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    While I doubt there are any Minecraft Alpha players out there like myself

    Playing since Alpha 1.1 :D I personally don't see anything wrong with IC2 Experimental, it adds a lot more stuff and makes the mod more fun. Before the biggest problem I had was that there was no mid-game, there was "I have no resources to build anything" and then there was "I have too many resources now and may as well build my house out of copper and tin blocks". IC1 was fun but had many bugs and looking back was too basic. IC2 was a big improvment but was overall very bland. IC2 Experiemental adds a lot more processing and a lot more options (Solars arent the only good option, you can power with geothermal, biofuel, coal, nuclear, ect) I think the biggest problem is mod compatability, its not up to the mod authors to make these mods balanced, its up to you to balance out the mods. If your playing with 80 mods, disable all the other ore generation so you don't have 8x the copper and tin and so on. And don't use those "overpowered" mods unless they are essential. No Equivilent exchange, no mystcraft lava / uumatter realms, no set and forget ore generation/ power gen. Its up to you to make it enjoyable. Too hard or grindy? Make it playable by lowering EU requirement for UU or increase ore generation. Too easy? Ease up on the mods or ore generation or just avoid the gear that makes you invincible within one day of playtime. Personally IC2 + BC for automation and its good, you either run into resource problems, diamond problems, EU or MJ problems, ect. Always a problem, always a solution, keeps it interesting and fresh.

    To ad something to my idea:
    Make sure you can upgrade your generators to a next tier. This next tier will produce double eu but will cost roughly triple the cost. If this is done you wont have to spam 2000 solars to get your eu. Just some tier 4 solars would be enough. Will fix the lag while adding something to the mod.

    Also, this fourm is for discussing designs, not suggesting ideas you think should be in the game.

    Since you said "Feel free to correct me" I will :) . When you measured by the MFSU, you know that it added the 512EU/s that it outputs? So You would be getting 820EU/s in reality. And I'm talking about normal solar panels, not advanced solar panels, because they would most likely make more power than you could probally deal with, and cost a diamond per panel, which = 2000 diamonds +. The other problems is that you can set the amount of power the advanced solar panel output, which makes them WAY overpowered, and making a solar panel that wastes power due to cable length is really inefficient. And if you built a full array you would have to subract a few rows of 40 panels because you would be double counting them. And how did your computer survive with that many cable intersections??

    Oh and also, our solar panel designs out the EXACT same amount of power. :thumbup:

    But if you noticed, I added an extra row of solar panels on one side, so if you made a full array, yours would be the most efficient one.

    I will admit THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN, I saw it on Direwolf20's Lets Play and wanted to see how it worked... (It was build by Zeldo who made Teleport Pipes For Buildcraft)

    Anyway showing the design..

    This is a tiny bit over a quarter of the max size of this design, but it is extremely efficient.

    Surprisingly, only one quarter of the max power is a whooping 820EU! The secret of the huge size is in tin cables, and how power works in IC2. I know you are thinking "Tin Cables can only hold 3EU, how are you passing 820EU through it??" It is true tin cables can only hold 3EU packets before melting, but they can hold an UNLIMITED amounts of packets. They cant hold one 32EU packet, but they can hold 820+ packets of 1EU. Also, tin cables are very cheap, and can extend 40 blocks before lossing EU. The only problem is that after 40 Blocks, you lose 1 EU per packet, which in the case of solar power, you get no power at all!

    Solar Array can be VERY big!
    Tin Cables are cheaper than copper cables, and you dont need rubber for the cables.
    Easily can get over 2000EU/s with a full array.
    No batboxes are needed, other than one MFSU in the middle.

    Can't Have tin cables over 40 blocks.
    Has to built during night to avoid extreme lag spikes.
    Is very CPU Hungry.

    Hope you guys like this Design!

    Fean, why did you have to take me off the white list? I made a house up on the cliff outlooking the old village. I didnt grief at all, i was dieing of hunger so i harvested some wheat, made some bread and replanted the seeds. I was going to take the machines from a house, but heard from other people online that some people were still living in the village, so I went and built my house.

    Hoping I can get back online soon :)

    Im not complaining necessarily, i just want you to know that i wasn't griefing and would like to join the server when the real griefer is found. Thanks

    So I was making a creation with pistons on my test world, and decided that a 5 x 5 x 5 cube of nukes would be needed... with was about 100 nukes (placed around blocks and such...) (my math isnt that bad) The crater was exponetionally bigger than previous tests...

    One Nuke On The Surface:

    One Nuke Burried A bit:

    Blast Radius Is Around 10 - 11

    100~ Nukes

    Finally i can type on a computer :) Since you didnt white list me, Im going to try another application :/

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    Attitude Towards Griefers: The servers ive been on have been griefed to Bedrock with TNT..... I dont grief :)
    Reason To white list me: I really want on a server with a good community and with people who are friendly and dont grief :)