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    TC4 with the aura nodes should be far easier on servers than TC3 and it's system.

    If you want to avoid heavy load during worldgen you really can't use PFAA. It multiplies the chunk generation time by at least tenfold, if not more. It does seem rather interesting but figuring out how to get a balanced oregen is something I've yet to achieve with it.

    Earlier finding iridium from chests was far more common than finding diamonds. Did they change the chance of finding it?

    Her main point it seems is that extremely low energy microwaves, like in area-wifi, can cause extreme cell corruption... -_-
    they aren't even of the right frequency to excite water

    Tell her that whenever she is exposed to Sun she gets radiated at many orders of magnitude higher energy levels than any WiFi device ever could and not only with the warm and fuzzy kind of radiation.
    Does she know that one cross-atlantic flight gives a person about as much ionizing radiation as a 3-4 chest x-rays? If that would be any danger to people we'd see pilots dying left and right. Now compare that to WiFi where energy levels are barely enough to just heat things up and not anywhere close enough to ionize stuff to actually cause damage.

    Also, 4 mW is actualy 0.004W. You missed an order of magnitude there :)

    Although they do pass their momentum on, the particle is either absorbed or reflected

    Well, that's obvious. There is no other way I know of to pass on momentum.

    At a quantum level, everything becomes weird probability. Of course, as I said, there are multiple theories and all are slightly different.

    For photon momentum things should be quite clear as far as I know.

    As I said before, no, they do not have mass. Energy is not equivalent to MASS (relativistic) on its own, but it is to rest mass.

    Photons have momentum and when they hit something they can pass that momentum to that object. That's how solar sails work.

    Even though it is believed by many people, including many Scientists, there is actually no 100% evidence for Gravity affecting space or time at all. Thats why it is still called a Theory and not a Fact.

    Pretty sure it has been experimentally shown that gravity does have effect on spatial dimensions.

    The Taihne-2 runs at 1.875 gigaFLOP/s per watt (in total running at ~17.6 MW), and using 20 gigaFLOP/s (estimate phone processing power) at roughly 40 watts (average phone power usage), runs at 0.5 gigaFLOP/s per watt, so the Taihne-2 is more efficient.

    Hm, are you sure you calculated it right? I got ~0.5GF/W for Tianhe as well.

    What about a quantum computer, such as Google's D-Wave?

    Quantum computers are hypothesized to be good at tiny fraction of some tasks. For daily computations they are awfully sucky.

    Hardly a super computer for todays standards (especially since the moon missions needed very small amounts of calculation). I obviously wasn't talking about things like the cray-1, but more like Taihne-2 (at least 1 petaFLOP/s):

    this bad boy can do around 33 petaFLOP/s, or 33 quadrillion floating point operations (33,000,000,000,000,000 FLOP/s)
    Your phone can probably do maybe 20 billion FLOP/s (20,000,000,000 FLOP/s)
    Big difference, eh?

    Now let's compare them in terms of (FLOP/s)/W ;)

    Fine, try making a micro-processor with incredible power.

    Define "incredible power". I'm quite certain that Note 3 has more power than early supercomputers while using nearly no power at all. Not to mention having WAY more processing power than even desktop processors from less than decade ago.

    Because they have to pay for the servers. All online games do it eventually.

    on consoles, yeah. On PCs where most games have the servers as free downloads online communities exist as long as there are players willing to play them.

    I'd be rather surprised if we get 1-2 more dedicated gaming console generations after the current one. Phones/tablets will be taking their place with PC remaining as the high-end thingy for the hardcore people.

    Say that to my hyper graded physic teacher :D
    It's true for glass bro. Just wait long enough and you'll see that it tends to accumulate at the bottom.

    That depends on how you define "liquid" and "solid". Glass has no crystal structure but it does NOT flow over time (unless heated)…/General/Glass/glass.html

    This is based on the comments about UU matter in a post from Aug 2013 where the mod author states he didn't care about it and wasn't going to update it. I found that interesting since the lack of UU eliminates the top tier of armor and renders at least two machines I've crafted useless. That, coupled with the lack of updated recipes and process tutorials make IC2 seem to be a bit of an orphan. Perhaps I'm wrong, and I genuinely hope I am. Up to now this forum has been the only reliably informative resource I've found and I've been very grateful for the help I've received here, particularly building nukes.

    I'm quite certain the "I don't care" comment was about removing the item form of UU. UU is there just for making other things (mostly iridium, probably) and not meant to be used in a recipe directly.
    Pretty much all recipes have changed in the experimental branch + a ton of new machines have been added. Nuclear has had a few changes and there should be still a lot more to come.

    IC2 is anything but dead. I'd actually dare say it's one of the most actively developed mods of that size.

    There's already a different server for "hard GT with survival". HO/Harvestcraft are nice mods but incredibly buggy. We also lack MFR/TE/TC and cannot automate them.

    Buggy in what way? Haven't seen anything significant in SSP so far.
    As for automation, GT has a bunch of machines for that I believe. Not that it's really needed, actually.