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    Seeing as how in real life the tesla coil was initially intended to be used for wireless power, it would make sense that if there was power hooked up to the tesla coil and it was turned on it would be able to send power to machines. Maybe a wireless upgrade could be added that includes a transformer upgrade in the recipe and if you put it in a machine within range of the tesla coil then then it would then accept power from it.

    lol, I reacently posted an idea for natural gas and a generater to go along with it.

    Sorry but any changes to the Reactor are already denied due to us CASUC-Users with our 2000+ EU/t Reactors.

    Maybe it could be added as a stand alone reactor instead of changing the current one. Maybe this could be the fusion reactor we've been waiting for :D

    I agree with having a power evolution like that and as to the solid no because of the fusion reactor, I've heard alblaca was going to eventually be adding a time machine, maybe it could power that? Or maybe add a floating island and you can make a ship to go there that takes a fair amount of power or try and get lucky and find it by hand?

    I am sorry but this is a solid no.
    "Pipes (Buildcraft)"


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    The way I interpret that post is that no EU powered item transport tubes, not tubes to transport natural gas. I'm not talking about transporting liquids or items or anything, just a way of moving your power generation from a point that's farther away from the pocket of natural gas so that you don't have to lose EU running a cable hundreds of blocks. Instead, you would be able to have it right at your base and runthe natural gas to it.

    First: note "probably." I haven't used Forestry mod, but I'm reasonably certain that its backpacks don't allow you to use items that are inside the backpack while they're still inside the backpack.

    What he's talking about isn't just a wearable inventory, it's an MFSU+backpack with a teleporter inside the backpack, that the user uses by right-clicking while holding whatever item is in his hands. A wearable inventory that the user actively interacts with without actually opening the inventory. It's not a question of whether it's possible to combine a storage chest and armor; it's a question of whether it's possible to use a teleporter that's stored inside a chest (that the user is wearing).

    maybe add a keybind that activates the portable :Teleporter:

    Maybe pockets of natural gas can be found in the ground (kind of like oil from BC but no geiser) and could then be pumped into a generater through special gas pipes and make about as much as a Geothermal Generater. Just another idea for more power generation options.