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    The server is acting funny, I was getting a communication error, then when I got on, about 15 secs later, I got a Read Timed Out error.

    well, turns out, someone put something in a deployer that the deployer couldnt deploy, and crashed.
    thankfully, it was the wrenched world that crashed, so i removed it for a little bit while i remove the deployer with mcedit.
    you can play in the main world though.

    edit: all fixed, someone tried to use a deployer with a minecart with chest.

    edit2: AAAAAAAAAAH!!!! someone tried to use a deployer with a minecart with chest again!

    edit3: fixed with mcedit

    Just wondering, what r u gonna run with all that power?! If its for massfab (what else) then I would place all the mfsu's output side up and run wires along both the bottom and top of every mfsu. Then make input connect somewhere on the bottom, and somewhere along the top, put a spliter cable connected to massfab. Then, run redstone to a lever. Pull lever for uu.
    With this design, every mfsu outputs at the same time and u will never need more storage, becaue u will be able to output all the energy at once.

    Optional, put an inverter (realy easy, even with normal redstone) in the redstone line and use a button in place of a lever. This will make the massfab default to off, and when u press the button, it will turb on the massfab for a few ticks, and make a bit of uu.

    Ok, I am enjoying the server so far. However, I have been informed that the SwiftWolf's Rending Gale is only craftable by VIP's. I have also learned that you can become a VIP by paying $10 or making a video of the server that gets 100 views. Therefore, I think that perhaps you should install the Gravisuit addon, which allows flight, and is rather balenced by the amount of energy it takes to make and use it. Another option that I felt was reasonable, is that after 1 month of playing on the server, you also gain the ability to craft the Swiftwolf's Rending Gale.

    My last question, are there any other items that are VIP only?

    That is incorrect. The swiftwolf cannot be crafted by anyone, but if you get the materials and give them to me, and I trust you, then I will craft it for u. This is to prevent the over-use of OP EE items. I will be adding that addon in 1.3 and when I get it, I will not alow swift wolf at all.

    And, for the last question, no items are VIP only. VIP is just a reward for helping out the server by advertising, donating, etc. It includes a shiny rank by your name and lots of tele commands like /top and /back

    As someone once said, EE is only overpowered if you use it that way (which coincidentally is how like 90% of people use it), so I would assume that it is still in for the other neat things it can add to the game for people sufficiently advanced in the way of UU-Matter

    Yes, currently the only reason we have it is for alc chests, alc bags, repair talsmin, a few rings and the dm tools

    Ok, I understand that, and it's actually a good idea. I was wondering if you were considering adding MystCraft, so that people could have there own dimensions and not have to mine the (Place other then Heavan) out of the Overworld.

    When i update to 1.3, the mod pack is going to change. I am planing on adding mystcraft, tubestuff, (and because buildcraft 3 will ne SMP) logistics pipes, railcraft, and i will remove EE (Cause alot of people keep bugging me, "Y U BAN THE TABELT!!") unless EE3 is really really cool (And less OP).

    The idea of reworking the Quantum Suit into a "Better NanoSuit" without any special ability unless upgraded, came to me as well.
    It would probably help making it less OP by requiring even more Iridium to upgrade the different abilitys of Quantum Suits.

    I agree, we need something that makes u a little less immortal :P
    I think that the more upgrades the better, cause then people could build it to meet their needs, sort of like a class in an RPG