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    Well, This one is a very compact one.

    Mind you, there will need to be a *LOT* of cooling towers. I am not familiar with the latest numbers on plutonium cell heat generation, so I can't tell you precisely how many, but I will tell you that once you calculate your Micro-Cycle time divided by your Cooling Cycle Time, you will need to multiply that number by (number of cooling cells / 2).

    Since that one-chamber reactor has 8 cooling cells, you'll need 4 cooling towers * (Micro-Cycle/Cooling Cycle).

    The cooling cycle on a 360k NaK or He cooling cell for that cooling tower is (360,000/120) or 3,000 seconds. Micro-cycle on that reactor with basic Uranium is going to be 1500 seconds, so if you were just using plain quad-uranium, you would need 8 cooling towers. However, Plutonium will probably significantly increase the amount of heat generated, and thus dramatically reduce your micro-cycle time, increasing the number of cooling towers you will need.

    As the previous poster mentioned, Condensators are a huge trap, and here's why:

    You are consuming 483 Lapis and 629 Redstone in this contraption. Even assuming you have a method by which you can easily swap out condensators, which is a very non-trivial piece of automation, there's an enormous cost involved here.

    Let's say you are going to be using UUM to create the lapis and redstone to keep yourself going. Let's show you what that does to your power requirements:

    It eats up 166,666 EU to create one piece of UUM, assuming you have scrap. It takes 4 UUM to produce 9 lapis. That comes out to 216 UUM or 36 Million EU.

    Redstone requires 4 lapis per 24 redstone. That's another 108 UUM or 18 million EU. That's a total of 54 million EU spent on consumables per cycle.

    Your reactor produces 224 million EU per cycle. It consumes 54 million EU per cycle. That means you are only actually producing 170 million EU per cycle, which is a 24% loss. Which also means your effective EU/t NOT going to your consumables is a mere 850 or so EU/t.

    You are losing nearly a quarter of your energy produced just to keep it going.

    This is why Condensators are bad, mmmkay?

    But isn't Plutonium created from Uranium instead from Uranium Cells? And whats the | freeze?
    I also have a better Version of the design that produces more EU, but runs only for 4 Minutes: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…min9yqn0u542y7csvjlf7uakg
    Should I use this twice, or the first design twice, that runs longer, but produces less EU?

    That is not a 'better' design. That is a trap. Here is why:

    In my designs, each quad cell has one cooling cell, and each cooling cell has only one quad cell it is adjacent to. This... mess... has several different amounts of heat going to each cooling cell, making it nearly impossible to calculate the rate of degradation of the cells for efficient cycling.

    For example, the row on the far left, except for the top and the bottom, runs pretty much close to the ones in my reactors. The next row, however, only has a single coolant cell adjacent to two quad cells. This means it's going to burn out twice as fast. The final row on the right is adjacent to cells that already have an adjacent cooling cell, so their cycle time is far less. This creates a nightmare for you.

    If you want a better design, you can look at something like this. It has a higher Efficiency rating, which means overall higher EU output per plutonium, all of the cells have a balanced heat distribution, and you have enough cooling cells inside the actual reactor that they can do some good.

    Remember, the whole point of the CRCS design is to decentralize the distribution of heat. Which means the MORE cells you have in the reactor, the easier it will be to distribute that heat.

    If you want something more economical, I suggest you look at this. Notice how it is only a single-chamber reactor? That means cost and space savings. Your six-chamber reactor eats up a 3 x 3 x 3 area. In that same area, I can have 13 of this type of reactor, although the internal one won't be able to be hooked up, so best say 12 of these smaller reactors, if you play Tetris good enough. You do the math on how much more EU/t is coming out of the same space.

    Thank you Someone Else 37 but the Mark I design doesn't produce enough power for quick restribution throught the server and some machines require up to 500 EU/t just to function. I prefer to go with a medium reactor of 6 chambers and build 10-12 of them. I already test it and is safe enough to say it won't blow up. As for the CRCS desigh, I want to know how to auto replace the cells and/or the coolants without the need to stop the reactor and replace 12 reactors, trust me is a tiring job which I was doing with the previous map before it turned to smitheries. Again thanks for the help.

    The CRCS design listed at the top of the Tower of Power: CRCS Edition thread uses two additional mods: Applied Energistics, for the buses, and Minefactory Reloaded, for the Rednet Cable.

