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    I know that there were some ideas like "industrial enchanter" and etc., but this isn't the same. Electrical tools and suits in ic2 don't break. Therefore, they can not being enchanted. It's okay. But what if there were some kind of industrially upgraded enchantment table, which upgrades your electrical tools and suits with other type of "enchantments". Instead of silk touch, unbreakable, protection or knock back, you can create upgrades just like into the machines, but these are for tools and for suits. In the Modulator Table's GUI, you could put in the tool or suit, and the upgrade(s) next to it, which could be: one operation costs less, bigger energy storage, or it doesn't hurt players, nor destroy machines (except for the electric wrench) and player created blocks. There would be some individual upgrades, like for the mining laser to shoot farther, or for the nano shoes to absorb some of the falling damage. Installing an upgrade would cost EU, installing two upgrades (on one tool/suit) would cost much more EU, just like removing an upgrade. Putting UUM in the upgrade's recipe (this can be machine upgrade's recipe) makes it a "prototype" upgrade. The effects of the prototype upgrade is unknown, until you put it in a tool/suit(/machine). This upgrade could be very useful, usually containing two (or more, but with less chance) normal upgrades, or only one, which is a different upgrade, like digging faster, some kind of silk touch, and etc. Of course it could be a useless upgrade, making do difference, but most of the time making your tool/suit worse than the normal. Once created a prototype upgrade, it'll have a number after it, just like the potions have, so if you create the same upgrade you'll know the effect(s) of it. I think the texture of the upgraded tools/suits shouldn't be the same as enchanted tools/suits.

    What about a Time Machine? If you don't want to wait until your crop is ready, or the trees are grown, or the rubber trees to generate the resin, here's the solution. Build a Time Machine! With the brand new Time Machine, you don't have to wait for these things, just stand in it, set the destination time and go! You can use this at any time of the day (not only at night like beds), you can go forward more days (not only one night like beds). Its recipe contains the most rare and expensive things you ever heard of, like iridium plates, advanced circuits and more superhigh-tech thigs, which you can not afford.

    I was wondering if there were some kind of suit, which doesn't really prevents you from being damaged, but if monsters are approaching you, it pushes them back and doesn't let them reach you, with some kind of built in force field.

    I was wondering if the mining drills had animations. It's pretty weird that you're hitting the block with the drill. So my idea is that if you right click with the drill it starts drilling, and the block breaks as it should.