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    I do believe I've encountered a bug!

    This nasty thing occurred when handling an MFFS (Modular Force Field System) frequency card.

    It appears your mod does not like the "<" and possibly the ">" symbols.

    This was a mid-game crash.

    Upon restarting the client this one happens:

    Although it doesn't mention Status HUD, disabling the mod resolves it.

    Two issues:

    I finally got this installed and working, and the crafting recipes do not seem to work. NEI is also not picking up the recipes, but it might not be designed to do that.

    In addition, your power loss fix causes power teleport pipes from the Additional Pipes mod to flake out and obliterate any chunks that have power teleport pipes on them. Not sure what is causing this, but it is definitely the power loss fix. Everything else looks good, I can spawn in the engines, but cannot craft them.

    If you are using IC2 1.95 it will fail to register the recipes for the devices. Same issue I had in this post: [Addon 1.97]Transformers v1.3 - Convert IC2 & BC energy back & forth!

    The solution is to update to 1.97 and it will work fine, with the exception of the advanced wooden power pipe which recipe fails to register on servers.

    Really? 5 uranium and 4 iridium ore becomes the equivalent of 4 uranium cells? How is that worth it?

    5 uranium cells in a bunch in a reactor produces 30.000.000 EU while 4 cells produce 24.000.000 EU. Then you need to subtract the four million the iridium costs to create (without scrap though) and you end up loosing 10.000.000 EU as opposed to just using the regular uranium cells. Even without the iridium ore it's still a loss of at least 6.000.000 EU.

    And the other stuff sounds quite overpowered as well. None of this will be accepted I'm afraid.

    I've stopped modding my main minecraft directory.

    Now I use Magic Launcher and have all my mods in custom .minecraft directories that will not be affected when 1.3 comes out.

    I'm going to update my main client as usual but I'll still be able to pretty much flip a switch in Magic Launcher to play 1.2.5 with mods as if nothing happened.

    Actually it's pretty simple and quite easy to explain.

    The six modes are as follows:

    - Nothing (default)
    - Emit if full
    - Emit if partially filled
    - Emit if empty
    - Do not output energy
    - Do not output energy unless full

    These are all available on any batbox, MFE and MFSU which will be referred to as "the device" from here where all three apply.

    The first three cause the device to output a redstone signal, while the last two sets it to react to incoming signals.

    While on nothing the device will not output any redstone signals and not react to any incoming redstone signals on any side.

    Emit if full will cause the device to output a redstone signal on all sides when completely full.

    Emit if partially full will cause the device to output a redstone signal on all sides if the device is not empty and not completely filled.

    Emit if empty will cause the device to output a redstone signal on all sides if the device is empty. Empty in this case means it does not have enough energy to send out a package, i.e. a batbox would be considered empty when under 32 EU's while an MFSU will be considered empty while having less than 512 EU's.

    Do not output energy will prevent the device from sending out energy while receiving a redstone signal. But will not prevent it from accepting energy. When not receiving a redstone signal it will behave normally.

    Do not output energy unless full will prevent the device from sending out energy unless it's full. I.e. it as soon as it is full it will send out an energy package, then it's no longer full and will stop until it's been recharged, and repeat. While not receiving a redstone signal the device will behave normally.

    I like this addon, however, a few issues. I attempted to craft the regular engine and was unable to do so. I read the recipe as follows:
    1x RE battery
    1x Combustion Engine
    1x Electric Circuit

    I attempted to craft it with every possible combination with 0 results, however, I can directly spawn in to the game with NEI. That is my second issue, I cannot get the recipe information for the engines in NEI and to my knowledge the same holds true for the generators as well. I would like to see this added to CraftGuide as well.

    That being said I spawned in a regular engine on my test world and connected it some of my devices in forestry and it ran beautifully. I agree with you 100% on why would electric engines need water for cooling??? That was so very annoying with the BCIC addon.

    I had this issue as well (as described in this post: [Addon 1.97]Transformers v1.3 - Convert IC2 & BC energy back & forth!)

    I discovered that the problem was that I did not have the correct version of IC2. Make sure you are using IC2 1.97 or the recipes will not be loaded.

    Although I found that the recipe for the advanced power pipe still fails to load.

    When using the mod on my server I got this error:

    Looks like it tries to add a shapeless recipe but fails for some reason...

    EDIT: Please disregard this and previous post! I really thought I had installed IC2 1.97 but apparently I was mistaken. I hadn't updated my client.

    Although the server uses the latest version and I still got the above error, but the recipes work, so that's a bit strange...

    EDIT 2: The above failed recipe appears to be for the new power pipe. According to NEI it does not have a recipe.

    I don't like the dark green border on the information panels. When you use the extenders you end up with a thick border crossing the screen.

    The simplest solution would be to remove the border entirely and just have the screens be light green.

    While I'm sure there's a way to make the textures dynamic so larger screens only have a darker outline I don't think it's necessary.

    I've modified the textures in my own setup (although a bit sloppily) and I much prefer it without the borders.

    I'd like support for forestry's fuel cans and capsules (the beewax ones).

    Currently the Petro-generator doesn't recognize them which is greatly inconvenient for me since I use them to store fuel.

    I am using BC/IC2 crossover 1.28 along with buildcraft 2.2.14 and IC2 on a server.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you added support for them!

    All of the containers (with default id's):
    Oil Can (tin), id: 13300
    Fuel Can (tin), id: 13301

    Oil Capsule (beeswax), id:13298
    Fuel Capsule (beeswax), id: 13299

    Oil Capsule (Refractory beeswax), id: 13334
    Fuel Capsule (Refractory beeswax), id: 13335

    I love this plugin! But I have a couple of requests.

    As I said in my previous post I get a headache from the weird alarm sound plus the fact that it doesn't loop properly. It would be nice if you considered changing it.
    Feel free to use my sample or the one MrG provided I suppose.

    Secondly, it seems like if you've used a Remote Sensor Kit on a reactor you can only use it for that reactor. If you move it or something like that the card is then worthless.
    I think it would be nice if you could recycle a Location Card and get some resources back. Like an electronic circuit or two. It does take three of them to build.

    I love the new blocks! Unfortunately I can't say the same for the alarm sound you've chosen.

    It loops poorly and seems to have been cut off at the end.

    It's also pretty headache inducing and the weird sci-fi noise in the background doesn't feel like it belongs there.

    I made my own alarm sound that I will use instead of the default one.

    If you want to hear it, here it is:
    (Click to listen. Right click and save target as... to download)

    Anyone may use it if they want to.

    To change it in your client replace the file ".minecraft/resources/newsound/ic2nuclearControl/alarm.ogg" with another sound file in the .ogg format and restart your client.