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    I was messing around with the advanced miner earlier, once you hook up the power supply, put either an OV or OD Scanner in the top left slot. Activate the miner with RS (I used a lever right on the miner itself) and watch it go. Playing around with the modes, on white list it just picks up everything it can within the scanners range unless you have a block specified which it scans in a linear pattern picking up only that block. Couldn't get it to work with multiple ores however. Black list I wasn't really able to get to work, so not really sure on that one. Hope that helps. Oh and no need for a drill or piping, uses a built in teleporter/wizard....

    So far so good.

    Advanced Miner will be my faforit in the future.

    After a little test, here my coments.

    1. Without any blacklist / whitelist, the adv. miner act like a quarry.
    2. to use it correct in a form of the normal miner (but without the mass of any block that must break to reach the block to mine) simply place dirt, cobblestone, sand and any block or drop of a block that you won't have in the blacklist.
    3. Breaking a block costs ??EU and only one block is scanned or breaked in one second. In order to operate faster you can use overclockers (max. 4 seams to be good and ballanced)
    4. The adcanced miner works in a range of 16 around the mine with an ov-scanner. Thats a range of 33x33 blocks, and thats a bit more than 13 normal miners will do.
    5. Like the tooltip say, it will only accept up to 128EU/t but it has 4M EU capacity. So the best way to charge the miner will be an advanced lappack. That prevent a high loose of capacity on breaking / wrenching the block.

    Hope this will help.

    Thats not a IC² decompile error.

    Delete the _aux.class (that comes from minecraftforge) and try to decompile.

    Hope this will help you.


    You have to delete the ic2-api folder in any mod except ic2 self.

    The direction api changed a bit and mods like railcraft (6.7.0), forestry (1.6.0pre6), Thermal Expansion (1.6) etc. come with the old direction-api and overwrite it.


    Does your Game crash or can you play? I think you can play :)

    Submodules need the corresponding mods to load.

    3 Mods loaded means you only load forge and ic2.

    Submodules are for Craftguide, NEI and Buildcraft. The won't be loaded because these mods and there classes are missing.

    So in the right order.

    1. of all you need MCP 7.2, Industrialcraft 1.107 open beta (Mod and API), Minecraft Forge or higher (src and universal).

    2. make 2 directories. One for MCP vanilla and one for MCP forge. Extract MCP 7.2 to both directories and then copy the ./minecraft/bin directory plus minecraft_server.jar to the jar directory of both MCP directories.

    3. copy and extract in the MCP forge directory. After that go to the forge directory and start the install.cmd. You will now have your eclipse environment to work on a Modloader or Forge Mod.

    4. open the minecraft.jar (with winrar) in the MCP vanilla folder and add all files from industrialcraft and Delete the 3 xxIntegration folder in the ic2 directory of minecraft.jar

    5. copy the files from MCP forge/lib to MCP vanilla/lib

    6. start (in MCP vanilla) updatemcp.bat and after that decompile.bat

    7. copy (from the MCP vanilla folder) src/minecraft/ic2/* to src/common/ (of the MCP forge folder) and replace the API folder with the one you downloaded.

    8. Start eclipse and use the eclipse folder of the MCP forge directory.

    9. correct the sources so you can compile and run (the armor and ic2/sound + ic2/sprites folders go to the \eclipse\Minecraft\bin folder to make it useable while you compile and run from eclipse)

    10. learn java so you will understand and can make logic conclusions

    You have to copy the ic2/common directory from mcp/src/minecraft into mcp/src/common/ic2 of a mcp-forge folder. Take the API from the zip to complete the sources.

    So you need a 2. mcp folder + forge-src and the run mcp/forge/install.cmd to become a mcp decompilation including forge sources.

    If you do right, you will have 66 or 67 errors, but they will fast fixed.

    So Snyke give me permission to post the patched version.

    Here is the version for IC² 1.97 - 1.103 and BC 2.2.14 up to

    On server bc 3.1.6 the engines are not wrenchable. Please first place a pipe and then the engine to make it work as needed.

    This will be patched inkl. bukkit-port this weekend.

    On any client and server 2.2.14 engines are wrenchable.


    No porting to 1.106 at this time.

    This is only to give users the chance to craft and use transformers in ic² 1.97 or 1.103 and any combination with bc from 2.2.14 to (maybe up to ic² - bc3.1.6.102)

    Porting to MC1.3.2 and IC² 1.106 is this right of Snyke including new features etc.

    Most mods for mc1.3.2 are still full of bugs or on the way to port from mc1.2.5. So why port this addon to 1.106 while most people use IC² 1.97 or 1.103 on servers?

    Fun on server need stable mods!!

    We actually lost means to build it, and the 1.3 side is getting complicated because even being very specific about removing the TE on block removal still results in ghosts for 10% of the userbase.

    No problem.

    But for the future please keep in mind that people who have a server need stable mods. This means that they will later update to actual MC versions but also will give new items or anything else to the player.

    There is no need to update a MOD like IC² in 2-3 weaks. We love IC² and remain faithful.

    IC² 1.106 is happy Bug testing and understanding the new MOD system, but actual real playable is only MC 1.2.5 with hopefully bugfree MOD's.

    Is there a chance to build a small group debugging 1.103 while the main group support and prog for MC 1.3.2 ?


    There will be no 1.103b release.

    I dont know why, but here is a simple statement.

    The question is only why a fixed bug will not become a release in 3 weaks?

    Maybe they loose the sources of any MC1.2.5 version. Any other answer will be a shame.