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    could you add a config for the MJ - > EU ratio in the petrochemical generator? I wish to set it to 33EU/t per 21 MJ (to match the RC steam engine -> nuclear reactor steam output), but there does not seem to be a config option. atm it seems to take 16MJ/t to make 16EU/t

    edit: or add a steam generator that works on the same ratio as the RC steam turbine, but a lower maximum output (say 4-8EU/t)

    When running from MJ it uses the PetrochemicalGeneratorLowEURate config option. The conversion is the same as for oil. To do what you want it would need to be set at 25, with some error due to rounding.

    8 eu for 1 mj? Ouch... that would be like 80ish EU to run a quarry. Seems a little excessive, but I probably missed something. The path of least resistance in this case would be to pick up an engine from Forestry, I think it'll run 8-9 mj at 35ish eu. The balance being a little too overtuned imo. Still a good mod tho, if people like to convert energy between mods.

    The conversion factor is, in fact, based on a comparison between the quarry and the IC2 miner. It takes 960 EU to dig one level with the miner, and 60 MJ to break a block with the quarry. The quarry being the quintessential BC machine makes it, imho, a good point of comparison. That actually works out to 16 EU per MJ. I halved it because it did seem high. Though the only reason it seems high is because there are other mods that use a cheaper factor. If you consider the fact that you can only gain MJ in BC itself from actually burning some form of fuel, with no energy storage, and in IC2 you can, for free (after the initial cost of building the generator) generate energy from sun, water, and wind; then store that for later use, one must come to the conclusion that it should take even more EU to product one MJ.

    However, if you do not agree with me, it is quite easy to change the single number in the config file to whatever you wish.

    Obviously the "cost" varies depending on how the developer behind each mod calculates it. In most cases they look at how much power you get from burning a piece of coal in each mod and balance it around that. 64 eu/t is way above the cost of running the quarry on BC fuel. I believe 25ish eu/t is as close you can come to MJ equal EU in terms of power. Hence "transformers 1.3" was/is so popular.

    The problem is that the BC quarry is bugged. It uses all the energy you feed it, even if it doesn't need that amount to run. Some time ago the energy code was changes and the quarry was never adjusted to take that into account.

    Try copying tileEngine.class from my zip in to buildcraftEnergy's zip overwritting the existing file. Then break and replace any engines.

    I do not believe that to be a problem with this mod. I do not, to my knowledge, use those classes, nor am I able to reproduce any such error.

    For some reason, you need two of these to run a refinery at full speed. I'm assuming that's not right.

    In actuality the refinery uses an amount of energy dependent upon what it is refining. If you are using the 3.x branch you can check the energy output with a MJ reader. If you are using the 2.x branch for SSP, it is advisable to switch to the 3.x branch as the 2.x branch has errors within its energy pipes.