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    I have problems, either I haven’t found the item identifiers incorrectly, or I’ll have to embed the necessary files in the mod itself, but it’s somehow not very good to release your mod with my edits. By the way, can I offer myself as a translator into Russian, as there are some flaws in your original translation?

    If you hold the item you want information about and do /ic2 currentItem it will print out the name, meta, NBT etc. You can also do F3+H to see the names for anything in your inventory, although that doesn't give you NBT or an obvious meta value.

    Well, I think the first version of the package will be released in two days)

    Good day. How do you like the idea of creating a resource package with achievements for IC2? I would like to create a similar adon, but only with the permission of the developers IC2. :)