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    Modifying buckets (and cells) to not being able to carry up lava (that would cause the bucket to melt and a lava block be placed right on you) would be somethin good to balance.
    You would need metals that melt over 1000K, like aluminium.

    I'd like the bucket-melting(burning?) time delay to depend on the properties of the bucket. E.g wooden one would burn near-instantly, aluminum in a couple of seconds, iron half a minute etc.

    Wait, am I understanding it correctly that you haven't even tried things out on your own and just came here to whine? :)

    It's also weird that you think there is a lack of new users. Just because those creative-mode searchers aren't flocking to it as they do for TE doesn't mean the mod is anywhere near dead. If anything then IC2 is evolving faster than most other mods out there with more new features that aren't just copied off from other mods.

    Are you on 1.6.4?

    Also, the problem seems to be an ID-conflict with fluids and buildcraft is the one getting the error. Do you have any other mods that add oil? Seems like some other mod has set the block-id of oil to something different than what buildcraft expects.

    The problem with the new IC2 is that it takes much, much more time to get started. The main reason for this is that demand for resources has rocketed.

    You know, for many people the old way of easy stuff was a problem so devs made it a bit more challenging.

    For instance, now you have to waste 32 diamonds to get MFE opposed to 8 or so (and CESU won't help here).

    MFE and MFSU went up a tier and CESU is now sitting at the exact same spot EU capacity/output wise were MFE used to be. How can you claim it doesn't help?

    You need a decent power supply almost right after you got your first generator, however, solar panels are too expensive, so the only viable option is nuclear reactor which again requires tons of metal to get at least 20 eu/t.

    What about semifluid or geothermal generators? You can always have more than one running in parallel for higher output.

    All this scares off new users who have a lot of other mods as an alternative.

    If players want creative in disguise of easymode mods then they can feel free to use those other mods that give it to them.

    I have a tiny quality-of-life imprvement request:
    would it be possible that when the default value of some config parameter changes then the old one gets removed? Currently my config is full of stuff like
    and it's somewhat difficult to know what is actually the valid one.

    So, can you define "fun" in some way that can actually be implemented in game? What sort of requests from users have been ignored? Where have those requests been made?

    Which Wrench did you use? You know you cannot mine Steel using low Quality Wrenches.

    Mmm, that sounds interesting. Will there be a chance of loss of materials when trying to use wrong quality tool? What about allowing to "unscrew" +1 tier stuff at a (massive) extra cost of durability?

    Will there be different tiers of electric tools for dismantling things?

    Yes I'm going to add it. But a fair Warning, whenever it turns nighttime the Boiler will cool down again, so it only has 10 Minutes for Heating up.

    Idea - make it have variable size: the bigger it is the longer it takes to warm up but also to cool down. With big enough size it can even stay warm enough to produce during nighttime/rain.

    Or have a separate heating unit and hot water storage and make it possible to insulate the storage so that it wouldn't cool down too fast.

    If you are talking about what I think you are talking about (getting some flashing/disappearing stuff with optifine installed) then I'm almost certain there really is no fix for that as long as you are using Intel GPUs. For others you can disable threaded optimization in driver settings.

    why your character able to craft any device (know all recipes) but "must" scan dirt in order to replicate it?
    any logic behind it?

    Machines don't have the knowledge you have so it has to "read" it from somewhere.

    Also if you think people know what stuff dirt is made of you are massively overestimating the average knowledge level of people :)

    More has changed in Buildcraft over the last month than the previous 6. SpaceToad added a load of things, but the main thing was builders. It's the equivalent of Alblaka coming back and working on crops, and suddenly adding another 4 machines.

    Work on builder has been ongoing for at least a year. It getting finished after ST returned is mostly a coincidence.

    Reading over few dozens of pages of GT updates has been fun. Loads of awesomeness seems to be coming Soon(tm). I might return to MC sooner than I originally thought.

    Imagine if Notch just suddenly said "enough" and abandoned Minecraft like that, leaving no indication of what the heck happened.

    Notch hasn't worked on MC for quite a while now. Though he didn't just leave overnight and gave the project over to others who were already working on it with him

    I haven't loaded up the mod but now when we have ten versions for each ore will that mean there will be hundreds of pages of recipes for machines like alloy smelter and grinder? It would be awesome if you could somehow have only one recipe entry for stuff that is using the same oredict entry. In 1.6.4 when I had 3-4 different copper and tin ingots I had a whole crapload of copper+tin=bronze recipes in alloy smelter making browsing the various recipes unfeasible.