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    You dumb bint, that's like saying agriculture should be removed from IC because it doesn't relate to industry. It's the name of the mod, a name that happens to be more idiomatic than literal; "rocket science" meaning, in the vernacular, very advanced science/mathematics concepts of any type, hence "it's not rocket science" meaning "it's not hard to understand."

    Let's not start calling each other dumb. It's a matter of opinion and personal preference.

    Thorium Reactors? SO MUCH YES. As much as I like the IC2 energy system this combined with converters might just become my new primary generator.

    Well, I will be sure to make Atomic Science have very good Thorium Reactors! :D

    i took a look at your mod and sure its great and all but, it looks like it was put together half ass and in a hurry. it doesn't allowed for automation like the rocketscience mod does.

    The mod is still in beta as there are so many features I want to include in ICBM. If it looks buggy, that's because it's in beta. Once the mod is fully released it won't look rushed at all.

    What do you mean by "it doesn't allow automation"? You can pipe missiles into the launchers via BC or RP if you wanted to. I think Rocket Science lacks more automation than ICBM if you're talking about missile launching automation.

    Maybe then we can re-think the idea of making the Fusion reactor a bit more beefy and make it out of a couple blocks instead of just one. I really liked that idea, since these buggers are real monsters.

    I'm actually writing a mod that's called Atomic Science which adds "better" nuclear power plants (more realistic), fusion reactors and antimatter particle accelerators. It's going to be epic. Here's a snapshot of it:…dex.php/topic,1128.0.html

    Sadly (for IC2 fans), it's not an IC2 add-on. It's a Universal Electricity mod but it can be easily converted over to IC2 via the "Universal Transformers" mod that's going to be compatible with IC2 when IC2 releases for 1.3.1.

    Thats why I said promised. Supposedly a space station/satellite type thing was in the works but Kentington never had time to finish it. Still your mod looks awesome and a excellent successor to the military applications of rocket science. I'm half tempted to use ICBMs as a base for more civilian applications if I can ever get up the motivation to start coding things again.

    ICBM is planning to actually add satellites to spy on enemy lands, but ICBM is mainly aimed for warfare, not space travel type thing. Making space travel might require Minecraft to make some new space dimensions and weird things which I'm not too up for... Face it. Most people want Rocket Science for it's warfare element. I don't see many people that excited about the "passenger rocket" which acts quiet weird.

    Quoted from "CrazyCrafter"

    Mmm, I like ICBM except for the fact that it dosen't currently use the ic2 API.

    ICBM will NEVER use the IC2 API simply because I disagree with their terms for add-ons and also I want to be independent of a big mod. However, there will be an UE mod called "Universal Transformers" which will allow ICBM to accept electricity via that mod in the near future.

    Gotta say, Cal, I was wondering when you'd find your way here. XD

    On that note, why not merge the mods somewhat? Just throwing the idea out there.

    EDIT: P.S., awesome job getting approval from Al to allow compatibility between UE and IC2. It'll make setting up my base that much easier once everything's ported to 1.3.1.

    Haha at first I didn't want to post around here because I don't want people calling me "copy of Rocket Science". But after so many downloads (for my standards) for ICBM, my fears for that disintegrated so I decided to hang out on the IC2 forums for a while.

    And yes, the main reason I made an account here is to get the approval from Alkab. I can't find his email or anything else. The conversion between UE electricity and IC2 energy will be via the UE mod called "Transformers" so you'll need to install that if you want a cool base. "Transformers" also will include conversion between BC and IC2 so it's gona be great!

    From what i've seen though, your mod is moslty focused on blowing things up in numerous and creative ways. Rocketscience always promised a more general space program type deal, even if Kentington was never able to deliver it.

    Actually your wrong. ICBM is not for blowing things up in different ways like mods like Explosives+ aims to. The aim of ICBM is to bring strategic warfare to Minecraft and to blow stuff up strategically. Rocket Science isn't a space program deal much either from what I can see. The only rocket that brings you to space is that passenger rocket. But that's all. I respect Kentington as his mod greatly inspired me to make ICBM but he doesn't look like he's got lot's of time to work on his mod so I decided - instead of waiting for an update, I'm going to make one.

    I don't know where to post this so I'm posting it in the support section because it seems to be the most appropriate.
    I am one of the contributors to this mod called Transformers. The mod is still in early stages so it's not much to show yet. It's an add-on for a mod called Universal Electricity that will convert electricity power from BC power to UE (Universal Electricity) power. We are thinking of making it IC2 compatible also so IC2 power can be converted.

    The official thread for this mod is here:,501.0.html

    I've looked through your terms and I'm not sure if I have the permission to allow this mod to be compatible with IC2 since the mod is currently already posted out in the Forge forums and outside of the IC2 forums. From my understand (correct me if I'm wrong), I'm not allowed to use the IC2 API if my mod is not in the IC2 forums? If anyone has a decent answer, please post it below. Or if you are part of the IC2 team, I would like to ask you permission for using your API in this mod.