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    We have to.

    really why does the univers hate me this much and i thought i had everything figured out :pinch:

    kk hope this solution maybe be used

    are we allowed to have the MV to HV transformer on board or are we supposed to place one so now and then

    this just came to my mind is there a way to regulate the flow of items like 8 refined iron to the left 1 to the right another 8 fowards without that the one that only needs 1 taking everything

    is there anything nicer then watching ya own machine doing what its supposed to do

    lagg spike around 30 secs that it freezes and a bit laggy after for now my machine is crossing some water dont know whats it gone be when i need to activate the drill

    ow yeah dont we need to like but in a energe stoarage box after placinge a bunch of solar energy
    since for example when its the solar array is 64 blocks long with out energy storage boxes i dont think the first pannell are gone be usefull for the machine since the energy loss will be to much.
    hope we dont need to transfer the energy up from low voltage to high

    aint that much of a pain when you learned some basic coding ya can easly make the quary part moving part go smooth + ya can easly build in fail saves for example my quary has the urge to forget to place a pipe at the start with 1 command thats fixed

    + it really fix timing issues example when quary is mining the construction wont move forward because
    the program for mining is going first then the progam for pulling quary back up then the program starts to make the solar panels followed by the kk command to place pannels and then the construction can move. Just try to do that with redstone logic you probable would need a big part of ya machine for it if its even possible

    btw machine has grown so big that moving it causes a serious lagg spike some secs right now ( really makes me worry i expect flames to emit from my harddisk any moment :D on the otherhand i can barbeque then)
    wondered if the lagg spike can become so big that minecraft is forced to quit ?

    if so is the machine then still good for the contest (ofc it will still be able to do its job but my pc wont be able to run it construction( final part(s) would be on the main machine they will be tested on working and moveable forwards and any other test you want it to past )

    damned made a production line for redpower 2 panels poh geuss i just destory that and change it into storage room for crap that needs to go in the recycler

    since the IC 2 cabeling doesnt work for some reason yet. Are we then allowed to put batteries or crystals in the machine with the cabeling in place for when the update fixes the cables.
    or do we need to make a system that creates crystals and delivers them to the machines

    Think i just found a major error for the solar panel spammer

    For the industrialcraft 2 solar pannels we need rubber to make the copper wiring that needs to go in the batteries and in the circuits
    farming ressin cant be really done automaticly or you need to cut the rubber trees and a autmatic tree farm

    and for redpower 2 solar pannels we need to make a diamond handsaw which requires sticks so we need trees again
    and i doubt it that we can stack diamond handsaws in the autocrafting table so when its used how do we know if it goes in the right place to produce silicon waffers
    and for redpower 2 bleu alloy wire how are we supposed to get the wool (or rubber in the future hope thats gone be farmable with a machine from eloraam).

    for industrialcraft 2 an automated ressin farmer would fix the problem or using the matter generator.

    managed to write the programs for moving the machine and drilling in front of it the only problem now is that i cant put the commands in 1 single command
    the machine moves foward but it keeps ignoring the drill command

    typing move command and let it move.
    Waiting a bit and then typ drill command makes the machine do what it should be doing

    is there any guide about the commands of the redpower 2 computers ?

    its basicly for a quary thats on the construction it needs to know that it needs to lower the frames and add pipe until a certain depth or after a certain time
    and then it needs to stop lowering take the pipe back and let the engine move the frames up until its back in starting position.

    and some other programs so the machine doesnt bug it self

    the machine allrdy works with levers/ repeaters ( just need to make it do it automaticly)
    and suddenly to many items bugs out on me its just gone reinstalling doesnt fix the problem :pinch:

    why univers are you so against me :(

    are wa allowed to submit the projects in parts that would work together when just connect to each other with frames and ofc cabeling and pipes
    its cause I kinda got to a point where adding more automatic working parts to the machine is making my pc laggs like crazy.
    ( think when next part is done and i put everything togheter at work my minecraft will probable crashe )

    also thought about it touching anything but that cant be the case the constuction is now flying above water
    the strange thing is that i managed to add frames but they seems to be compleet random
    can like for exemple add 5 frames not to far from the forward moving engines the machine can move but if i remove 1 of those frames and put it on the drill head frame that 5-8 block further away the machine doesnt want to move anymore ( kinda strange) if i was at the cap i shouldnt be able to add frames
    btw editing linksize is in the redpower map redpowercfg machine linksize from 1000 -> something bigger right
    unless i did something wrong still wont after adding 10 frames anywhere

    got a question
    building the solar plant and i have come to a point where adding 1frame on any older frame makes the machine unable to move forward

    (dont think i have 1000 frames yet)
    before adding 1 frame the construct is still able to move forward and theres nothing infront

    is there anyway to increase the output of a frame motor or connecting them to each other?
    or does it just mean that other parts of the construction cant connect with the frame of the otherparts and are just gone need to move forward on there own
    like first move drill head part then move quarry part then move factory part and so on

    thought about that but the you need to keep the breakers connected to frames only possible from the back because of that you cant put tubes behind them to catch the mats
    you cant put the frames next to the breakers because they wouldnt be able to move futher down because rock would be in the way

    basicly you gone need to put forestry mod in the allowed mods so you can make a full automatic tree farm that can move with the machine +
    you gone need a really big drill head in front of the machine for that or make a large space schip

    Wondering if there is a way to remove the drillbit out of the miner automaticly. If not you would need to farm trees automaticly or have a mass fabricator in both machine just to make wood
    so you can replace the lost drill pipes.
    (If its not possible both machines are gone become a lot harder to build.)

    And with the factory do you mean the construction of solar panels and the mining for mats and moving + laying down the panels
    or are we allowed to split it in 3 parts with 3 switches