed centrally, whereas my impression of UE development is that most people just pick something they'd like to do and do it. There's nothing wrong with this approach, but it does mean it'll take some extra time for both devs and players to decide on what the best features are and how they should look.

    You can't think of Universal Electricity as a mod. It is an API. It is just that we, UE developers tend to work together as it helps speed up development and we formed this pack with all our mods inside of it called Voltz. In our team, each person works on their mod and they have all full rights over it. We talk about compatibility and make sure content does not overlap too much between modders. Our team is always open and anyone can mod for UE.

    Well, I cannot speak for the other mod authors, but I prefer a simple, USEABLE and easy to understand energy system over a fully simulated electrotechnic-thingy. I mean, the energynet eats enough CPU as it is, even without working with different voltage levels, resistors, etcetc.

    That was one reason why I made UE, and that was because there wasn't an open source realistic energy system out there. Everyone has their own taste for their mod, and I personally like my electricity to be realistic. :) Universal Electricity probably saved some mods from making their own energy system. The mod Mekanism used to have its own version of a half-properly-created energy system and after the author migrated with UE, we became one. I know the big mods will never yield their system for ours, but I made UE aimed at smaller mods who wants to use a realistic system but at the same time staying independent from any mod. Besides, if you look at what the Voltz pack is now, it is pretty much a bunch of small mods that works great together via this energy system which without UE they might have had their own systems.

    They both have their merits.
    UE Watts are designed to be more realistic, where as IC2 EU is simple and effective. UE has some very fun stuff in its net, where as IC2 as well, but they differ in how one goes about using them. UE is a API, where as IC2 is a Mod. There's where the difference lies. UE is designed to provide a realistic electricity system for modders to use. It was designed in the begging as a alternative to IC2 power due to the IC2 API EULA and Calclavica not wanting to agree to it's terms. So UE is mostly used by people wanting to not agree to the IC2 API EULA. It's a matter of taste to most modders, but to ones who read fine print and whatnot, UE is a somewhat better choice. Most IC2 addons are small, or not fit for inclusion into IC2 itself(Yay GregTech!), but if ICBM was built within the IC2 EULA, you could bet your 2 stacks of UUM that it would be in IC2 within one release.

    But in a Nutshell, Hazelnut. In short, UE is not anything like IC2, because UE is just a API, something many people forget. One could use parts of UE in your own mod without much effort or even fuss. But IC2 is a big mod, with plenty of different aspects, some of which many people use(Nuclear Reactors), and some almost no one cares about(Crops, or scrap boxes). A good thing to note is one can't(assuming it hasn't changed since I last checked) use a Monetizing link for your IC2 addon, but one can do so just fine with a UE mod.

    Things I enjoy with UE: ICBM, Atomic Science, BllastCraft(I like being able to see through my windows without worrying that they will break if a creeper shows up, and very few mods have such durable glass blocks), Power Suits(used it a bit before it was on the IC2 forums, loved it), and some parts of Mekinisim(mostly the powered bow. I need a energy weapon that isn't a mining laser).

    That is not the MAIN reason I made UE, but one of the reasons. Main reason is, I didn't want to be dependent on IC2 or Buildcraft. The UE API allows you to integrate electricity in-game without the need to be dependent on anything. Also, I like realistic electrical units. :)
    I have to admit, that our mods are more in-dev compared to IC2. That is because we have only been around for 7 months while IC2 was around for 2 years I think. Think of IC2 and UE as two separate systems with a different style. UE aims for realistic and block based (multiblock) game play while IC2 is more around gnome blocks (GUI based).

    To me, there's just not enough featur in UE, compared to IC²: Quantum Armor, Miner, UUM, Upgrade modules ... and I quite like a lot of things in IC², which aren't in UE: Nuclear Reactor system, Crossbreeding ...
    And I actually love GregTech ^^. Moreover, I don't want to criticize but ... obviously, some addons from UE are inspired by IC².

    We have all the armory FYI in modular powesuits.

    It's interesting actually, I can't wait to use Rocket Science along with Universal Electricity. Modular Powersuits (a UE mod I use) adds a tinkering table that is similar to what Kentington was considering before. I love the idea and seeing that its possible made me really pumped for the new Rocket Science release :D

    Rocket Science doesn't work with UE. You'll have to convince the lead author for this project to implement UE in order for it to happen.

    Really Cool Mod! But I found a bug...

    I put a 20kJ Battery into a Battery Box hooked up to an MFSU, and let the Battery to drain into the MFSU. This created 800 EU. Once the battery was empty, I took the MFSU and hooked it back up to the Battery box (with the output from the Battery Box severed). The MFSU drained to 192 EU, and created 5MJ in the process.

    Will try to fix thanks!

    I may misunderstand something, but shouldn't this Addon get integrated into Core-UE, for the sake of simplicity?

    There is no such thing as core-UE. UE is not a mod, it is purely an API to allow different mods to use the same energy network and at the same time keep the mod independent. The API never gets "loaded", it doesn't add blocks. It is basically a set of interfaces and classes allowing different mods to use the same system.