    Applied Energistics is its own mod, and you should probably go check out their website and DW20's spotlight on the mod to really get a feel for how it works. In effect, I'm using the latest version with fuzzy buses being able to pull in/out at certain percentage of durability. So instead of waiting for a coolant cell to be nearly completely depleted, they get pulled out around 25%, which gives me a very generous buffer to ensure no explosions occur. Likewise, they get pulled out of the cooling towers around 75%, because of how long it takes for the last few percentage points to clear themselves out by virtue of how the heat exchangers function. The other advantage of Applied Energistics is that you can have a buffer of spare coolant cells stored VERY compactly, and items are pulled and/or replaced very rapidly.

    MFR Rednet Cable is rather like a combination of Jacketed Wire and Jacketed Bundled Cable from RP2, only you can configure each individual face to be on one of sixteen color channels. It is exceedingly useful stuff whenever you are running complex redstone contraptions. You can even hook it up to a PRC and have auto-shutoff functionality based on an OR gate of receiving a signal from either the a) manual kill-switch, b) the temperature monitor detecting a rise in heat, or c) your battery of MFSU's are full.

    I would not suggest or recommend a CRCS reactor setup for your first foray into IC2 nuclear engineering, as they present many other engineering challenges beyond what most reactors do. If you need extreme EU output (in excess of 4k EU/t), I would suggest looking up the previous Tower of Power thread, which produces somewhere around 720-800 EU/t per segment and runs as Mk. I reactor.

    I wonder if the latest version of Logistics Pipes can assist. Set up a Supplier Pipe to keep x 60k cooling cells and y nuclear material. As long as you don't have nuclear material and cooling cells pulled at the same time, it shouldn't get its wires crossed, although it is something of a risk I suppose. I believe LP can sent requests through an ME Network.

    You know, even though this is a great design and everything, it bugs me that it only has an efficiency of 5. Isn't it possible to squeeze some neutron reflectors in there to make it 6?

    Oh sure, that's exceedingly easy, I just don't because NR's are a huge honkin' trap. But hey, if you want NR's, you can try something like my pocket DDoS reactor that Someone Else 37 linked for you. You can also use the full-sized one here. Just remember that NR's need replacing if they aren't the irridium plates, which are stupidly expensive.

    Now, you've got a micro-cycle time of 179 and a cooling cycle of 500 seconds, meaning you've got around 2.8 micro-cycles per cycle. Since you DO NOT want to use fractional cycles, we'll call that three per. So you've got 16 cooling cells, and each tower can accommodate two towers, so you're looking at 8 * 3 = 24 cooling towers. Of course, you're also looking at 1920 EU/t and an efficiency of 6. I'm not sure it is worth the trade-off, since you'll be needing to replace all those NR's periodically, which will REALLY eat into your efficiency rating.

    I've come up with a much more compact layout for the tower itself.
    Each 6x6 layer contains 8 RedNet cables, 4 glass fiber cables, and 12 separate 1-chamber reactors.
    This design doesn't leave any room for AE stuff though- but it works quite well using Factorization Routers to insert uranium cells and extract depleted cells. You'll need an item filter to prevent the second router from pulling the wrong stuff, which is a hassle to make, but two routers and a logic matrix PER TOWER are probably cheaper than all the AE components used by the OP. Even if you don't already have any Factorization infrastructure at all.

    You'll have power loops if you do it that way. You don't want a square of four glass fibre cables anywhere in the design.

    I don't trust routers to be able to handle this kind of situation. Every time I've tried, Bad Things started happening.

    Second, the thing that you feel is a bit off in my cooling tower design might be the lack of a component vent adjacent to the coolant cells. This is a feature I noticed in the other cooling tower designs that I removed so that there was more room for component exchangers to pull more heat out of the coolant cell.

    No, look a few posts up and you will see that I've got a 4 cell 5 chamber design which holds 4 cells that cools about 148 per tic tht uses them. In fact, it's really the only way to achieve more than about 16 cooling per tic. No, I was more concerned with how many OC vents are 'shared' by multiple exchangers.


    Edit: Testing indicates that this cooler design is really (!) slow when it comes to that last 30 heat or so. Thus, it is probably certainly a good idea to use a Fuzzy Bus to pull cells when they're 75% cool- so forget my comments about saving diamonds.

    You can use 99%, which is around 600 heat and still bypass that problem.

    Schneekey, you are insane :p

    The one "flaw" I can see in this design is that most people who play normally will never have enough uranium/plutonium to run even one section of this, much less an entire tower. It just needs so much fuel.

    When you stare into the End... the End stares back into you...

    I had an idea about Extra Bees having a bee which produces Uranium. This might be of relevance here.

    And the biggest flaw is not being able to load the nuclear material automatically because it is too busy loading the cooling cells.

