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    I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that you can't put them INTO the reactor once you take them out. Like, they don't register as being there to the pipes?

    Anyway, here are some screenshots:

    Inside reactor:

    Whitelisted Translocator:

    Outside setup:

    Un-whitelisted translocator:

    Empty Reactor:

    Coolant parts in chest:

    I set the Translocator to pull out everything, no whitelist or blacklist, and it pulled out everything but the depleted rods. When I get a chance I'll record a video demonstrating it. (I say "when I get a chance" because I just refilled it manually and don't have the depleted rods anymore to demonstrate. ^^)

    I want to automate refueling my reactor, but nothing I've tried has been able to pull the depleted cells out. I've used Translocators, Itemducts with Servos, and ExtraUtilities Transfer Nodes, and none can pull the depleted fuel cells from the reactor. If I disable the whitelist feature, all of my coolant componants are pulled out, leaving the depleted cells right where they were. What's going on? I used to be able to do this in 1.7.10.

    MC 1.10.2


    IC2 2.6.245-ex110

    I would consider blowing up an MFSU or frying a glass-fibre cable to be a swell personal achievement, so I tested in a creative world to see if it's actually possible. I hooked up a load of HV solar arrays (producing 512 EU/t each) to an MFSU with GF cables, and according to an EU-reader about 11k EU/t was flowing, and it was all still working. What gives?

    As I understand it, in the old power system, energy was sent in packets, and you could send as many packets as you wanted as fast as you wanted, so long as they were small enough not to overload your machine. I was under the impression that now the energy fills the grid and two batboxes outputting to the same wire would count as 64 EU/t and would therefore blow up, say, a Macerator. *checks* Nope, didn't blow up.

    I suspect the reason might be the qualifier "Die from a nuke YOU HAVE PLACED." How does the game tell that you placed the nuke? Flint and steel doesn't work to ignite it, so I have to use redstone, and that doesn't technically come from me. How am I supposed to set it off?

    There's an item called "Piston Boots" from the "Adventure Backpacks" mod which is what gave me the idea. They let you step up 1-block jumps, but only when sprinting. This is great, so I can get around the outside better, but not keep jumping up on my machines indoors. However, they don't offer much protection and I can't wear them and the Quantum Boots at the same time.

    And yes, I agree about cheats; I want to have to make an item to do this.

    Aha, that did it! Thanks. I didn't realize it had a silk touch mode! Saves one more spot in my bags. ^^

    Now what we need is an Iridium Chainsaw with Looting III and 30 damage! =] I honestly don't care how expensive that would be, i want it. XD

    In the NEI listing, the Iridium Drill has the Fortune III enchantment, but when I craft one, it doesn't. Is there something else I have to do to get that upgrade?


    I notice in the recent versions of IC2 the Electric Jetpack's Hover Mode is greatly improved, keeping you completely level unless you press Spacebar or Shift. The Advanced Jetpack/Advanced NanoChestPlate Hover Mode is now inferior by comparison, drifting downwards slowly, and I was wondering if you planned to bring it up to snuff with the humble electric jetpack's new abilities. :3