[SUGGESTION] The ultimate reactor- Reactor supercooling, heat pipes, more chambers?

  • This should be a more serious version of my last post of technology that actually exist, which is severely half ass.

    We will star of with Liquid Helium. Liquid Helium, generally has been used as a coolant IN REAL LIFE, as it is hundreds of times a better heat conductor than copper. This is because Liquid Helium begins to undergo exceptionally strange state of matter in extremely cold temperatures or pressure called a superfluid. At this point it will have immeasurable viscosity, and will then gain that unique heat dispersing property. As an in game idea, how about use something called a cooling pipe which contains coolant. This pipe contains water and is connected to a source of cooling like a heat sink or a body of water so it may cool the reactor hull for shorter cool down times. Up to 5 of these pipes can be placed on a reactor, and can be forked into more pipes. However, your cooling is limited to the heat conductivity of the coolant, as the heat pipe will not exert as much heat into the air as fast as the hull gets hot. And the more pipes you add, the more ineffective the pipes become. Adding more pipes will eventually not work, as the pipes also store heat per block of space, and will fail when overloaded. Lets say a hundred. But of all things, if we truly begin planning out the design, this may be an upgrade for longer running, faster cooling generators.

    Before I get into superfluid, but put it simply liquid Helium in game, why did I go crazy with the first post? because helium in the game may seem very difficult to attain, and the method I came up with is very complex, but mainly it's 2 in the morning, so I had the sanity of a headless chicken. But still, How will we have a natural gas mine to take form in the Minecraft world, and how will we extract Natural gas? How will we extract helium from the natural gas? And we need a very powerful freezer to create us some liquid helium. We need the introduction of 2 machines in order to have the player simply attain liquid helium. Well, I'll leave it out to anyone.
    Lets say you got Helium via TMI. Using this in coolant cells will have it be able to store much more heat compared to normal coolant cells. Liquid Helium is a real coolant, but is much more expensive. As a coolant, Liquid Helium is very effective because of it's highest ever heat conductivity. So let's say you have a 6 chamber reactor. You have 5 heat pipes that is forked into 3 heat pipes, which is led to a lake or a river that is connected to a river, because you created it with a shovel. Your reactor is a MK III that can last quite a while compared to other MK IIIs. You then replace the heat pipes water based coolant, with Liquid Helium. Because of the conductivity of Liquid helium. You can Expand your cooling pipes to more bodies of water to the point you have reached the ultimatum of cooling. At this point you should run a MK V with no internal cooling cells for a full cycle. But that's what I wish. But wait, what when I construct the copper pipe, what do I use to carry the fluids? With a large jug of course that you carry around. Varying by the amount of pipes judges how much jugs you have to put in (which is done by walking up to the reactor itself, 1 jug for 10 blocks of piping), which is unrealistic, but worth it. So here I have introduced a few new ideas for the nuclear reactor:

    -Liquid Helium
    -The fluid container
    -Heat pipe
    -Liquid Helium Coolant Cell
    -The heat sink
    -The freezer, because we need to turn helium to a liquid.

    I want people to discuss an idea for a source of natural gas, and how to attain Helium. Maybe some criticism?

    However, if this idea goes through, then all we need is something to attach it to.

    Could be larger though

    So let's say we have a advanced machine for use in the reactors construction. Allow a more sophisticated lay out. Lets say that we can get the reactor to 27 chambers. This will result in a 6x29 GUI. This will land us on an issue that will stick around. How do we attach it without blowing up the MFSU and the cables? We need to keep the cooling pipes! Well, put it simply; what is the most electrically conductive and strongest material known to science itself? Graphene! we will have graphene wiring; which leads us to a second issue: how will we produce graphened or even Carbon Nanotubes? Well, I have a practical solution. This will seem stupid: a machine called the CNTP producer, and is fueled by a methanol solution (which is produced by putting raw wood in an extractor), and carbon plate. The carbon plate will tern into graphite particles, which looks like a black dust. When taken to the compressor 1 dust pile will form 5 Graphene pellet cables. This I should say, should be the ultimate cable, with just infinite voltage capacity , and no energy loss over distance. Note this needs to be insulated. Also note that this is a reference to an existing production method.
    In short, this cabling should provide a single cable form of harnessing the output of your MKV full cycle reactor.

    So why did I want to do this? because I want the reactor to not contain a snowman, or only be allowed in a area where snowman can survive. I like tundra, but what about forest?
    Overall, I'm just trying to create an advanced reactor that will run full cycle that's more realistic.

    I am the dumbest person in the world, according to anyone else.

  • Sorry but any changes to the Reactor are already denied due to us CASUC-Users with our 2000+ EU/t Reactors.

    Just to tell, you sorry for the earlier post. That one is regretfully stupid.
    But 2000 EU/t and up? that's it?

    I am the dumbest person in the world, according to anyone else.

  • Just to tell, you sorry for the earlier post. That one is regretfully stupid.
    But 2000 EU/t and up? that's it?

    Maximum Output of an ICE-CASUC exceeds even EV (you need two EV-transformers to get the Energy)

    with the earlier Post you mean surely


    All what you've suggested is already denied. Sorry.

    You were failed to use the Searchfunction BEFORE you Post multiple Ideas at once, and ALL of them were denied => FAIL^4
    So the MegaFail was legit, and for the case you overreaded it, there was a Sorry at the end of my Post.

    And you accumulated it to a FAIL^5 by removing the First Post of your Thread, but the rest is still visible there. But that was simply unknown by you, and so not really a bad Idea.

  • NEXT!

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    4. Hup, over their heads I go!
    5. Okay Mister living grenade, I'm going to knock you into those skeletons, and I'll follow through with a nano saber. Understood? FOR THE ALMIGHTLY DRAGON LORD!

  • Actually, making power plant with insane nuclear reactor for server wide population might need some extreme outputs :)

    this is probably going to drive you nuts but a lot of admins just spam solar farms for community power grids cause unlike competitive players they can afford it

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

  • lol, I reacently posted an idea for natural gas and a generater to go along with it.

    Sorry but any changes to the Reactor are already denied due to us CASUC-Users with our 2000+ EU/t Reactors.

    Maybe it could be added as a stand alone reactor instead of changing the current one. Maybe this could be the fusion reactor we've been waiting for :D