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    Sorry for being pedantic, but a watt is a unit of power, like eu/t, and a joule is a unit of energy, like eu. (And a coulomb is an amp times a second)

    Actually, an amp is a coulomb per second, not per tick (although I don't know how RP works internally, it might well be C/t instead of A). If that's right then the above math is wrong.

    Allow me to fix your fix.

    the three solar panels in my tutorial is WAY overkill. I've learned a lot about redpower recently. It takes 25Wt to push one item. All current redpower machines are 100V. Each solar produces 2 amps. That means you're pushing 6 amps with those three solars. That means it outputs 600W. You can get 12000Ws out of this. We only need 50Ws, because our timer is 0.500s. One thermopile gives 0.5 amps which can give you 50W. This means you can get 1000Ws out of it. We need 50Wt total in a full second of time. We have far far more than that with one thermopile. :D

    I've been over it with the author more than once. AFAIK RP2 power is measured in ticks. Since real life isn't measured in ticks, it's difficult to make EXACT translations, but in the terms of minecraft this math is right.

    Wow. Thanks for elaborating on that! I do understand the electrical math; I just don't usually pause to think about it very often. When someone lays it all out for me, it becomes very clear.
    I've always tended to overdo it on solar panels because I want my battery box to charge up quickly. I prefer to have a good reserve in case of unforeseen problems.

    But I really like the design of your horizontal thermopile array - it's an elegant means to provide 4 blocks of water to each thermopile to perfectly offset the heat production of the lava source. And it's very easy to implement, even underground!

    Something that just occurred to me... reviewing your vertical thermopile array, it's clear that the water needn't be a source block. I don't think there's any risk of evaporation in your horizontal array, but if there is, couldn't the water be provided from sources either adjacent or above (depending on the location)?

    Yeah. I've actually made a cool fountain looking design that takes advantage of this.

    There are 4 thermopiles, 1 lava block in the center, and the wiring is beneith.

    the three solar panels in my tutorial is WAY overkill. I've learned a lot about redpower recently. It takes 25W to push one item. All current redpower machines are 100V. Each solar is 2 Amps. That means you're pushing 6 amps with those three solars. That's 600 Watts per TICK. 12000Watts per second. We only need 50W per second, because our timer is 0.500s. One thermopile gives 0.5A per tick which is 50W per tick 1000W per second. We need 50W per second. We have far far more than that with one thermopile. :D

    It's possible to do this with advanced wooden pipes instead of retrievers and filters, meaning you can do it without diamonds, but only with AdditionalPipes and BuildCraft.

    I don't think you can insert AND remove from the same block face with adv wood pipes. Not sure.

    Also a note to everyone. The upcoming release of RP2 will ahve that cool thermopile that eloraam tweeted about. This will mean under ground completely. No more need for solars. One thermopile properly set up is far more than enough energy to power this entire system.

    Possibly already reported, but forcefield can be pushed by pistons. When powering off the force field the pushed field blocks remain. Attempting to harvest force field with a silk touch pickaxe results in a crash. All testing done on SMP.

    Also all of the MFFS blocks seem to be completely immune to explosions. I'm not sure I like this. :( The force field being completely immune is cool, but I don't think the blocks should be. They should be a vulnerability. Easily protected by the fact that they project force fields anyway.

    Also is there a way to prevent explosion damage from passing through the field to the player?

    I did watch the new video - I guess I just don't know where that fine line is between "not enough buckets in the system" and "too many".
    Not sure how to tell if it's on a chunk border, but the fact that it happened twice in different locations makes that less likely.

    It's clear that the trick is in getting the right number of buckets moving through the system, but how many and how to accomplish that aren't clear in the video.

    I just threw buckets in until it was always using the same slot over and over with some extra in the deployer. also if you put your reactor any further than i did it will be too far and it'll splode.

    If your deployer saturated with buckets it could cause a problem possibly. Also be sure to watch the vid again. I reuploaded a new one. The timer has to be 0.500s. 0.550s isn't fast enough. make sure you're not on a chunk border too. I've heard that can cause problems.

    Also note that I probably have more than 9 buckets in my version. You want to end up with a number of buckets that makes it so the deployer doesn't cycle through it's buckets. It should look like it's constantly reusing the same bucket.

    I don't like ice, because ice is very difficult to get a hold of without advanced machines addon or Equivalent Exchange or other balance altering addons or mods. I feel advanced machines is too overpowered. Buckets of water cool more than ice, and seem to work quite well. Haven't tested this on SMP, but even if buckets disappear, unless it happens frequently, it wouldn't affect this. You simply keep 8 buckets in the deployer past what it needs to stay at equilibrium.

    The build in my video requires NO addons to anything. Only IC2 for the reactor and RP2 for automation.

    What's "smug" got to do with it? I pointed out that others should check to see if it's a TMI-related issue.
    If you doubt that it could possibly be the case, feel free to look around this forum (and the BC forum, and the MCF) and see how often TMI turns out to be the cause, rather than an accessory after the fact.
    So the next step, of course, would be for you (and others who have reported the issue) to verify if it happens with crafted reactors as well.

    This is a very serious issue, no doubt - so let's be sure of the cause, OK?

    As has already been pointed out. this is not TMI related. It's been tested legit. It was legit on my server, too.

    I just had this on my server.

    Looks similar and server became unresponsive after.