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    induction charger
    It'd be nice to just have a block you can step onto for a full charge-up. And it should (optionally) emit a toaster-like 'ding' sound when it finishes, for no other reason than that I think it would be a funny way to tell the player they can step off the pad.

    great idea, i hate un-equipping and re-equipping all my gear to charge it, a simple charger pad would be epic, but im not sure of how it would work (code wise)

    as for the tool repairal, i dont much see a use for it, i mean, im always using the rechargable tools over the breakable ones... so a charger pad would be more use to me, also a way to teleport back to a teleport pad, with a linked device... that could be cool... (it would only work if the tele-pad had enough energy, and the remote was fully charged, only has 1 use in its battery [if there is already this item, it could be useful to point it out to me :)] )

    maybe im just being a ****, but i didnt see it on my TMI\NEI list (i used both) or in the Creative panel... maybe i just overlooked it...

    edit: aha, yes... i did overlook it... because it looks exactly like the wrench...

    of course, Flan has made it weird,

    The adfly link is 2.1
    The mediafire link is still 2.0

    Currently starting up a server, using:
    ModLoaderMp 1.1 v2.1
    ServerMC 1.1 - Player API server 1.1

    installed in the minecraft_server.jar

    SmartMoving Server for ModLoaderMp

    installed in the mods folder of the server directory
    all mods are loaded in the order they are posted in.

    This is the error that is thrown back at me, however, I am using MLMP 1.1 v2.1

    p.s: I have installed it as:

    ServerMC 1.1 - Player API server 1.1
    ModLoaderMp 1.1 v2.1

    to no avail.

    Indeed, I also get this error on SMP, but on single-player my rubber-wood trees don't seem to have a problem...

    Hi, im new here, and im not really sure if my server is running correctly. For all intents and purposes, it is an "anything goes" server, because it is only for testing, and is not a permanent map. I'd like reports if IndustrialCraft items are working, as i know the buildcraft and WirelessRedstone 1.4 works, but i dont know any IndustrialCraft recipes, and i havent got round to adding SMP Recipe book.

    Mods on the server:
    Buildcraft - core, builders, energy, factory, transport - 2.2.1
    industrialcraft 2 - 1.15
    MpUtils 1.8.1 v3 Server

    To get the "WirelessRedstone" not to boot me from the server, i had to combine the "" and the "" (the client is for SMP packet support) and now it is working, but im not sure if the buildcraft items are working as they arent all showing up in my TMI window (and yes, i took the solution of using "MpUtils 1.8.1 v3 Server", which displayed most, but not all of the IndustrialCraft items.

    The recipes on the Wiki dont seem to be working for the MSE and MFSU, but those are the only ones ive been able to test (but i only tested them from the wiki recipes ""

    IP to the server:

    Reports would be awesome.

    Hey, i found this post by doing a google search for "minecraft buildcraft industrialcraft quivalent exchange", in your youtube video, it says your running all three at the same time (with TMI), on version 1.7_03, is this correct and how did you do it? because every time i try to, my quarry (from buildcraft) doesnt work (it just sits there when activated, it only builds one block of the frame) but everything else works... i suppose, its really a post for the buildcraft forum, wherever that is...