    As far as Factorization... I've never gotten Routers to work properly with multi-chamber reactors, and they're too buggy for me to take seriously.

    Also, someone pointed out a wonderful little tweak... I had forgotten that you can paint glass fibre cable. So you can alternate colors on the glass fibre cables so you don't generate any power loops or anything and can stack the 3200EU/t version with no gaps between. The center square is an unpainted cable that runs to... whatever the hell you need this much power for. This means you can very easily (although the costs are going to be about the same) exceed the power generation of a Fusion Reactor for the same footprint.

    Also, as the creator of the cooling tower design I am using pointed out... that last half percent has trouble clearing, so you will need to use fuzzy import buses set to pull cooling cells at 99%. It's the last 30 heat or so that has the problem,and 1% of 60,000 is still 600, so you should be quite good there.

    This, Mr Shneekey, is utterly ridiculous. That's why I love it :D

    Unfortunately, whenever I tried to get a CRCs system to work with AE, it never worked - the fuzzy buses kept ignoring the cooling cell damage values. You've apparently avoided that problem. I managed to get an ultra-powerful reactor going, but I'm using condensators instead, fed by lapis bees. I'd prefer to use CRCS, but this is less hassle to set up.

    The secret is AE v12b. It permits fuzzy buses to recognize damage values of greater than or less than a particular percentage, dependent on where the item in question is in relation to that percentage.

    For example, if I set the fuzzy import bus to 25% and put in a cooling cell with LESS THAN 25%, then anything less than 25% left will automatically get pulled out.

    This is not functioning properly in versions prior to 12b, but seems to be fixed in this version.

    I just realized something...

    This build is not only feasible but is actually more economical running with GregTech due to not needing all the DCP's for the quad cells, and it is fully capable of running with quad Plutonium cells, assuming you sufficiently expanded the number of cooling cells to be able to accommodate the additional heat generation. At that point, it would actually out-produce a Fusion Reactor.

    I... I feel like a man who has just broken the laws of thermodynamics. Part of me is standing in awe, and part of me feels dirty... as though I have somehow blasphemed against the very laws which govern reality by creating something which should not be, wondering of some lovecraftian horror inspired the creation for the purpose of bringing it into this reality to bring about its end.

    Part of me hopes that someone will disprove me, that I made an error somewhere and it doesn't actually do what I have seen it do, that I am merely acting on insufficient datum and a more mature reflection will provide some flaw inherent in my design... and part of me is afraid they will merely confirm it...

    Maybe... maybe I need to stop. Before I start wondering about the song of the endermen, wondering if there is meaning behind the static, and what that meaning might be...

    Challenge for you, can you make a breeder version?


    Breeder just uses one of several designs already present. Export bus to push depleted cells, import bus to pull out re-enriched cells. If the ME Network in question has access to autocrafting, then it becomes even more simple.

    Remember, we're working with ME Networks. The breeder doesn't need to be in the immediate vicinity, particularly not with the black holes and such you can create. As long as it is connected to the same ME Network, it can pull depleted cells right out of the inventory of the 1k memory card as fast as it produces re-enriched cells.

    Cool, but doesn't the AE network need a controller and power?

    ME Cable runs underneath the sand to the Controller, which also has an attached ME Drive and a 1k disk with a number of spare 60k cells to provide an additional buffer.

    As far as power... I'm producing either 1600 EU/t from the first setup, or 3200 EU/t from the second. Providing power for the ME Network is not going to be difficult, I would imagine. :whistling:

    Mind you, these snapshots are of the 'demo' version. And, of course, they can always be improved upon. For example, I'm fairly certain I could tighten that ring at least one or two blocks if I put my mind to it. However, I believe it is sufficient 'proof of concept'.

    Okay, so we remember my Tower of Power which has lots of little reactors that can produce a lot of power in a relatively compact footprint. But what if you aren't satisfied with that? What if you have HAYOish dreams of banks of Matter Fabricators, all of them demanding extreme power? What if you dream of combining high efficiency with rediculous EU/t output, and to Herobrine with the cost?

    I had that dream. This, my friends, is the result.

    You will notice a lot of ME Network devices. These are courtesy of Applied Energistics v12b, which is available for both MC 1.5.2 and for 1.6.2. Fuzzy import buses and Fuzzy export buses. Because you can now tell them what percentage of health they can apply to. Meaning you can automatically pull out cooling cells when they hit 25% or below, you can insert cells which are greater than 99% full, you can even automatically pull out depleted cells automatically!

