Server: Moderncraft [IndustrialCraft² + RedPower2]

  • Hello, I would like to be whitelisted to this server because it is one of the few apparantly working 1.1.5 IC2 servers. I have extensive expirience with IC and IC2 and I have been playing minecraft for about a year. I played alot of ssp IC and got bored when i "beat the game" so i decided to look for a good ssp server.

    I love building and interacting with others and I think IC2 is one of the best mods there are. I have never griefed, xrayed, flymodded ect.... before. I am a goodplayer and help others when i can and i would love to join this great server!

    IGN: jauntyAnarchist


    P.S. if i had to pick one machine to describe me it would be the :Macerator: :D

    Have a nice day! Einen schönen Tag noch! Buona giornata! Passez une bonne journée! 有一個很好的一天!素敵な一日を! Хорошего дня!

  • IGN: ttrando
    Reason to join: I love industrialcraft, and i hate playing by myself.
    Qualification: I have been a moderator, have experience on many servers, modded and bukkit alike, have played on a IC/BC server and am mature and responsible.
    Please let me know if i make it.
    Thank you

  • IGN: xPhizz

    I would like to join your server as I have fell in love with Industrial Craft and Build Craft but would like to play with other people instead of just single player. I am a pretty experianced Minecraft player and pride myself on behaving in a mature fashion in any community I join.

  • my IGN is seanie129
    and im not a greifer and i havent played IC before so im hopeing for somebody to help me and i cant play single player is way to laggy lol

  • IGN: Promackid
    Reason for joining Would like a server to play industrial craft on.
    I have ben a admin of 3 server and also a moderator on 2 I have some experience with bukkit but little to none with IC2

  • IGN: Sporeman58

    To start off, thank you for making an IC2 server! (Especially since it is free) Single Player seems boring and redundant, so a Multiplayer server with my favorite mod installed is fantastic. This server seems well organized and (hopefully) a good community with integrity, and that is what every server needs to be successful. I have played IC2 before, an avid user, and also love to collaborate with others. Please accept me into your community! I have never griefed in my life, and shall never be rude or disrespectful on your server.


  • hi in the op it says im on the white list but when i log on it says im not on the whitelist can you check if its right I.G.N:xxangel17xx

    thank you -Angel

  • Hi there.
    Nick: awesomejunkie
    I'm some random 22-year-old guy from Moscow, Russia. I dont drink much vodka btw.
    Was playing IC from minecraft version 1.4-1.5 as far as i can remember. Like to build BIG water towers and HUGE mobspawners.
    But i got bored of my old server (it's still on MC 1.7.3 and admin never will install buildcraft, dont ask why, he dont explain).
    So, add to me whitelist plz, so i can build industrial complexes and power plants and (in case of adding BC) some neat pipe systems with other folks (and improve my english :D).
    P.S: I never griefed noone, never been banned on servers.


  • IGN - weldonc77
    Age - 20
    Exp - I've only played on a few servers and never been banned.

    Been playing Minecraft for about a year now, IC since v6.00 and I'm a huge fan of IC and IC² and would really love to play on an IC server. :)
    And of course i' ill follow the rules. :D

  • Hello Feanturi

    I am vofen.


    Why i want to be whitelisted:I want to be Whitelisted becuse i really love good servers and i want to play Industrial craft 2 on a server.

    Exp Industrial craft :My exp to Industrial craft is not to small but small.

    Exp servers:I only played a little on servers but never been banned.

    Rules:I will of curse follow the rules.

    I hope this is a good enough whitelist appilication.

  • Dear Feanturi,
    As I have seen my former application wasn't good enough to get on the whitelist.
    So I try applying for your server another time despite the fact you stopped whitelisting.

    I'm playing minecraft since the end of 2010, before I played Classic on a server and built huge buildings.
    I played on several servers, yet. For instance I played on MedievalRage server.
    On another server without mods I built a big estate.

    For a short time I played IndustrialCraft until IC² was released. That's why I know some of the possibilities of IndustrialCraft, yet.
    And I am really interested in getting to know more of them.
    By the way I swear neither to grief nor to break any other rule on ModernCraft server.

    I hope my application was able to convince you.
    If you are of the opinion, that my application was better than the other one, please whitelist me as soon as possible.
    My IGN: Mithran95

    Greetz Mithran95

    Edit: Edit the application

  • Please put me on da List.

    IGN: Goerdyminator

    I'm kinda addicted to IC²,
    I would go to the moon and back if necessary.
    Maybe not so far but MP would make my day complete.
    SP is nice due to IC² but MP would be (cant find such a word)

    • Official Post

    Someone griefed me and steal all my valuables ¬¬

    thats baaad D:

    hi in the op it says im on the white list but when i log on it says im not on the whitelist can you check if its right I.G.N:xxangel17xx

    thank you -Angel

    somehow i whitelisted xxxangel17xx xD, but now it should work

    Btw whitelist updated, read the OP ;D

  • IGN: harryht
    Reason to join: I love industrialcraft and have only played it on one other server before this
    Qualification: i have played ic1 since before teleporters were added in, and have build a legit mark 3 reactor in my main world
    and for some reason im banned when i tried to join before i tried whitelisting?

  • IGN Pocok5
    Hello! I have seen the server on the IC wiki and I want to join, because it is boring to run a power plant with tmi for no-one to actually use it beside empty villages. I have been never banned and I'm following the rules, because I think a game's rules make them good (and not a piece of griefing anarchy).


  • Requesting a Whitelist for me:

    IGN: Rekalty
    Im a 27 year old guy from denmark, been playing IC2 (along with Buildcraft, RedPower and so on) in SSP for a while, would love to do so in SMP as well. I have not been banned from any other servers, and been a Moderator on the largest Danish minecraft server for half a year now, if that counts for anything :D