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    I think bottlenecking is the main problem with other types of transmission. Especially when powering transporters or mass fabricators. However this whole chunk loading business is something thats screwing with my plans for large scale power networks. (essentially a grid with multiple up and downloading points). Anyone know a way around this aside from using MFSUs all over the place? (which would introduce a new bottleneck....)

    The only thing that I can say is build vertical, not horizontal.
    Its not all that great, but if you have a 63 deep minable area, you can have 31 walkable levels, multiply that by 81(9 by 9 chunk area right?), its still far more than enough.
    Either way, MSFUs are still somewhat realistic if you consider transformer substations in real life.
    Its not too bad, especially if you are willing to build a small solar plant by every MSFu to power it in absence of your main power plant.

    Is this available for download?
    Also, why would you think that it needs to be written in java? Any language can do the job fine, some more easily than others, however java would not be one of the easier languages.

    As it currently stands, the machines don't interact correctly with buildcraft, for example, if you use a wooden pipe on the induction furnace, instead of taking out the smelted bars, it takes out whatever is placed in the ore slot. This is a serious issue for those that use buildcraft as it shows that the machines do not output items correctly. Fortunately, it does appear that it cannot place items in the output area of the reactor(it happens in equivalent exchange).
    There is a pipe api which exists for buildcraft I would bet that it would help with the furnace and other machines.client api, server api
    Sorry if this has been denied or already suggested, it just irks me a bit when I see it happen.