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    i am having a problem with this mod and the direwolf20 1.7.10 pack (ver 1.02) where if i install fastcraft the game crashes on startup.
    heres the log

    so i noticed when playing my new map, (after letting forge deal with ID conflicts) that when i mined copper from IC2 i got buildcraft green pipe wire instead of ore. I deleted the configs hoping the problem would fix its self but to no avail. SO i went into the config and changed them my self (to somthing below 256 because i believe thats where world gen goes) and noticed the IC2 map config in my save game after switching it to 201 for copper, 202 for tin and 203 for Ura, the problem stopped.

    my question is how did that happen? and if it happens again is there an easy way to fix it? and how can i prevent it from happening again?

    and now after the fix the silver ingots from greg tech is making yellow pipe wire instead of a silver block when 9 are put into the crafting grid.

    so being able to use buildcraft gates in your recipes is a ore directory recipe? because i dont think its an ore. i look at how to make your centrifuge for example and its says i can use diamonite tubes of diamond gates instead of advanced circuits, i cant seem to find the config to disable it maybe i'm just blind.

    GREG why is it i go away for a while (like 2 weeks) and you have soo many updates, you have done EXACTLY what i wanted to be done to ic2, item transfer without BC or RP2 (i mean i have BC 3 installed but still). you good sir are freakin awesome. :Matter: stacks for you

    ok so i can't seem to find the new ores from this mod. i hope i dont have to start a new world, im finding forcilium which wasint in this world b4 but i cant seem to find bauxite or silver, what level do they spawn on? and which biome do they are biome dependant.