Server: Moderncraft [IndustrialCraft² + RedPower2]

  • :thumbup: hello my name is hypnoshadow i have been playing minecraft for about 6 months now i just started playing multiplayer i would really love to join your server i have never benn baned i am a very none aggressive player . im a big fan of ic and ic2 .this is my first ever application if i am leaveing something out please tell me what it is so i can fix it may i join your server?

  • OK, so for whatever reason, I wasn't whitelisted. Lets try this again...

    IGN: marbakka
    Age: 30
    MC Exp: 6ish months
    IC Exp: 3ish months
    On the rules: I hate cheating & griefing and have for 10-15 years
    Why do I want on this server?: Because as much fun as I have had in single player, I'd like to work together with others toward common goals and add to the community

  • IGN: Sgtchuckle117
    Past History: I have never played on an IC server before and I like yours better than Industrial Rage. As for normal MC servers, I have never been banned from a server except for on the QubeTubers server, and that was because the mod that day was being an ass.

  • I'd love to join your server.
    I never greif, never banned and always looking to help out!
    I have played minecraft since Alpha days and know my way around
    a few reactors or two.

    my ingame name is thegamerguy10

    *cough cough* NUKE CREEPER! *ooshhhhiiiiiii MinecraftCreeper+ :Nuke TNT:+ :Reactor:= MinecraftChicken

  • could i get whitelisted please i have asked twice a pretty long time ago and for some reason i have not been added :) IGN:maxadmiral
    i asked september 8th and 19th to be exact
    and i have never griefed or been banned /kicked for any reason

  • Hello my name is ReSight and I would like to join your server!

    I am a nice person and I have a great personality!

    I have read all the rules and I have never greiefed, been banned, bannished from the kingdom, ect...

    I have been playing Minecraft since 1.1_02 and I am very experienced.

    My IGN is Skylophone and I hope you accept my application and hope to see you on the server sometime! :D MinecraftCreeper :wacko:

  • IGN: Tydiel

    I will follow all the rules.

    I just got IC2 after my friend was able to teach me some of it, he told me about this server, and I was wondering if I could join, I'll be nice and polite, I have never griefed, I'm really friendly and I don't like griefers (who does?) I hope you can accept me too.

  • IGN: Frzncld
    Age: 17 years 3 months
    MC Exp: 8 Months Since 1.3_0 Beta
    IC Exp: 0 Experience but I've been using the nuclear simulator and have watched Direwolf's Lets Play. I hope to get good.

    On the rules: Griefing and cheating are ridiculous.
    Why do I want in on this server?: I've played many MP servers and have modded a few too, I've just come from a factions pvp server and need a new challenge, wanted to play IC for a few weeks now. :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond:

  • Hey, fean, when you decide (or you think that is really close) to the buildcraft install, can you put a note on the OP or something?

    I got a really big base, with a big mass factory and such, and i dont want to have to move everything too earlier manly because i would take about an hour to wrench everything and a lot of travels to move everything.

    can this be done?

    (and you are really the next buildcraft update?)

    • Official Post

    i think i will install BC in 3 - 4 days, but first every active player has to move his stuff to the new spawn town

    @Everyone in the new spawn Town: Please place signs (with your name) and don't remove the fences of your plots. I will unwhitelist anyone who either has no house in the new spawn town or don't tell me that he wants to start with no stuff in the new world.

  • Heya
    In game name: Zajozor
    Playtime: 14:00-22:00 GMT+1 ( maybe rly diferent O_o)
    Playing Minecraft for -> more than 6 moths..
    IC -> more than 3 months
    BC, Rp and some other mods .. -> from when they were created...

    I want to play on server because i like minecraft and i would like to join a friendly community.. hmm maybe i can tell that my specialization in minecraft is building industrial based things and redstone networks
    ( until redpower came LoL..). I am an intermediate english speaker .. i can write and speak in english.. no communication barrier. I would like to be an active player and to play with other people (that is what smp is about)..

    There is nothing else atm what i think i should write .. maybe that i am from Slovakia ..


  • Quote from Feanturi

    @Everyone in the new spawn Town: Please place signs (with your name) and don't remove the fences of your plots. I will unwhitelist anyone who either has no house in the new spawn town or don't tell me that he wants to start with no stuff in the new world.

    i usually cant log in on the weekend, so i should move my stuff Sunday. then.
    Its better i tell you that aceman4521 still plans live with me so he haven't his own house on the town.

    There also another guy who said that he wont like build a new house at the city, so he asked to stay with me too. I have to confirm who is because i am really bad with names.

    oh, ye, and what you say about personal safe plus map reset?
    one of the reasons that i hadn't move my stuff is because i guess that if i lay things in the town some griefer would steal all, and i am expecting big troubles related the owner of the chest and
    the map reset.

  • Hello Guys
    I want on whitelist, Why?

    Because I love Teamplay
    Because I love this Mod
    Because I think its a nice server


    I am 14 Jears old
    I live in Germany (in north)
    I had/have a own server and HATE griefing (if you dont think that I have a server I can give you the ip)

    My InGameName is: _MyLifeBeLike (dont oversee _ !!!)

    Bye :)