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    Energy sensor kits were only designed for IC2's energy storage. Anything TE3 related with Nuclear Control is a lie, we've not has an update to Nuclear Control when TE's even been in beta.

    It was working #1 with Thermal Expansion 2 energy cells, that's why I'm asking why it doesn't work anymore, maybe something to add in the code that changed...

    Just curious with the new Drums from Extra Utilities, will a liquid sensor kit be able to tell what is in the drum and how much is left, planning a system when there's no more liquid to alert me via a howler alarm so I can tell when I need to take care of my lava production in the Nether, I got the same question for Open Block tanks also, would be nice to know if the liquid sensors would work on it...

    I'm using the version included with FTB DW20 pack for 1.6.4 which is currently the latest you have done, I'm so glad to have this mod back, I'm a huge fan of it for the sensor kits that are way easier than having to learn computer craft and open peripherals thingy, not a fan of coding for just a simple function like sensors can take care off.

    Ok, so I'll put that one in my next update pack for my server (its a family private server so shouldn't be a trouble) which version of Forge is used for compiling this one, I try to stay away from not recommended Forge version so I still kept it a 737 even if a 738 is there it was never ported to a recommended build and even latest 1.5.2 packs on FTB use build737 so usually a good indication its the best option...

    I think I know what is wrong at least for the vanilla hoppers, they stop when they receive a redstone signal, this behavior can't be prevented, since you put down a lever directly under the machine to force it on, perhaps it sends the signal to the hopper and prevent items from getting in the machine... But that wouldn't explain the buildcraft problem with the pipes, unless a redstone signal also stop them from accepting stuff...

    You know that immibis as taken over the mod and offer a new version I think for 1.5.2, perhaps his version would work better for you... I might consider changing to his soon once I start automating stuff, currently doing a massive vanilla adventure in 1.6.1 but I've not finished with 1.5.2 heavy modded.

    First thing, update your optifine to the D5, it could solve your problem, I'm not 100% sure there but with Forge version higher than 735 you could have a lot of troubles with this old version of Optifine, you can't climb or use ladders for exemple, you need latest Optifine D5 to fix this issue. I would also suspect the Sonic Ether's Shaders thing, again I can't be 100% accurate, just trying to help and guess the culprit by their name or version usually. The shaders could affect the render of the panels I'm quite sure but not 100% here.

    I know it must have been asked before but I'm looking for informations about the advanced industrial information panel and extender, are they better in any ways versus the regular ones, I didn't find any bit of information regarding them, I've just discovered the sensor kits and now I love the panels, but is there any advantage to use the advanced ones, what can they do more compared to the regular ones... No information anywhere, even youtube is out of luck with them,,,

    Any hopes for a download link for the 348lf of IC2 please, I'm in the middle of upgrading my server and client and for the latest Railcraft I need IC2 348lf at least since I'm using IC2 340lf currently.
    I'm not pressuring anything to get released here, just want a working download link for the current build of IC2.

    And BTW: You're doing such a great job at providing people newest build of IC2, kuddos for your hard work, really appreciated...

    Same problem.
    AdvancedMachines for 1.4.6 and IC2 1.112 (4.7a)

    I really hope this get sorted quickly, its the only problem that prevent me from upgrading my private family server, how could I update it and use it if I can't stop it properly because the console is impossible to stop because of this message spamming.

    I use all the latest available releases for MC1.4.6/7 and everything works #1 except the server console keep spamming with the following messages, its a continuous loop that is driving me crazy, I just loaded my server world to test and it works, but how could I turn off my server properly if I can't get a command line to stop it properly

    Hi everyone, I just started using the mod and successfully installed it using MagicLauncher (the best thing in the world, no complicated .jar editing) along with BuildCraft and the Crossover mod, now I know a lot about Minecraft, I'm playing it since Feb 2012, but I know nothing about IndustrialCraft2 and want to start using this mod and BuildCraft too (they look like they were made to be together) now I tried to find tutorials and I'm really nervous because I can't find too many of them regarding the 1.95b version of IC2 for a complete noob (at least in French or English), so I wonder if I can watch older version tutorials or theses will be totally useless to me, I don't want to be mislead by false informations that aren't accurate in the 1.95b anymore (especially with crafting recipes for exemple, if they have changed overtime) also if you know any good android app (free) that will help me with this mod, that would be helpful cause switching back from Internet to the game is really annoying.

    Thanks a lot if someone can help a newbie, that would be really appreciated