    The beast in the middle is my DDoS Double Stacker Reactor. You will note the extraneous OC Vents which apparently don't do anything. These are there as an Engineering Buffer, in the rare event that for some reason the reactor ticks between the time that the nearly depleted cooling cell is pulled and the full cell is replaced. Theoretically, that should never happen, but I do not believe in 'should' when dealing with nuclear forces!

    The external cooling towers are based on this design by Someone Else 37 in the DDoS thread.

    As you can see, it produces 1600 EU/t, and it fits snugly in a 9 x 9. You will note that it outputs directly to an HV Transformer, then to a battery of four MFSU's. If I had just hooked up a single MFSU, it would have only produced a mere 512/t output from it, so I had to build four of them for maximum power output.

    Well, that's certainly an impressive feat of engineering... but we're not done yet.

    My friends, a picture is a thousand words, so here you go:

    Cut that main reactor in half, and you end up with a single-chamber reactor that only needs eight cooling towers and produces 800 EU/t like ths. Now build four of them. That's what you are seeing here. 3,200 EU/t per segment. Yes, my friends, per segment. This is completely vertically stackable, just like the Tower of Power.

    Of course, with great power comes great cost. None of these setups are cheap, the HV Transformers are expensive by themselves, and so many nuclear reactors and chambers won't be cheap either.

    However, you are looking at Efficiency 5 reactors with a truly enormous EU output, vertically scalable.

    I had a dream, and now my dream is fulfilled.

    The only fly in the ointment is automatically refilling of nuclear materials. It will try to flood it with cooling cells rather than nuclear material, unfortunately. So once every couple of hours, you will need to refill the nuclear material. However, it will at least automatically pull all of the depleted cells out for you. Meaning you can hook up a breeder reactor on the other side of the ME Network.

    My friends, I have only one thing to say: Mission Accomplished.

    Yea, Fuzzy Import Buses are great with Applied Energistics v 12. You can tell it 25% or less, and it'll automatically pull them out when they hit at or below 25% damage. Then you just have a surplus of full cells which automatically go in that tick, because you have a fuzzy export bus trying desperately to insert completely full cells into the reactor.

    Basically, this runs a CRCS system in a Mk. I configuration, as long as coolant cells hold out. You have export buses which pull cells less than 50% into the cooling towers, and import buses trying to pull completely full ones out. You've also got a 1k storage cell in a disk drive (no, you can't use an ME chest for this trick, it needs to be a disk drive) which stores the cells not currently in anything as a space buffer.

    Everything is fully automated as long as your numbers on your micro-cycle vs cooling-cycle are correct.

    Even better, you can use the same export bus to pull out the depleted cells and input full nuclear material to recycle instantly.

    I will have to look into those cooling towers, something seems a bit off, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I'll do some testing and get back to you with my results. That single-chamber reactor is particularly interesting to me. It's small enough that you can *REALLY* miniaturize your decentralized cooling system. It's also got a 500 second coolant-cycle time. This... bears looking into.

    If this works, I've got one of these reactors with 16 of your one-chamber cooling towers surrounding it in a 9 x 9 x 2. This is a stackable CRCS system producing 1600 EU/segment. In fact, if I cut the initial reactor in half, I could do so in a significantly smaller space, but only 800 per reactor. THEN go Tower of Power, so I've got FOUR of them around a single cable (although I'd have to invest in HV Transformers since they produce more than 512/t) for a total of 3200/segment.

    Holy crap... what have I done?

    There's a couple of ways to get the output you desire, it depends on how complex you want your infrastructure to be.

    First off, there's always a CRCS reactor. Something like this ought to meet your energy budget. However, you'll need to constantly swap out cooling cells. Like once a minute or so. And you'll need a lot of secondary 'cooling towers' to cool those cells in. But hey, it's like 3500 EU/t.

    If you are wanting something a little less complicated to set up, you can go for a Tower of Power. Just pull depleted cells out and refill as necessary. The thread has some discussion on better reactors to use which have various advantages, but they are all Mk. I.

    The advantage of this sort of setup is that you get your EU/t you are looking for in a fairly compact-ish space, and automation is a snap. The downside is the initial layout cost, but since that isn't really a problem for you... well, it might do well.

    Be sure, it will solve all your Problems, if you have enough raw materials, and combine it with Gregtecg in the ruight way.

    Who needs GregTech?

    Export Bus for all your ores on your macerator, import bus on the front end. Export bus for all your dusts on your furnace, import bus on the front end. Auto-processing of ores complete. Sorting is handled automatically in your disk drive, and can be sorted in several different ways on the fly.