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    That doesn't sound like it should work -- dematerializing is itself an energy-expensive process. UU-matter is already primed to be shaped into something else (hence why Steve can use just a regular old crafting table to produce stuff out of it), but regular matter isn't.

    Well, to me it seems like creating matter from nothing would be more energy consuming than using existing matter in any form...

    But it might just not be worth implementing that since most people might not want to destroy the target area.

    Transporter console, yes. I actually had the same epiphany a few days ago and realized I'd increased the amount of work I'd have to do, a little, but that it would also fit so much better. The console would need to be fairly close to the transporter it's controlling, and perhaps require something like line of sight to it, but that would work nicely. Moreover, we can use the same console for controlling the interdictors and getting status reports from them when they block a transport lock.

    There will be GUIs for the machines, though, for two things: EU storage feedback, and frequency setting, as the console will need to be on-frequency to do anything. But yeah. Absolutely the right idea.

    Not sure if it should require line-of-sight. Then you wouldn't be able to have the controls in a separate room if you would like that. It might be better if it just needs to be within a certain radius and on the right frequency.

    Also, I love the idea about UU-matter! What if there was a mode that when transporting something to a remote location without a recieving transporter you could have it use nearby materials to reconstruct the package to conserve engergy? It could use nearby blocks as raw material instead of energy or UU-matter.

    You'd teleport into a crater depending on the energy cost. Or maybe it'd just use random blocks nearby.

    I hope you are planning to keep the computer craft interface! I love the idea that a computer is required to control the teleporting. Maybe you could make a "transporter controller" block that would have a gui that controls the transporters and interdictors instead of having the gui on the machines themselves for those that do not want to use computercraft. I love the idea of a remote control panel that controls the teleporting.

    Added Gas Turbines for Nitrogen, Methane, Hydrogen and Air Cells, and removed Fuel Can recipes from them of the Centrifuge.
    Added all the reported Oredict-Stuff to my List, tell me if I missed something.

    Oh and the Gas Turbine outputs at 16EU/t

    Aww! D:

    I was using fuel to run my tunnel bore! Could you add a config option for those recipes?

    NO! Please, don't remove best fuel for Railcraft's Boilers.

    Just use a liquid fuel boiler and pump fuel into it.

    Like intended (also Electrolyzer and Centrifuge). There is a Config to turn that special behaviour OFF under "Features". Also this is mentioned in the Q/A.

    I did that to let people make proper Workshops without stuttering Machines, otherwise there would be no reason to have a large Energy generation going except for Massfabrication.

    Oh I see what my problem was, I assumed that a generator output 32 Eu/t for some reason. In actuality they output about 10 Eu/t. This made me think that despite getting a constant stream of power the machines didn't work as intended, when the stream they got was actually too small.

    I love this mod because of the difficulty it adds.

    I've made an observation about your machines, and I'm wondering if they're supposed to do this:

    I noticed that they don't keep the progress of their operation when they loose power, thus if you feed a small stream of power into one of them (I've tested with the sawmill and blast furnace) they will just continuously eat power without progressing.

    I found this out because I had my sawmill connected directly to my other machines and batbox, and the batbox was continously being drained as the generator was charging it but the sawmill didn't do anything.

    I have no idea if this is intentional or not, but it's a bit annoying since I had to cut the wire to the sawmill, let the batbox build up the required energy to complete the process, then connect it again to the sawmill could finish the wood it was trying to process.

    I also just tested with the industrial electolyzer and it suffers from the same problem. This means you have to be really careful when having them connected to a storage device that charges slowly, because as soon as the charge dips below what it needs for the process it's working on it will just eat power without doing anything.

    There are a bunch of scenarios that would cause it to stop and just eat power. And you would either have to remove the machine and replace it, or cut the power to it in some way and let your storage charge up to fix it.

    I have a request that I would love if it was included in your IC2 add-on.

    It would pretty much be a cross of the quantum-chest and the L.E.S.U device.

    What I would like is an item storage device like the quantum-chest, but with a limited capacity, but like the L.E.S.U it would be expandable by adding blocks to it.

    It'd be cheaper and a lot more realistic than the quantum-chest (and other mods like ironchests) while easier to manage than vanilla chests.

    Thanks for your mods so far! (Especially the water fix)

    +10 if you end up adding this as well

    1. Build frame out of reinforced blocks
    2. Cover with RP2 covers to get desired look

    Result: Building looking like you want while enjoying the protection of the underlying reinforced blocks.

    Yeah, that might be a problem, but I think that WRCBE items are unique like that - I don't know of any other mod that actively changes the name of the different damage states of its items. Unless someone can show me other instances of that behaviour, I'm inclined to leave it be.

    And yes, I used the short-term easy fix for now. I might see about creating a better config file parser in the future, but I don't want to be responsible for breaking the MFFS (that mod is *definitely* going on the server I run when its development slows down). Perhaps in version 3, I'll have a better parser (along with the planned features).

    Maybe sometime he will have the frequency be displayed in a tooltip instead like most other mods display meta-data now.

    A possible solution to the config spam could be to implement a wildcard that could be manually used to have it read from one entry for multiple names.

    For example having an entry in the config that reads "Remote ****" represent all items starting with remote and where the **** can be numbers.

    Admittedly I have no idea how difficult this would be to implement, and thus I can't say if it'd be worth the effort or not. This is still not a major issue that requires addressing.

    Nevermind all of the above. Chickenbones wireless redstone has been updated. Now the item name changes to the name of the frequency if there is one. This would render the wildcard for numbers quite useless.

    Maybe instead you could have it recognize some items by id instead of them name. For example, if I added the id of the remote to the list like this:
    it would ignore the actual name of anything with that id and just refer to it as "Remote" as well as not adding any entries from that item to the list.
    I don't know of any other items that this would be useful for though.

    Forecaster: that bug should be fixed now. Remove your Armour HUD config file (or search through it and delete all the MFFS references) and install version 2.1a.

    Does indeed appear to be fixed.

    I see that you applied your suggested short term fix since it no longer adds the names containing < and/or > to the config, so it works fine now.

    One thing I noticed is that when holding ChickenBones redstone remote it says "Remote ####" where #### is the current frequency of the remote. This is awesome, however I noticed that it adds each name with a different frequency to the config file. This would eventually create a very long list of items.

    Not a major issue of any kind, but something of note still.