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    Doing some maths with the fusion reactors. The reactors put out 300k EU @ 30eu/tick, which means they last for 10k ticks. The isotope separator draws 5eu/tick and requires 512 eu for one operation. That means it takes 103ticks per operation of the separator, which translates to a fuel cell every 1030 ticks. This pretty much says that 1 separator can run almost 10 reactors non-stop given an endless supply of tin and an automatic crafting area. This is amazing, because the 10 reactors operations (without scrap) produce 3 uu matter, which makes 5 tin ore, turns into 10 tin, which turns into 40 cells. Which is twice the amount put in. This thing literally doubles it's potential energy every cycle of the reactors. Pretty nifty stuff :D

    (Mind you, it takes either intense micro or automation using buildcraft, as rp2 cannot pull from the empty cell slot of the separator)

    I accept your challenge 8) though buildcraft bucketfiller addon and additional pipes will be used

    You cannot use other mods as a argument in balancing IC2. Maybe in the form of a addon.

    I got over 100 eu/tick pretty often with 36 windgens. Highest i have seen was 132 eu/tick. Its simple maths through. 36*4 = 144. So i havent even seen the max output yet.

    Ive been trying to use :Wind Mill: but how do you space the mills out for yours setup?

    i think when you make the adv geo gen it should be the most expensive adv gen, the geo gen can already make 10E/U per tick,or just make it much more effecient with its fuels to not make OP.Even though if it is really expensive when i get this later on it'll make turning my many geo gens adv difficult :(

    Lots of debate here.

    As a major user of Geo gens and solar panels, I don't have much room to speak, but I have begun setting up a small water plant using Buildcraft and the Bucket Filler. At the moment all it does is power a miner and a recycler, and with only 2 water mills at the moment, it can only take a basic drill. (It produces an excess, very slowly though. ~4 EU/t consumed by ~3EU/t) I'm going to keep building it up until I can run a diamond drill in it 24/7.

    Also at the moment it seems like Buildcraft and IndustrialCraft stuff doesn't want to get along. I can only pull and push buckets into/out of my watermills (in the correct spot) from the top. Anyone else having this problem?

    use zeldos tele pipes/additional pipes addon,it has an advanced wood pipe which can pull a specific item like the empty bucket from any point of the machine though i dont see what real problem pulling from top is.

    or have an inv full of buckets and the mobile pump mod and go to nether, place buckets in big hole and use geo gens so that water mill system can be a 10 E/U per tick per geo generator i dont know why at first i made a water mill system. :?:

    I'm getting this error when on modern craft IC2 server

    Internal exception: String length of whatever number is higher than the max (65535)

    Happening over and over,it sometimes works for some minutes but then it happens again. :cursing:

    Also sometimes something like bad packet id error occurs.

    Using a clean minecraft jar

    Yes i know this is java jargon,im just getting crazy with this constant problem :wacko: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT: :Nuke TNT:

    i am thinking about hosting a small IC2, BC and Redpower sever 24/7
    what i was thinking was only 10people on the whitelist then no more no cheats/spawning so a 100%legit sever and the 10 working on making a amazing IC2 city if any1 is interested let me know
    might even have a vlog of the city from start to fin and upload them up2 a youtube channel any input on this let me know

    Can i volunteer.

    Industrial Rage will have a contest to celebrate IC2 and the new map, giving out free whitelist.

    So how many people are you talking about 1, 10 free white-list or will it be a limited time thing.
    (I'm guessing not free white-list just in case griefers see their chance once again MinecraftCreeper .

    Note:I did create an account to respond to server news.