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    from the compendium

    meaning repeating ideas outside whats in the compendium may also be against the rule(just a heads up for the future)
    now as to your suggestion my first concern was wood basically already quadruples its self with a crafting grid but after reviewing the 4 other threads i found on the subject I haven't found any other solid reason why not so it may just float.

    If you consider wood planks as a building material only, yeah it already quadruples it self, however, did you ever take a look in how many recipes uses wood in this game?

    And yeah, I did the research and tried to come up with something to add to that, cause I think it would be nice to have a machine to enhance my wood output. If you are the kind of player that build a lot of contraptions, like Etho in his show, you will see that the amount of fences, fence gates, ladders, signs required are INSANE.

    A powered machine would be very handy in this matter.

    I saw a post, from oct 2011 suggesting a lumbermill, and didn't see it on the compendium as a refused Idea.

    Thinking of it, it might be nice. The idea behind a macerator is to enhance your mining output, why not do the same to wood. Since it is a valuable resource and get your chainsaw and spend 1-2 hours cutting trees isn't something to say: "How exciting!".

    It could be done just by making a craft recipe with your chainsaw + any log in the crafting grid, giving you 6 planks, instead of 4, or by adding a new machine, the Lumbermill. A 50% gain I think it's ballanced.

    Also the process could generate a subproduct: Wood dust (kinda) that could have a higher chance to generate scrap on recyclers. Be used as fuel in furnaces or generators at the same rate as sapplings.

    Also, placing planks again in the lumbermill could give you more sticks, instead of 4 per plank, could get another 50% gain, 6 sticks per plank.

    Or even, use the wood dust on a compressor could give you wood boards that combined in a shaped recipe 8 + slime ball could give you a fire proof wood.

    What you guys think?

    The title matters little, because this isn't the proper place to talk about the Forum rules.

    This have been talked before (Both in a intelligent and stupid manner) and the conclusion was that the rule is fine, al does not really want people that can't follow such a ridiculously easy to follow rule and that the rule is there to keep the fudging spam that usually precedes a Minecraft update, and that gets worse and worse for every day after the minecraft update that IC2 doesn't follow. This isn't the minecraft forum where they had to bite their lips and ignore the stupid people to spam their thread with the same stupid question everytime.

    Dude just to finish this argument. In any point I did say that the problem is the rule. The rule is fine, and for the people who wants to be in the forum this must be followed. There is no argument about it. My point is how the team is doing their comunication, how they are giving information. Before I write this I saw Alblaka's post in the blog. I know the testers are doing their job as we speak. I bet DW20 will release a spotlight for it in a day or two if it's necessary.

    My feedback was meant to be related to my area, Public Relations, the best way to deal with a crowd. It isn't what you say that matters, it is HOW you say, everytime.

    thats in a way how things wind up this way here as well. alblaka drops hints on his blog and all us loyal fans will wait patiently and pass the time by taking the n00bs who ask for release date or criticize the "request eta=ban policy" and correct, ridicule, flame, gangbang, and ultimately call for their swift banishment in that order (though you mileage may vary especially if the n00b is noticeably uncivil we may skip straight to the gangbanging so we can get our fun in before he is banned)

    but that is only half of it the other half is those who are banned also do not read or respect the forum rules at all. take this thread for example the title isn't properly formatted for this sub-forum which means the OP didn't read the stickies first(which is basically the universal highest crime a n00b can commit here). now would we want someone like that to hang around?

    Is it better now? The tittle?

    I'm not saying Alblaka is fully wrong, the update will be release when it's ready to be released, without too many bugs and ready to go. I know that. My post here wasn't to ask for an ETA or something. My point here is the way things are done. I tried my best to be polite and such. If someone who is trying to give a feedback, not flaming, not trolling, some serious feedback isn't welcome here. Don't bother banning me, I know my way out.

    Oh look another one of those threads. At least this one its a little better writen that the "WHy u BaN PePle" kind of deal, but its just as useless as those threads.

    And quite honestly, there is little room for profesionalism here, they aren't selling a product or a service nor do they seem to care about attracting a lot of more people here. Quite in fact you described them pretty well, a group of nerds behind a computer XD.

    I imagine, considering the behavior. But think, some of the billionaires in this industry started like this, just a Nerd behind a computer. I don't intend to change anything here. Just something for them to think about, IF they are opened to such thing.

    The difference between something not profitable and one profitable, is just the person leading it.

    First of all, sorry in advance about my english, since it's not my main language.

    I write this to give the IC2 team a feedback regarding the behavior on 1.2.5 MC release. I've seen and followed most of the posts in here while not registered to the forum and I might say, I do not agree with some of its policy.

    I understand that creating a mod and have to deal with thousands of bugs might be stressfull, however it's not a reason to treat the comunity players as it has being. Baning people just because they asked for a release date is harsh in a way that you might get customers (yes, players are customers of your enterprise) not only disapointed but also willing to not support your team anymore.

    In my point of view, and I speak as a PR director of one of the biggest energy companies in South America, when customers are eager to get your product the worst thing to do is to deal with them as if they were giving you trouble. Although I understand the feeling how anyoing hundreds of people asking for a release date is. In the other hand, they are the HEART of your company, and giving your customers a piece of information might get them even more compromised with your "cause", in this case, your mod.

    If you guys have the chance, take a look how Eloraam dealt with this issue. When people were asking, or even demanding a release date, all that she said was something like: "I'm having a hard time fixing some bugs in RP Logic, but I promise the wait will pay off". And it did. The community got very, very ecxited about RP new features, and to wrap up the success, she delivered way more stuff than the comunity was expecting. There is a lesson to be learned, even for myself. SHe did it as a professional, not as a teenage programer.

    So regarding all this, I think the IC2 team should rethink the way you deal with the comunity because people won't follow you unless you say at least where you are going. Players are waiting for your mod to be updated in order to play, some youtubers are waiting on your team to get themselves going with their shows (also the only way some of them have to make money). So your responsibility is beyond your tiny litlle vision.

    It's time for the IC2 team behave like professionals, not like little nerds behind a computer.